Eagle Cove: Blistering New Lesbian Romance Series Transcends Fiction, as Heroine Becomes “Virtual Sex Therapist” for Readers

Eagle Cove: Blistering New Lesbian Romance Series Transcends Fiction, as Heroine Becomes “Virtual Sex Therapist” for Readers

Masterfully crafted by Darla Baker, ‘Eagle Cove (Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist Book One)’ blurs the lines between fact and fiction through a heroine who is not only a feminine force to be reckoned with, but steps out of the pages of her book to become a “virtual” sex therapist. Through the novel’s therapy sessions and Chase’s podcasts, this unconventional new series breaks compelling ground in the lesbian romantic fiction genre.

Dayton, Ohio – Ever since she was a teenager, Darla Baker was determined to become a therapist, until life took her plans in a totally different direction. But it hasn’t stopped Baker from dishing out a truckload of raw and life-changing sex therapy to women from coast to coast, even though – ironically – the woman delivering the therapy doesn’t even exist.

Her name is Thalia Chase, the leading lady in ‘Eagle Cove (Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist Book One)’. Tearing up the lesbian romantic fiction scene with a fresh and edgy new concept, Chase goes beyond the realms of fiction to give readers true and meaningful advice on a variety of tough relationship issues.


Thalia’s life is perfect. She has her dream house on the edge of Lake Cumberland in Nancy, Kentucky. She has a thriving sex therapy practice. Her sister has just moved nearby and is handling the daily business of her practice.

She has a tight group of friends who keep her entertained and honest and a seemingly endless supply of ladies to meet her more basic human needs. Thalia has no regrets she’s without a life partner.

Or does she?

A rough break-up five years ago left Thalia’s heart in pieces. Thanks to friends and family her heart healed, and she was able to find peace and happiness again. But not without scars that have left her unwilling to be vulnerable and exposed again.

When Amara walks into Thalia’s practice seeking help for her friend, something ancient and terrifying stirs inside her.

Will Thalia be able to keep their interaction professional or will the allure of “one who will be forever beautiful,” as her name suggests, be too much for Thalia and her fragile heart to resist?

“There’s certainly nothing else like this book on the market,” explains Baker. “While there’s a gripping and heart-pounding lesbian love story running through the book, readers are also invited to become privy to Chase’s sex therapy sessions and immerse themselves in the client’s position. You heard me correctly – fact and fiction intertwine so it ultimately becomes an arena to explore sex and romance-related topics in a conversation between the reader and Chase herself.”

Continuing, “Chase also has her own podcast and ‘Ask Thalia’ section on our official website, presenting yet another opportunity for the book to come to life and bring readers together in a way thoroughbred fiction just can’t. From my point of view, I get to live out my dreams of being a sex therapist with all of its related glory!”

Since the novel’s release, readers have come out in force with a string of rave reviews. One Amazon reader comments, “Darla Baker has ventured into a brand new territory at every bend, from creating a fictional character that has podcasts and gives sex advice to writing in present tense-third person. I enjoyed the characters, the story, and the wit that this book offers. There is a scene that is definitely one of the funniest I’ve ever read. I’ll never be able to pass a zucchini in the grocery store again without chuckling and thinking of that scene. Bravo great debut book. I look forward to reading more about Thalia.”

Loek adds, “of that mess. Lucky for her, she has her awesome friends and sister for setting her straight about her feelings, facing the facts. This story was touching with just the right amount of twists and turns to keep turning the pages. There are humorous dialogues and scenes and I particularly enjoyed the scene on the float. I had to laugh out loudly. I know a book is good by how the characters draw me in and feeling the emotions with them. I also know a book is excellent when I forget everything around me. And it happened both. This book had me smiling from the start. Two thumbs up for the author.”

‘Eagle Cove (Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist Book One)’, from Stone Soup Community Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/1PuNxMe.

For more information, visit the publisher’s official website: http://stonesoupcommunity.com.


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