Classic John Stagliano Double Header Rock N Roll Heaven & Blowing in Style

Classic John Stagliano Double Header Rock N Roll Heaven & Blowing in Style

132 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: John Stagliano
THEMES: Blowjobs, Facials, Groupies, Classic Porn
STARS: Woop, Renee Morgan, Keisha, Fe Fe Bardot, Jeannie Pepper, Sasha, Cheri Taylor, Jessica, Stacey Lords, Sharon Kane, Brandy Alexandre,

Tianna, Brandy Alexandre, Sharon Kane, Fallon, Bionca, Randy Spears, Robert Bullock, Peter North, Randy West, Jeremiah Logan,


We take a serious trip in the way-back machine for this two-disc collection. We get a look at two classic John Stagliano flicks from the late 80’s. By now you already know that I consider Stagliano to be one of the best directors in the history of XXX. He has been a revolutionary artist for decades so this is a great opportunity to see where it began. These are neither Stagliano’s best movies from the era, nor my personal favorites, but they both have some enduring qualities. Rock & Roll Heaven is a very moody movie with some really good music. It’s a period piece that basically boils down to a long orgy scene. There are some interesting shots and Stagliano shows his ability to set a mood. There are some sexual highlights, mostly from Keisha and Stacey Lords, but this movie works mostly as a piece of 80’s rock club nostalgia. That and we get to see Cheri Taylor which is a fantastic trip down memory lane. Blowing in Style is the better project from a sexual standpoint. The scenes are more traditional and there are some serious hotties. Since the movie focuses on blowjobs, the cast is perfect. Tianna, Brandy Alexandre and Fallon were three of the era’s hottest oral artists. All three get down and dirty in this movie. Fallon’s scenes are really hot and Tianna shows the kind of body that would make her such a popular star in the early Buttwoman flicks. Brandy starts out as a shy girl who won’t suck dick, but ends up learning the crafty quickly. Her scene with Peter North is the highlight of the movie. That facial is really hot. Sexually this one is stronger and shows some of the angles and ass-worship that would come to define Stagliano’s legendary work. This is worth a look for anyone who appreciates the history of X rated cinema. It’s a great trip back to see some stars of yesteryear and the beginnings of one of the most storied careers in the industry.

Renee Morgan, Fe Fe Bardot & Woop

Woop is walking the streets, dreaming of stardom when he meets an odd chick (Renee Morgan) with little to say. She drags him into a limo where her jealous girlfriends (Fe Fe Bardot) is waiting. They make him watch while Fe Fe proves to her girl that she can eat her pussy “better than any man.” While devouring the kitty, Fe Fe’s ass ends up right in Woop’s face. He slips fingers in and soon finds his cock passed back and forth between their hungry mouths. The cramped quarters make camera angles tough, but hey, a three way in the back of a limo? Sign me the fuck up. Renee seems to take charge here. Sexual energy aside, I am amused by the 80’s Hollywood landmarks included in the externals and Woop breaking out with a Die Hard line for some reason. He ends up busting a shot on Renee’s ass just in time to be let out of the limo at the place where he was going. (Oh, cryptic.)

Club Orgy

After some unpleasantness in the parking lot. Woop finds himself invited onstage by Renee to shred some licks while she sings. The real action is happening at the tables. Blonde Sasha bobs her head on a dude while underrated Stacy Lords has her natural boobs sucked on.

Keisha & Jeannie Pepper

After some hot dancing, busty XXX legend Keisha takes her man to the bathroom. The hair on her head is as big and 80’s as the bush between her legs. Things progress very quickly and she is bent over the sink getting fucked when Jeannie Pepper walks in. She is only too happy to join Keisha for some double BJ fun. They fuck in the cramped bathroom with Jeannie bending over the sink now. There is no cumshot here as he fucks Keisha on the sink.

Cheri Taylor, Jessica & Woop

Now Woop is famous and Euro-babe Jessica can’t wait to take him to meet her girlfriend Cheri Taylor. They quickly head home for some steamy three-way fun. As Cheri’s clothes come off, she reveals a remarkable body. This woman was MILF before there was even a term for it. She has a smoking hot body and good energy. Unfortunately she has to work really hard to make her co-star get and stay stiff in this scene. When she does manage to mount up, the shots of her ass will make most of you want to run out and see more of Cheri in action. He has the girls on top of one another for doggy and then lets them both jerk a load out of his dick. This scene is worth checking out just to ogle Cheri Taylor.

Club Orgy

The music continues and so does the fucking. Tom Byron is in there, banging Sasha from behind. There are hot snippets from the other women as well. Keisha seems to be having fun riding a dick and Stacey Lords still looks hot getting fucked by two guys. Sharon Kane is also in the mix. The music is pretty fucking good if you like 80’s club metal. As a sex scene this is a little odd because the sex is mostly ambiance. There is a lot talent here with hall of fame worthy babes Kane, Keisha and Pepper fucking alongside Lords and Byron adding his meat next to Randy Spears.

Blowing in Style
Tianna & Randy Spears

In preparation for her big date, Tianna stops by a new salon that her girlfriend recommended. After getting a great cut from Randy Spears she asks him if she pay for it some way other than cash. She unzips his pants and puts her lips around his meat, shaking her ass (for the shots from behind) as she inhales his dick. After a few strokes to get things going, she works her lips all the way to the base of his fat meat. Randy gives her furry box a cursory lick before spreading her legs in his chair and slipping home. They go in doggy for a bit because she sucks the load out of him. Tianna is a great blowjob artist and really works here until Randy spooges on her face and in her hair. (That is going to fuck up the work he just did, right?)

Fallon & Robert Bullock

Sitting around talking with her girlfriends about blowjobs, Fallon secretly remembers an exchange she had with her blowjob-averse friend’s husband (Robert Bullock). He begs for some head and even though she is worried about betraying her friend, she agrees. But just a blowjob and it doesn’t mean anything. Though she is probably most famous for being one of the first squirters in porn, Fallon was also a fantastic BJ artist. She works Robert to the root in no time while camping her hot pussy over his face. The 69 is fun, but this is all about the blowjob and Fallon delivers a memorable one. He ends up shooting a really big load all over her pretty face. She smiles and rubs the cum in. That’s some great shit my friends.

Sharon Kane & Randy West

The blowjob stories continue with Sharon Kane remembering a time she got friendly with an exterminator played by Randy West. She is short of cash and they work out a deal that should make them both happy. He is hard as soon as she takes down his pants and Sharon goes to work. Randy was always a reliable stud, but not spectacularly blessed, so Sharon makes pretty quick work of his dick. He gives her directions and she does a good job of throttling back her skills to match the tone. Randy busts his load on her face and Sharon’s bill is paid in full.

Tianna, Bionca & Peter North

While Tianna is getting her hair washed again to clean up the mess, Bionca takes notice. That’s a green light for her to go get some and she invites Peter North to supply them both with some cream. The dirty brunette eats Tianna’s great ass while Peter fills her lips with cock. Bionca takes her turn on Peter’s big pole. Since Tianna’s pussy has been dick free for one and a half scenes, Peter decides to take it for a while. This leaves her free to eat Bionca and everyone seems happy with the arrangement. The action is hot here and Peter pulls out for one of his legendary popshots all over Tianna’s ass and Bionca’s face.

Sharon Kane, Fallon, Brandy Alexandre & Jeremiah Logan

The girls think Brandy needs a lesson in how to suck cock for favors so they invite over a plumber. Sharon works out a deal with him even if he tries to resist. She gets her lips on him and it’s a done deal. After a few strokes, Fallon joins the fun. After watching for a bit, Brandy decides that she wants to give it a try. She licks slowly and keeps asking if she is doing it right. Anyone who has watched porn as long as I have knows that Brandy is an expert cock sucker so she ends up looking like she has a fast learning curve. The girls head off to the bedroom for some lesbian fun while Brandy eats that strange meat. After some hot pussy eating they return in time to see their once prudish friend jerk a stranger off all over her face. They are so proud.

Brandy Alexander & Peter North

Instead of running home to show her husband her newfound skills, Brandy goes to the salon and works a deal out with Peter. She takes his cock out and has it throbbing in no time. Brandy knows how to suck for the camera and since she isn’t playing newbie this time, we get to see her really go after it. While bobbing that pretty blonde head she also shows off her ass. Fans of 80’s porn will remember this as one of the decade’s best backsides. Climbing on top of him, she straddles that big pole and works up and down. She works that thing deep into her shaved pussy and shows off a lot of energy. She leans over the rinse sink and jerks him off towards her face. He hits her with the first few volleys and she moves in closer as his spray subsides. Great facial here.

Brandy Alexandre & Robert Bullock

Taking those skills home, Brandy meets her husband at the door in lingerie. Without a word she drops to her knees and starts sucking him off. Her lace-gloved hand and active tongue has him shooting in less than a minute and Brandy happily laps up ever drop.

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