When Bloggers Attack


When Bloggers Attack

Honesty Has Its Price

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this because we all have better things to do. Two days ago I ran a blog by Tina Tyler on the Marc Wallice situation. It was a brave and honest blog and quite frankly it is the sort of thing I have come to expect from Tina. She is a bright, articulate woman who has achieved great success both in front of and behind the camera. Though I may not share her option, I appreciate her honesty and the courage it took to go against what appears to be the popular and easy ‘side’ to take. It was my hope, and I dare say it was Tina’s as well, that this might offer a different point of view and even spark a spirited, intelligent and grown up discussion of a very serious matter. Yeah, so much for that. My friend Cindi picked up the blog as well as two responses. (Including a very well written, non-attack piece by Savana Switzer) Some of the comments on LukeIsBack.com have been nasty, but that is to be expected. That is the nature of blog comments and you expect it. What was slightly unexpected was the response and subsequent playground name calling over on D. Ford’s site. I don’t know ‘Ms’ Ford and don’t want to get bogged down too much, but for anyone to respond to an opinion piece by calling someone a “delusional cunt” assures that no such intelligent discussion is possible. Tina offered up an option on an issue at my request and for speaking her mind, a ‘feminist’ calls her a “bitch” and a “cunt.” So for free fucking speech I guess. It is really hard to take a side when people spend time name calling like a playground bully instead of actually breaking down the merits of an opinion piece. I had hoped for more, but then again this is porn. What was I thinking?

For the record, Tina has a reply that I will post and after that we’re moving on. If petty name calling and rude, unprofessional requests for further comment are the order of the day then the discussion truly is over.


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