Silicone Taffy Tickler Teaser

Silicone Taffy Tickler Teaser

Overall rating: B+

Reviewer: Savana Switzer

Type of Toy: Silicone egg/bullet

Tickler Kit

Bottom Line: A tease of a good egg vibrator.

Price: $21.99 at

Manufacturer: Adam&Eve/Topco Sales

Size: 3 1/2″ tall, 5 1/2″ around

Material: Silicone over plastic

Best For: Vaginal and clitoral stimulation

Review: B+

When I first pulled the Taffy Tickler out of its’ plastic case, I had a difficult time keeping the image of a toy grenade out of my mind. After all, the tiny dollops dotting the surface of the egg-shaped vibrator seemed ridiculous, despite the packages’ promise of “breathtaking sensations,” and superfluous, comparable to a Jessica Simpson album: full of hype, but with no real delivery of any quality. As it turns out, the same tuition that kept me from seeing The Dukes of Hazard in theatres was right on the money about the Tickler as well.

Thanks to an ambience of mood-setting porn playing on my TV (another DVD gifted from Rog) and some brand-new Fredericks’ of Hollywood lingerie clinging to my curves, I had no problem working myself into a lustful frenzy in a relatively short amount of time. Lacking any viable partners to rush over and immediately relieve me of my frustrations, I began guiding the Tickler into my awaiting body.

Yet, despite the fact I was anxious and eager, the silicone dollops of the Tickler made it difficult to guide even the tip of the vibrator inside of me. Still, ever the consummate professional pournalist, I resolved to keep working with it, determined to see the project through until the end. Even after I had a decent amount of the vibrator inside of me, the dollops were increasingly uncomfortable. Try as I might, I was failing to see anything redeeming about the Tickler and felt ready to throw in the towel for another dud sex toy.

However, the Tickler had a saving grace in the form of its’ multi-speed controller. Thanks to manipulating the speed of the vibrator, the dollops felt less like intrusions inside of my body and actually managed to increase the pleasure I was experiencing (which, granted, isn’t difficult given the feelings of discomfort moments before, but work with me) to the point I found myself thinking I just might keep this object in my toy box after all. When I put the toy on the fifth setting, the sensations were so intense I could barely keep myself from screaming as the orgasm racked my body. Placing the Tickler on my clit created a much more negative reaction, as even the lowest setting seemed too intense for me to handle.

Looking over my past reviews, it’s obvious that I traditionally rank clit ticklers lower than vibrators and even dongs. Frankly, I prefer vaginal stimulation; clit ticklers just aren’t my thing, so the Tickler had that much going against it from the beginning. From a vaginal perspective, though, the Tickler definitely did take my breath away, once I had a chance to manipulate the speed settings. Despite the difficulties with the dollops for initial vaginal entry, I’m assigning the Tickler a grade of B+, because I think most women who enjoy clit ticklers will appreciate what the Tickler has to offer.

Weaknesses: Dollops are uncomfortable upon entry.

Batteries Needed: 2 AA Batteries

Clean Up: Soap and Water.

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