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I think I’m finally coming down a bit from the NBA Finals. Growing up I was spoiled by the Celtics playing for a title almost every year. After 22 years this one feels really, really good. I’ve been adding quite a few reviews this week as well as Tina Tyler’s first blog and a few other notes. I have a new web site review going up, an email from Asa Akira about Erotica LA as well as several reader emails that should keep things lively all weekend. I hope you enjoy that. Time for some notes.

Eye Candy: I have a Meat Holes review going up this weekend. Can you believe that Kahn got Nautica Thorn to do a scene for Meat Holes? Me either.

See Why Gossip Is Bad?: Anyone who has followed the feud between Christian and Donny Long knows that things got ugly, really ugly really fast. Their back and forth went nuclear almost immediately. It has apparently spread because according to this story on someone else has chimed in. The mystery emailer claims that early in his career, Donny did a little dick sucking. The emailer even claims that it was Evil Angel director Jake Malone who supplied the meat allegedly being sucked. No word from Donny, Jake or anyone who would actually know. Supposedly the emailer knows someone who has it all on video. That would be interesting, but I think we’ve all heard people claiming to have certain things that never happened on video….haven’t we? I’m sure Gene will monitor that situation and shed some light on the truth of the matter.

Eye Candy: Here is Donny doing what we all know him for. Feeding that big dick to Annie Cruz (Great deep throat) and Dishing out the dick to Lielani. (Hey, her MySpace page vanished. Is this hottie gone?)

Politics: Wow I haven’t done any political posts in a long while. I haven’t even had a chance to talk about the California Supreme Court giving the OK for same-sex marriage or the fact that the Libertarians have chosen their candidate. I have never backed away from my absolute support for same-sex marriage, but I wonder if this decision at the state level is a good thing or not. Couples married in California won’t be recognized as such in Nevada. I’m glad it happened, but now we need to get rid of the silly “domestic partnership” bullshit. On the Libertarian front, I can’t believe Barr is the guy. I was pretty set on voting Libertarian this time around, but I honestly don’t know if I can pull the level for Bob Barr. I suppose there is a Christian and Donny Long joke to be made here, but somehow I worry that it might come out wrong.

Eye Candy: A little fun at the glory hole. Barbie Cummings joins Gia Paloma to suck off some strange dick.

Charlie Sheen: Charlie Sheen seems to get in trouble at the drop of a hat. Having Denise Richards as an angry ex doesn’t seem to be helping him either. She’s released a voice mail message where he screams at her, acts like a douche and at one point calls her a “fucking ni&&er.” I’m not an especially big fan of that word, especially when it’s hurled in anger. But even more than outrage, I’m struck by a sense of …WTF? What exactly was Charlie trying to say? Would it make it any less offensive if Denise were African-American? No, but at least it would a properly used inappropriate slut. This way he looks like a racist and a fucking moron. Of course it reminds me of something Charlie’s dad Martin said several years back then the Bush girls got busted for trying to by beer. As I recall Marty said that the actions of the President’s children told us a lot about the kind of person he was. I wonder if that same logic applies to his hooker-beating, dead beat father, racist douche of a son? Yeah, probably not. Underage beer is a much, much bigger problem.

Eye Candy: How about if we close with a little blowbang action from Jules Jordan. Enjoy.

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