Slender G-Spot Vibe

Slender G-Spot Vibe (Reviewed by Savana Switzer)

Overall rating: C

Name: Slender G Spot Vibe

Reviewer: Savana Switzer

Type of Toy: Vibrator

Finger Buzz

Bottom Line: Thin vibrations equal a complete miss.

Price: $14.95 at

Manufacturer: California Exotic

Size: 7″ long.

Material: Hard plastic

Best For: Vaginal stimulation.

Review: C

Believe it or not, it may shock readers to learn that the glamorous world of pournalism and sex-toy reviewing has its’ downside. In my case, the downside is I’ve become something of a snob when it comes to sex toys; if it doesn’t blow my mind, I can’t justify giving it a grade above a C. After all, C is average, and I’ve encountered half a dozen sex toys that have spoiled me to the point that average just isn’t good enough. Thus the inherent problem with the Slender G-Spot Vibe, a toy that has a lot of potential but fails to deliver.

At 7″ inches long, this toy would be exciting to most women. However, I’ve never been a girl who gets excited at the prospect of a guy well-endowed in terms of length alone—I prefer a guy with a good amount in the width department. However, the Slender G-Spot Vibe is packaged as being “Ultra-Slim!” Understandably, I did not find the prospect of reviewing this toy terribly exciting.

As it turns out, this toy was too ultra-slim. Despite the infusion of having just watched Aurora Snow vs. Gauge, no amount of anticipation could have changed the reality that masturbating with this toy felt like having sex with a pencil. A pencil would have been preferred—at least a freshly-sharpened point could have hit my G-spot, an advertising claim that this particular toy did not live up to.

Manipulating the speed settings did create more of a response, although the vibrations were weak and shallow. A power mixer on its’ lowest setting has more power than this toy did, a sad commentary on just how unremarkable it turned out to be. Even on its’ highest speed setting, the toy never generated enough power or motion to be more than mediocre. After working with it for ten minutes or so, I just gave up, deciding that this vibrator must have been the product of over-worked sex toys scientists who decided to create a much more gentle toy to serve as a temple massager for days they show up to work hung-over from the inner-office mixer of the night before.

In conclusion, this product gets a C, because I recognize that because of its’ design and simplicity, this toy would make a great purchase for women seeking an easy, uncomplicated vibrator to initiate them into the realm of sex toys, especially women wanting to try anal sex. But for women who are experienced with toys, this toy delivers only ultra-disappointment.

Weaknesses: Weak vibrations and uncomfortably slim.

Batteries Needed: 2 AAA (not included).

Clean Up: Soap and Water.

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