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Erotica LA 2008

New Gallery & Recap

Erotica LA: I was only able to make it up to Erotica LA for one day this year so I hit the freeway and headed up on Friday. I say this every time, but it amazes me that no matter when I leave for LA, I run into traffic at some point. Even at 2:30 in the afternoon it took close to two hours to get to the convention center. On the plus side, the parking garage is perfectly located to make it easy to get from the car to the show. The convention organizers had the press room one floor up from the main room and I got my badge really quickly. Great job so far.

Photo Gallery: Before I continue with the report, here is a link to the Erotica LA 2008 Gallery. Enjoy the shots, especially the two dozen or so that I took of Asa Akira. Hey, I’m smitten, what of it?

First Impressions: I liked the process, but apparently that view was not unanimous. At the door was a lovely young woman with a camera. She was rather upset with the guy at the door because she couldn’t figure out where to go to get her press badge. I tried to step in and let her know that she was about 100 feet from the escalator that would take her right where she needed to go. Holding up my badge was apparently not a good way to let the two arguing parties know that I had information for them. The guard waved me past, saying “all badges through here.” The woman glared at me and said “I know what a badge looks like. I need to know where to go to get one.” I waited for a bit and said “I know where you need to go. I just got mine.” She stepped away from the guard and listened while I pointed her in the right direction. Thanking me, she asked, “Do I know you?” I told her who I was and gave me a big hug adding. “Great, now you can tell everyone that I was a bitch.” Who was she? None other than the hottie who shoots the hotties, Gia Jordan. For the record, she was not a bitch at all. Just frustrated. Been there myself. Hey Gia, how did that picture turn out?

On the Floor: I hit the floor and starting taking in the layout. There were people I was supposed to see, including the guys at Playboy Radio. They told me to stop by and do a little review with Christy and Vanessa on Night Calls. Their booth was set up right at the front so that was pretty easy. The main walkway down the middle of the room was packed with some of the big production companies. Wicked and Adam and Eve were on the left with Jules Jordan video and Teravision on the right. At the back of the room they had the stage all set up for the FAME Awards and throughout the night there were different things going on back there. That part felt a little removed, but I suppose it kept the noise down for whatever they were doing. Near the back of that main row was a huge booth set up by Rodney Moore. I saw the lovely Ms. Natasha Nice posing for pictures. One of the guys shooting was my friend Bono from Adult DVD Talk. We talked about his miserable fantasy baseball team for about ten seconds and then got back to admiring Natasha’s great boobs. She had to keep them in her bra, but showed us how easily she can kiss those lovely things. Any time you start a day standing next to Natasha while she kisses her titties, you know it’s going to be one hell of a good day.

Aurora Snow: Thanks to a last minute decision to sing at the Sex Z Pictures booth, Aurora Snow was on hand for the show. She looks great these days and has great news. Her web site, will be officially open on June 23rd. It’s up and just about ready so check it out. She will be doing some blogging for my site, some toy reviews and some other projects as well. Keep an eye out for a lot more Aurora Snow on her site and on mine.

Making Plans & Katja: I made my first of several stops at the Vouyer Media booth and said hello to Asa Akira. I told her at XRCO that I would be back to marry her soon so we began making plans. I’ve only seen her in two movies so far (Top Notch Bitches 7 and Drowning in Bitch Juice 3) but she is already stuck in my head. Her scenes are good, but she is even hotter in person and very cool. While in the booth I tore myself away from Asa just long enough to touch base with Vince. It has been years since we did an interview and he asked if I could come back to do sort of a group interview thing. Something new to try and it meant I got to talk to Asa, Alexis Texas and everyone else in the booth. Good idea, but more on that later. Just around the corner, Katja Kassin was signing DVDs and looking fantastic. She has a brand new DVD called Club Katja (Available on and taken from her site that features her in nine new scenes. Fans who have been waiting to see more of this incredible woman will get their fill from this DVD. She gave me a copy to review and while I was there I picked up some other Pink Kitty titles. Reviews of those will be coming soon. Oh, and good news. Remember how much fun Bad News Bitches was? They are finally releasing part 3. Since part 2 was basically the same movie with one scene added, this is really the sequel we have all been waiting for. Stay tuned for that.

Whitney & jessica: I strolled past the Rodney Moore booth again and this time ran into Whitney Stevens. She just got her Rog Reviews Critic’s Choice trophy and T-shirts in the mail and says that she and Britney will be doing some shots very soon. I can’t wait to see those. Down at the Wicked booth, jessica drake looked amazing. (Much better than in that Laker uniform she wore Saturday.) It’s just about time for another interview with this beautiful woman. I was right in the middle complimenting her on her latest blog (You should read it, it really was a touching piece about her father) when I got a call from Playboy Radio. They were ready for me to do a review so I headed over there and got ready.

More in Part 2 of the report.

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