Marc Wallice…Back….Really?

Marc Wallice is Back?

Den Says So; and He’s Directing

Over on my good friend Den (of reports that he spied Marc Wallice on the BTS of a TT Boy movie and that Wallice was doing the directing. Those of you who don’t know the situation may need to do a little background. I’ll link to some later, but for not I’m just kind of rolling with this news. After Wallice tested positive for HIV, he kind of vanished for a while. It was rumored that he was editing for Simon Wolf and there was a bit of a stir on ADT about it then.

Now we get word that he is not only back, but may have never left. Not only that, he’s now directing? On a set where tests that can be believed may be the difference between life and death? I know that we all live by that “innocent until proven guilty” credo, but Wallice has never answered the serious charges leveled against him. These unanswered questions should be enough for companies to at least think twice before giving him the reigns, but apparently that isn’t the case. Checking it seems that Wallice has directed for TT’s company and DVSX under the same name. I don’t imagine I’m going to get any response from TT’s company since I’m not exactly on his Christmas card list. Trying to keep an open mind here I would love to hear what companies who have hired him have to say. I’d also like to hear what you think?

As some of you may recall, I raised a question about a year ago about the backgrounds of people in porn. Before his death, some things came out about Chico Wang that were disturbing to say the least. I sent out the open-ended question about allowing convicted violent rapists to hold positions in porn where they had power over young women. He certainly wasn’t the only one in the business with past convictions of a violent and/or sexual nature and my question was how closely should we look at these issues. I have asked the question a few times during interviews and few people want to address it. I realize that no one is perfect and porn doesn’t exactly attract Eagle Scouts, but is there a line? If there is a line, would Chico’s past convictions have crossed it? Would Wallice’s actions cross that line? At this point is there any way for him to clear his name? Anything he can do to be clean in the eyes of those who see him as a criminal?

I know how I feel about this situation, but I want your reaction. I also know that what I feel and what I think is based on a combination of what I have heard, read and what I believe to be true. I’ve certainly never seen anything that would rise to the definition of “evidence” So, where do you stand? Do we consider Wallice innocent until proven guilty? Has he paid his dues? Would you boycott a company that hires him? Should he be shunned from porn altogether? Something else? Let’s hear your take. And should anyone from TT’s company or Wallice himself care to be heard, consider this an open invitation.

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