Reader Feedback: Reader X Weighs in on Web Site Reviews & Offers General Thoughts


Reader Feedback: Website Reviews

Reader X Weighs In

I can always count on Reader X to give me some great feedback. In addition to some very nice compliments, he offers some nice insights. Thank you for your feedback and support.

Reader X Writes:

Hey Rog
I enjoy your new website reviews. The way they are organized is
particularly useful. I like the way you include links to free
previews, as well as good description of their content. It is a
helpful format. That said I am more of a DVD guy. Over the years I
have purchased memberships in several internet sites, everything from
Playboy’s cyberclub to an amateur woman’s bj site to pornstar sites.
That said I’ve never remained a member for more than a month or two.
Sometimes the contents was disappointing or limited or the
administrator was difficult (billing problems) but mostly I prefer
porn on a bigger screen and am more likely to put my money to DVD’s
than a website. The dvd won’t clog my computer memory, it has a
slight, (almost infinitesimal but still), resale value, and it has a real tactile presence. I grew up listening to lp’s, looking at LP cover
art and reading the record sleeves, and I think that I just I prefer
to own something, like a DVD, that I can hold in my hands. That may
be generational though.
I’ve written to you before but I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how
much I enjoy your dvd reviews. There are other dvd reviewers, some of
them very good (astroknight, don houston/xcritic, crucifixio jones
come to mind) but I always return to your reviews. Mostly because you
write well and with both enthusiasm and skill. If you’ll pardon the
analogy, you write like a sports writer who is both a fan of the sport
he is covering and the particular team he is writing about at that
moment. That kind of enthusiasm infuses your writing and it is
infectious. This isn’t to slight your knowledge of the genre or your
analytical abilities. But your open liking for your subject matter
pulls it all together nicely. My only gripes is that I would like to
see more visuals in your dvd reviews. You do an excellent job
describing the action and the actors, but it would be great to see
pictures from the dvd’s embedded in the text of your reviews. But
that is a minor matter. I would also like to see more long form
interviews like your interview with John Stagliano, or reviews of
rereleased oldies, your take on mystic was great, or more general porn
musings (like your article on your friendship with a porn stars). My
own pet interests are the ones I’ve mentioned here or in previous
email messages (what are your criteria for good porn, and where do you
see the industry going technically) but if you keep writing
Thanks for all the good reviews.

I am with you the DVD thing my friend. I have enjoyed a lot of the web sites I have reviewed, but I am still a DVD guy. I’m lucky enough to have a wife who doesn’t mind the collection. On the other hand the convenience and privacy of on line porn is certainly nice. I don’t think I will ever give up on DVDs and certainly don’t plan to stop reviewing them. I’m just adding web sites to the menu in the hope that I can provide useful information to web site surfers.
Thank you for the kind words. You put me in some really fine company there with those other critics. I really like the analogy. I have always written as a fan for other fans. I’m not afraid to speak enthusiastically about a movie or a star that really gets to me.
Pictures are a great idea. I have to be careful what I put on the site thanks to 2257 regs, but I am have been working on some tamer vidcaps to go along with the reviews. I have been adding a few links to hard core galleries offered by the sites. That seems to be working well. Thanks for the kind words on the interviews as well. I enjoy the classics and will continue to review them. Thanks for reading the piece on Kaitlyn. I have plans for others like it. In twelve years I have a few stories to tell and I hope some people find them interesting.
Thank you again for your feedback and support.

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