Devil Inside

Devil Inside

MOVIE TYPE: Features
128 Mins
THEMES: Cheating, Students, Teachers, MILFs, Big Tits, Blackmail, Lesbian Sex
STARS: Elsa Jean, Yhivi, Alexis Fawx, Julia Ann, Brad Knight, Marcus London, Danny Mountain, Small Hands


Mike Quasar takes a turn behind the camera for Wicked this time. He’s one of the more prolific directors in XXX history. In case you have forgotten, he is also a pretty good feature director when he gets a chance. This one is a pretty good story-driven fuck flick with a great looking cast and hot sex. Elsa Jean is a very hot young starlet. She is super cute with a tight body and a ton of sexual energy. This movie gives her a chance to use those assets plus do some acting. To that end, she does a very nice job, especially since she is surrounded by a very talented cast. Marcus London is a professor married to Alexis Fawx. They are both a little frustrated and looking elsewhere. Alexis has a blistering scene with her workout partner that sets the tone of the movie. Marcus ends up seduced by scheming little hottie Elsa. Marcus and Elsa have a really hot scene that may be the highlight of the movie. It comes a little early, but is still fantastic. The plot thickens with a scene between Elsa and Alexis and some really good dialog scenes from everyone, including Julia Ann. She steals the show with her acting and a great scene with Brad Knight. A scene like that makes you wish she had a bigger role in the movie. Overall this one is really solid. The sex is outstanding for a feature, the story works and the performances are excellent. It is nice to see Mike Quasar shooting features again, especially when they have such a hot cast and feature great sex. More like this and more from Elsa Jean please.

Alexis Fawx & Danny Mountain

Super fit wife Alexis Fawx spends so much time with her personal trainer that it only seems logical that she take out her pent up lust on him. They kiss passionately after a sweaty session and get busy. After some intense hand play, she pulls his cock out and starts sucking it. Alexis shows a whole lot of energy and Danny seems to love the way she makes most of his dick vanish between her lips. Great looking head her as she licks the full length and then moans when he smacks his pole on her face. Danny puts her on all fours and licks that pussy and ass from behind. Alexis is on fire and ready for anything at this point. He condoms up and then slides hard and fast into her wet slit. We get some really nice ass shots when she squats over his cock and pumps good and hard. The spoon is really good looking and she rolls onto her back to spread even wider. Love how athletic this woman is and also how enthusiastic she is for his hard dick. Danny rips off the rubber and leaves his load all over her flat stomach. Hot opening scene and bravo to Mike Quasar for resisting the opportunity to make these first two scenes intercut.

Elsa Jean & Marcus London

Giving in to desires he know will lead to his downfall, Marcus London accepts Elsa Jean’s invitation to join her in a private room for some very inappropriate fun. She pushes him back onto the bed and sits in his lap so he can suck on her nipples. Spreading her legs, she smiles as he licks her pussy like he hasn’t had any for ages. Elsa turns her oral attentions to his cock and sucks like she may not leg go until he’s totally drained. Her bobbing blonde head and sexy little ass make for nice eye candy while her sexual energy is impossible to miss. Mounting up, she rocks her hips while he helps to guide her as she slides that tight young pussy up and down on his hard dick. They roll her into spoon and she pulls her legs up to her chest. Elsa looks fantastic with her holes getting stuffed. The doggy looks fantastic. Elsa talks him through and looks back with a smile on her pretty face. He pulls out and shoots all over that cute upturned ass. I think this young blonde vixen got just what she came for.

Elsa Jean & Alexis Fawx

Getting even more deeply embedded in her professor’s life, Elsa quickly befriends and beds his horny wife Alexis. They exchange breast play for a few minutes with both blondes getting quite comfortable with one another. Digging in and going for it, Alexis pushes Elsa’s legs back over her head and eats her like she’s trying to prove a point. This is really good sex with the older woman licking Elsa’s shaved pussy and burying her face in it. Alexis sits on her face and grinds, looking down at that pretty face. Elsa clearly knows a thing or two about pleasing partners because she goes to down between the older blonde’s long legs. This is a super hot looking scene and I am falling in lust with Elsa Jean with each passing moment.

Julia Ann & Brad Knight

Marcus isn’t the only professor at this college with a thing for students. Julia Ann makes it clear to Brad that he can’t fuck her for a good grade, but he can fuck her so that’s a bonus. He helps her out of her bra and feasts on those big perfect breasts. Working his mouth between her legs he slowly licks up and down on her pussy, earning her attention if not an A in class. Returning the favor, Julia Ann turns her talented mouth into a tightly sealed pleasure chamber for his lucky cock. I love the smile on her face ahs he works his meat with both hands. The BJ is short, but he bends her over and starts fucking that pussy from behind. There are some gorgeous spoon shots that show off her body and then Julia takes control, ordering him to eat her again. She climbs on top and rides him, bucking her hips and showing off her body in a way that looks almost as good to the audience as it must feel to young Brad. When it’s time to finish, he tosses the condom and she uses both hands and her mouth to work a load onto her pretty face. Once again, Julia Ann proves to be a perfect addition to a XXX flick.

Yhivi & Small Hands

With her plans falling about, Elsa isn’t taking care of her man at home. That leaves him horny and ready to hit on her best friend Yhivi. She give a moment of pause before hopping into bed with him. He quickly gets her out of her shorts and throws those legs back over her head to eat some pussy. People who like bare feet will enjoy the placement of her piggies while she gets munched. She flips over and gets her mouth to work loudly on his dick. Compared to the other scenes in the movie, this one doesn’t quite rise to the same level. Yhivi gives enthusiastic head and then shows off her as well during the doggy. When they roll over, she once again shows off her feet as much as anything. He fucks her in mish pretty hard with her toes pointing right at the camera. After some cowgirl that gives us a nice shot of Yhivi’s ass (A rather lovely one mind you) she rolls over and lets him shoot onto her stomach. Her knee blocks the shot, but overall this one is still just fine.

BONUS: 3 Bonus Scenes (Elsa Jean, Alexis Fawx, Julia Ann), Photo Gallery, Promo Reel, Trailers

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