Blog: Sad or Funny I Can’t Tell Which


Blog: Sad or Funny I Can’t Tell

The Predictable Chants of the Poli-Cheers Rage

As many of you have already noted I have stayed largely out of the political race this year. It’s no secret that I don’t like Senator McCain and never have. (Wrong on taxes, Wrong on Illegal Immigration and Wrong on CFR) I’m also not a fan of Senator Obama (Wrong-er on Taxes, Wrong-er on Illegal Immigration and oh yeah, WRONG on Taxes).
Watching from the sidelines has given me a chance to observe poli-cheers at their worst. I read with a smile the pre-written rants about McCain’s choice of VP. I read how she was chosen “only because she is a woman” and how she is “too young” to be President and that she has “no experience.” (To be perfectly frank she is more experience actually running something than any of the three men on either major ticket. Sorry guys, but a collective century in the Senate doesn’t make you quailed to run my fantasy football league.) Rather than write a long retort I just smiled knowing that the same people had pre-written responses for anyone McCain would have chosen. If he picked Romney these same people would have bitched and complained that it was “just another old white guy.” The truth staring back at you is that your own prejudice wrote the blogs for you. You were predisposed to hate whoever he picked. You were prepared to hate anyone McCain chose.

Now we get word that Gov Palin’s daughter is knocked up and some bloggers can barely contain their glee. Suddenly it’s OK to wag fingers, act like the Church Lady, question parenting skills (Where were you when Al Gore’s son got popped for dealing drugs?) Is this a good thing? Hell no. I have long stated that the 33% illegitimacy rate among whites in America is unacceptable. (And equally unacceptable among other ethnic groups with similar or higher numbers.) I find it sad that this happened and a bit ironic in a family that supports abstinence-only sex education. Abstinence-Only is not my preferred sex-ed program for obvious reasons. Of course the bloggers jumping all over this make a rather large assumption that Palin’s daughter wasn’t using birth control. The fact that is missing from all the bile tossing and political cheerleading is simple…abstinence would have worked in this case. It’s the only logical way to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
Not that I practiced it as a teen or that I expect it from teens today. But to overlook it as an (Note: AN, not THE ONLY) option is every bit as foolish as teaching it as the only way. This is why I can’t stomach the hypocrisy from groups like Planned Parenthood. They want everything BUT abstinence taught. How does that make sense? Then again, I can’t stand them because I am absolutely pro-CHOICE and that is not something they teach no matter much they scream about it.
Back to point. What is truly sad is the way the poli-cheers revel in the personal pain of private matters. This goes both ways incidentally. There are those who will jump on any personal matter in the Obama camp with equally blind hated. I’ll slap them around when the time comes. For now though, it is the bloggers jumping on rumors, lies and the truckloads of political bullshit being dumped on us. These blogs repeating the idea that she really wasn’t pregnant with her last child at all are just pathetic. That they come from proposed “feminists” is simply revolting. If there were a D after her name instead of an R would you be writing the same crap? Of course not. If the same attacks were aimed at Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton you would be outraged, charging your opponents with sexism and be ready to burn down the networks. You know it and anyone with half a brain knows it. So you’re selling out your beliefs for the sake of a political party. Tools. Sad, pathetic tools.
After all that, do I agree with the Governor of Alaska on most of her social ideas? Fuck no. But I am perfectly willing to debate these issues rather than run around throwing lies and shit at people for the sake of political gain. I disagree with her on abortion rights, but can actually discuss that without bringing her daughter’s sexual activity into play and without questioning her abilities as a parent. (Think bloggers, are you REALLY saying that EVERY parent of EVERY unwed mother is a bad parent? Who sounds like a Puritan now? Dan Quayle would be proud.) I disagree with Barack Obama on taxes and can debate that point on the issue. I don’t need to attack his personal behavior (Drug use) or spread lies about him to have that debate.
But hey, that’s just me. I would rather discuss issues than make shit up to cover my own hypocrisy. That’s why I would make a lousy poli-cheer.
On the other hand, these bile-filled blogs are having an effect. They are pushing me right into the other camp. Congratulations folks, you’ve done more for the McCain camp than anything he has done in his 80 years in the Senate.

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