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Blog: Tis the Season

Here Comes the Award-Bait

In mainstream Hollywood, the end of the year is the time when every studio releases their award bait. Theaters are packed with great movies about dead royalty, war torn villages and forbidden love. (Not to mention gay cowboys eating pudding.) In the world of porn this quality rich time of year is right now. With AVN set to announce its nominees in about a month, all of the big flicks of 2008 are being rolled out. We all know that Digital Playground is set to unveil Pirates 2 later this month. Calling it a favorite for best movie, best marketing, best packaging and best Blu-Ray release would be like saying Michael Phelps is a pretty good swimmer. It would seem that everyone will be fighting for second place, but I’ve seen some pretty impressive stuff come my way lately. New Sensations has just released Hearts & Minds 2 which looks pretty good. Porn and war flicks don’t always mix, but the first one was good and this one features Ashlynn Brooke who is always smoking hot. Parodies should be big in the next few weeks. Hustler has “This Ain’t the Munsters” hitting stores at the end of the month. That one should be interesting. X Play and Adam & Eve will bring us “Not Bewitched XXX” and it should be the frontrunner for Comedy of the Year. Wicked has Race 2 Race ready to go and that one looks really good. It should be a good month or so for reviews. If any of you see any of the big releases and want to chime in, feel free. If there is a specific title you want me to focus on, shoot over a suggestion.

Eye Candy: This site might not put out award winning feature stuff, but features some hot and horny moms who have lots of fun while the kids are at soccer practice.

Speaking of awards, it is just about time to break out the Fan Faves voting again. Registration will open soon and run through mid-November when the voting will take place. Right now I’m leaning towards a four-week voting window again. That seems to keep it interesting without dragging it on for too long. People seemed to like the Final-Four format rather than a straight one on one matchup. I plan to run the same categories, Best Female, Best Male, Best Newbie, Best Director, Best Company, Best Movie and Most Wanted Celebrity. I had thought about expanding a little and maybe doing a Best Web Site, but I’m not sure. I don’t want to make it too big. (Plus those little trophies add up.) If anyone has any suggestions for making the voting eaiser or more fun let me know. There will be a thread in the forum started soon for nomination suggestions. As in years past I would like ALL of the fan fave nominees to come from you guys. Either that or I’m just going to have to nominate any porn girl who gives me a blowjob or does a super secret POV scene with me.

Eye Candy: Speaking of super secret POV scenes Check out what Evan Seinfeld does when he isn’t banging Tera Patrick…..yeah he’s banging Teagan which looks pretty fun.

I’ve been so busy lately I didn’t even get to write about how MSNBC finally did the right thing by yanking that piece of shit Keith Olbermann off of their election coverage. I’ll fight and die for Keith’s right to do his bitter rants on his show. I’ll defend his right to be as partisan, angry and jealous as he wants, but that kind of stuff belongs on his show not on election coverage by a network that wants to be taken seriously. After his childish demands at Russert’s funeral, this slap on the ass for Keith should help him out the door. We all know that if Obama doesn’t win the election, Keith is going off the deep end. He will end up on a web site paid for by George Soros where he can foam at the mouth, confuse angry playground insults with political commentary and basically add another job on his resume of failures. Now if only NBC will get smart and pull his hapless off of their Sunday Night Football broadcasts I could go back to watching them. Way to let your ego get in the way of your career again Keith. Keep it up, please oh please.

Eye Candy: Diabolic has been adding a lot to their web site here are some clips from one of their Unnatural Sex titles.

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