Sharing the Bed

Sharing the Bed
215 Mins
DIRECTOR: Bree Mills & Stills by Alan
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Incest, Blackmail, Family Play, Humiliation, Blondes, Romance
STARS: Shyla Jennings, Sasha Heart, Syren DeMer, Tara Morgan, Dani Daniels,


This is going to surprise a lot of people, but I am going to say it anyway. I think this could be a contender for Best Feature of 2016. That I am not a huge fan of girl/girl porn should be noted. That’s how fucking good this movie is. It is actually en episodic effort first released on the Girlsways site. As a full piece though, it is quite good. It is a love story with a twist. OK, lots of twists and lots of twisted shit. It stars real live lovers Shyla Jennings and Sasha Heart. Sasha is a proud, confident, if slightly neurotic and semi-closeted lesbian. Shyla Jennings is a confused young straight girl who struggles with her values as she falls for Sasha. Their initial sex scene is beautifully shot and matches their characters perfectly. The love story takes some twisted turns as everyone around the star crossed couple seems intent on getting some. Dani Daniels plays a sexy therapist who uses Shyla’s naiveté to her advantage for a hot scene. Syren DeMer goes one step further. She plays Sasha’s manipulative stepmother. Things get very edgy as there is some very serious guilt play in this scene. This scene is pretty damn edgy. Sasha also helps her sexy stepsister Tara Morgan experiment with lesbian sex. This one is also kinky with lots of filthy family talk. This sets us up for a happy and very sexy ending. The second scene between Shyla and Sasha is extremely hot and emotionally appropriate given the story we have just watched. I loved the story, found the acting to be mostly outstanding and even stayed glued to the screen during three and a half hours of girl on girl sex. There isn’t much to say about this movie other than to recommend it highly to anyone who loves lesbian sex or wants to see one of the best features of the year. Bravo to everyone involved.

Shyla Jennings & Sasha Heart

On a trip to Vegas with her best friend, sheltered Christian girl (Shyla Jennings) ends up alone in the hotel room with her friend’s lesbian friend (Sasha Heart). This leads to a long dialog setting things up. It’s a bit heavy-handed, but Shyla does a good job as the shy girl being seduced slowly by Sasha. Eventually their kissing gets more intimate and Sasha is licking her pretty new friend through her panties. That pushes her over the edge and she is ready to go headlong into the joys of lesbian sex. Sasha focuses her efforts on licking and fingering Shyla’s pretty pussy until she can’t help but love every second. They go muff to muff for a while, intertwining their legs and caressing one another as they kiss. Shy at first, Shyla is ready to taste another girl. Sasha sits on her face and looks down at the pretty brunette as she explores those wet lips and her throbbing clit. When all is said and done, Shyla seems rather smitten with the whole girl on girl thing.

Shyla Jennings & Dani Daniels

When Shyla returns from her weekend, she is head over heels for Sasha. The dialog is really interesting and Shyla is basically playing the scene by herself, communicating via phone. It’s a pretty impressive acting job I must say. She is having trouble forgetting the fun they had, but is also totally neurotic about the idea of being in a relationship with another girl. Understanding her fears, Sasha recommends Shyla talk with her friend Dani who is a therapist specializing in such issues. The dialog between these two beautiful women is also quite good. Shyla’s acting is really impressive and Dani gets to play it calm and cool. Eventually Dani mentions sexual surrogacy and offers her services to the pretty young girl. Shyla isn’t sure, but Dani tells her that Sasha suggested it, so she rolls with the punches. Dani quickly gets down to the fun, spreading Shyla’s pussy and licking up and down her parted lips. As one of the hotter girl/girl performers working, Dani knows her way around a hot pussy. She has the young girl all worked up and right where she wants her. They trib for a while with Dani on top just grinding away on Shyla’s little body. This is a really pretty and very sexy scene.

Sasha Heart & Syren DeMer

Sasha comes home to an unpleasant encounter with her new step-mom Syren DeMer. She is a total bitch and clearly clueless about Sasha’s orientation. When Syren threatens to tell Sasha’s dad, she begs her “mommy” to keep her secret. Cruel about it, she blackmails the pretty blonde and makes her call her “mommy” while proving just how much of a lesbian she is. She strips down and orders her daughter to come and lick her pussy. The verbal harassment is pretty harsh as she holds Sasha’s head in place. Eventually the younger girl just smiles up at Syren and plays right along. As she rides her daughter’s face, Syren continually insults and threatens to expose her. The kink factor is really high here though they have the eye candy buried underneath Syren’s bucking hips. She gets Sasha to play along with the mommy talk and then gets eaten by the older woman. For someone who has so many nasty things to say about lesbians, Syren sure does seem to enjoy eating pussy and girl ass. Even though everyone is enjoying it by the end, Syren reminds her stepdaughter that she better behave or there will be consequences.

Shyla Jennings & Dani Daniels

Danni is still enjoying young Shyla’s lesbian maturation. This time she wants to show her how to take control so she can show Sasha a new side of her. I love the way these two look together. It’s eye candy everywhere you look. They lock up in a gorgeous round of 69 with close up shots of both faces as they passionately eat each other. They fall asleep but get right back at it the next morning when Dani wakes up to find Shyla eagerly licking her pussy. As she is tribbing with Dani and riding her face, Shyla totally gives in and loudly professes that she is a lesbian and feels fantastic about it. Another great pairing for these two hotties.

Sasha Heart & Tara Morgan

Sasha’s step-sister (Tara Morgan) comes home. Her mom showers her with affection and has clearly gotten over her hate fuck session with Sasha. They talk about Sasha and during the conversation; Tara snags her sister’s phone from mom’s purse. The sisters talk and Sasha spills the beans about everything that happened. Tara also likes girls and makes a move on Sasha. She refuses until she gets her phone back and sees pictures of Shyla with Dani. That wasn’t the plan so she figures anything goes. It’s time to make the lesbian thing a family affair by bumping bushes with sweet sis. The dirty talk is crazy here as Sasha talks about fucking her mom and wanting to know who has the best pussy in the family. She continues to tease Tara about the girl she has a crush on and how she can tell her all about fucking her sister. The talk is very edgy, very hot and probably not for everyone. Even if it isn’t, just turn down the sound and enjoy the visuals. Both blondes are easy on the eyes and really enjoy eating pussy. Tara gets to sit on her big sister’s face and enjoy that expert tongue. They trade places and judging from Sasha’s reaction, Tara is a quick study.

Shyla Jennings & Sasha Heart

It is time for our lovers to be re-united. Both of them are nervous for their own reasons. No need though. As soon as Sasha walks through the door, Shyla showers her with kisses. They barley make it to the bedroom before stripping one another and going to town. This time Shyla isn’t sitting back and letting Sasha set the pace. There really is a change in energy that makes the scene unique. Working her way between her girlfriend’s legs, Sasha buries her face in that pussy and sucks like crazy. Shyla can’t wait to show her girl the new tricks she has learned. No matter how she feels about what Shyla did with Dani, she has to appreciate the loving tongue fuck she gets. They flip into 69 and both of them Great eye candy and energy here as the sex matches the story and leads us to what promises to be a happy ending for these two beautiful women.

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