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So a friend of mine from years ago popped back up on AIM the other day. We had a two hour chat about a lot of things. (Missed you.) We used to talk a lot about many topics, including TV. Since we liked a lot of the same shows it was always fun. She asked me what I was watching these days and it got me thinking. So here are some TV notes.

Big Brother: Yeah I’m watching again. How can I not? It’s about halfway through and it’s getting tougher. There are maybe two people in the house I can even halfway stand. The rest of them are just horrible douchebags. I am really glad that the overcompensating ass gasket Jessie was tossed out of the house. I haven’t hated a guy that much in a while. This week even people I used to like have gone to the dark side. Sweet old Marine Jerry totally lost his mind. “Screw you people” WTF? Then tonight April went off the deep end. It’s a good thing we were TiVo’ing because we had to rewind when April explained that Keesha hated her because “I’m prettier than her.” Dude, even your in-house boyfriend Ollie rolled his eyes at that. What fucking planet are you living on girl? That isn’t something you say even when it IS true. When it this UN-true, saying it just makes you look fucking loopy. She’s older than you by nearly a decade and she beats you from morning to night. That girl rolls out of bed looking better than you do on your best day. And that’s before you opened your stupid piehole and made such a dumbass statement. Ugly is more than skin deep girl and you got a serious case of the deep-downs.

Eye Candy: Some video fun from
Olympics: Yeah I know I bag on the Olympics a lot, but what can I say, I’m watching a little. Mrs. Rog loves them and I’m just plugging away on the computer while it’s on. What can you say about Michael Phelps? He’s just a freak. There aren’t many people in the world who are this good at anything. I saw the news report today about the Chinese gymnast being only 13. Is anyone shocked by that? Did you see this girl? She makes Kitty look like an old maid. What amazes me is that they found the article on the Government controlled web site. What, no one thought to take that article down? My guess is that someone is about to vanish forever. And why did it takes the AP so long to find it? It’s not like it was on some obscure porn blog. It was the official Chinese news agency’s site. Way to dig guys.

Eye Candy: Here’s a fun one. Cocoa and Ginger are

Burn Notice: We just finished season one of Burn Notice on NetFlix and we absolutely loved it. It’s a great show with fantastic chemistry. Sharon Gless. Bruce Campbell and Gabrielle Anwar (Remember her) are great in their supporting roles. The lead, Jeffery Donovan has done a ton of TV but nothing this big. He’s great in this role, funny, believable. I always get this really strong Guy Peace in Memento vibe from his performance as well. If you get a chance to pick up you really should check this out. Season two is underway and it’s well worth watching.

Eye Candy: Just a little video gallery from the good folks at

Good Bye Bernie: It seems like just a few days ago we had to say good bye to George Carlin and now Bernie Mac joins him. I don’t know how many of you watched the Bernie Mac Show, but it was one of the best comedies of the past decade. His stand up was legendary, but he brought something to TV that was in many ways even better. I’ve got a couple of the seasons on DVD and I’ll have to bust them out. God bless Bernie Mac, the world is a less funny place without you in it.

Eye Candy: Here’s a new Bang Bros web site, is sort of the female version of Midnight Prowl. Chicks running around fucking random dudes. Yeah that happens.

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