Interracial Family Affair 3

Interracial Family Affair 3

118 Mins
Digital Sin
DIRECTOR: Paul Woodcrest
THEMES: Incest, Big Cocks, Interracial Sex, Step Sisters, Black Cock
STARS: April Brookes, Kasey Warner, Trillium, Mila Brite, Isaiah Maxwell, Jon Jon, Moe Johnson, Donny Sins


This movie delivers on the genres that it promises. It features four hot white step-sisters who get it on with their new brothers. It follows their other step sister/brother lines with the added racial twist. They have also grabbed some fairly fresh talent so that’s fun. There is a little bit of reluctance at first, but eventually true love wins out. Or true lust I suppose. April Brookes is probably the cutest girl in the movie. She and her step brother already have a hot sex life, but she isn’t sure they should keep going when their parents get married. His charm and huge cock convince her that a little brotherly love is just fine so long as they don’t get caught. Kasey Warner is the aggressor with Jon Jon. They hit it once and she is all hot to do it again. He is worried for all of about eight seconds before diving head first into some cute white girl pussy. Trillium is the most established star in this new girl-heavy cast. She also shows the most energy while taking a big cock. Mila Brite adds some racial dirty talk and some big tits to the mix in the finale. Overall this is a well shot movie with step-cest play and interracial sex. If you like that idea then you will like the movie.

April Brookes & Isaiah Maxwell

Super cute April Brookes is just chilling when Isaiah comes in and starts feeling her up. She makes him stop. They have a great sex life, but now that their parents are together, she wants to stop. They are family now. He convinces her that it’s ok and shoves some fingers up her shorts to make sure her pussy is on board. Off come the shorts so he can bury his face in her pussy. April has a really hot body and loves the way his tongue dances across her clit. Flipping over, she grabs his cock and jerks the shaft while popping the head into her mouth. He has her booty right there at the camera and holds on while rocking her pussy with long strokes. When she flips over, April starts really working her hips and makes faces like she’s dying to cum hard. He gets a little aggressive fucking her from behind while holding her am and pulling her hair. She loves every deep stroke, no longer caring that it’s her step brother banging the fuck out of her horny hole. She takes a break to suck that dick again and this time has some help as her lips slide down near the base. I love the shots of her in spoon. April’s body is beautiful and her face is super hot as she nears another climax. Isaiah pulls out and shoots all over her stomach and watches as April rubs the hot load in.

Kasey Warner & Jon Jon

It’s very cold in the house, but Jon Jon doesn’t want to snuggle up with his step-sister Kasey Warner. He talks about what happened last time and how they can’t do that again. He has absolutely no will power though and before he can say no more than ten times she has her mouth on his cock and is well on her way to banging her big step-brother. He enjoys her mouth and then bends her over on the couch so he can spank her ass while she reaches around and plays with her little pussy. Pulling off her panties, she easily slides his big dick right into her warm hole. Kasey keeps her fingers pussy on her clit to make sure the juices keep flowing. Her body looks really good and Kasey is very cute. He spreads her legs really wide and fucks her super hard. She just loves it. I love the way she can’t keep her fingers off of her clit as he nails that hot pussy. When he pulls out she moves her face into position and he fires a nice big load at her mouth. Kasey is absolutely the cutest little step sister in this flick.

Trillium & Moe Johnson

Trillium crawls into bed with Moe. He tells her that they need to stop fucking since their parents are married now. No way she’s going to give up on that big dick so easily. She begs and he agrees to one final fuck. This little blonde is a flavor of the week, especially for IR fans and she goes have a good deal going for her. Pretty face, great energy and a hot little body so what’s not to like? After sucking him to full size and stiffness, she climbs on and we get a screen full of a very pretty white ass. Yeah, this girl has earned her rapidly rising star status. He flips her over and bangs away on that hairy pussy. I like her long socks. They add even more color to the lovely contrast between Moe’s dark skin and Trillium’s alabaster flesh. She grabs at that cock again and stuffs it into her mouth to suck it again. He returns the favor, licking her freshly fucked gash and savoring her juices. He turns her over and hits that from behind, working every inch of dick into her pussy while she sings his praises on every stroke. He nails her good and hard until she finally shots a big load in her bush.

Mila Brite & Donny Sins

Donny walks in on his little sister Mila Brite masturbating in their parents’ bed. She is waiting on a guy that Donny knows is a bad dude. He tells her not to date the asshole and suggests himself as a substitute. She is concerned that they are related. He plants a big kiss on her lips and quickly melts her reservations away. Taking off her bra, she shows of a huge set of natural tits that he really enjoys. The busty blonde is ready to go, stripping down and sucking his cock. There was a date coming over and judging from the way she blows her brother, that guy is missing out. Donny eats that pussy and gets it ready to fuck. Mila adds a big of dirty talk, telling him how good he is at fucking her “white little pussy.” He turns her over, fucking her hard enough to make her moan and to get those big tits really shaking under her body. I love the way the camera focuses on those big tits as they move into reverse cowgirl. He finally pulls out and shoots on her boobs. Mila sucks out the last big of cum then plays with her sticky knockers. They have good chemistry and some hot sibling talk, but this one is mostly about Mila and her big swinging hooters.

Bonus: BTS, 2 Bonus Scenes (Katarina Kay, Olivia Wilder), Pick Your Pleasure, Trailers, Photo Gallery, Fantasy Lingerie

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