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Why Am I Not Surprised


I started writing a line by line response to the latest rant that Gene posted and I realized something. We’ve been here before. If I set up each point and knock it down it won’t matter. Skeeter hates me. I get that. There is nothing I can do about it. He would rather talk about me than to me. Would rather make up phantom sex scenes than sit down for an interview and take issue with whatever upset him. I don’t lose any sleep over it and just can’t quite figure out if he is getting bad intel or just doesn’t read the site closely enough to know what I actually said. For all I know, it’s just more fun for him to set up straw-man arguments and rant away. God knows he used to do that to me on the phone. There was a time when it wasn’t a Sunday afternoon without a call from Skeeter. He would vent about this starlet or that director and actually take issue with things I wrote. It wasn’t always pleasant, but at least there was an open dialog. Now it’s all rants and threats of violence and me wasting time defending things I didn’t say or explaining things I’ve explained a million times already. Kind of like I’m about to do now.

Promise, this will be brief, but there are people he brought up who I actually respect and want to go on record with a few things.

– When I wrote “On more than one occasion, Skeeter Kerkove has taken shots at John [Stagliano], Belladonna and Evil Angel. Is it possible that sentiments like shows (should be “those” not sure what I was typing there) expressed by Black, Kerkove and other detractors may have led the Feds to Evil Angel? Would that make Jules Jordan next?” I thought it was clear, but in case it was not. I’m not blaming Skeeter or Rob or anyone for the indictment. That is giving their words WAY too much credit. I was pointing out that more than a few people have openly pointed fingers in their direction. I never said that Skeeter was “responsible” for it.
“T. Pipe’s been in this business for 16 years and nobody likes him except for the people he sucks ass to.” Not sure where he got the 16 years part. I suppose on some level I started in 1992 though that was as a camera guy mostly. The reviews and such didn’t start until I got a computer sometime in 1994. Small matter. The rest may be true. He worded it such a way that no one could ever truly retort. If any of you stand up and say you like me, well then it must be because I kissed your ass. On the other hand, is it possible that those who don’t like me only feel that way because I didn’t kiss their ass? Anyway, I didn’t really get into the business to make friends. I think I have made a few over the years. Clearly Skeeter is not one of those and I’m sorry he feels the way he feels. I’ve done nothing to him and there is nothing I can do or say to make him change his mind.

“Then he says is Jules Jordan Video going to be next because of me and Rob Black.” Ummmm, no I didn’t. As you can read above, I asked if Jules might be next. I NEVER blamed either of them for any future prosecutions. Had Skeeter read the whole article he would have seen that the quote I pulled from Rob called out Evil and Jules in that order. Though he goes on to suggest that he and Rob should kick my ass, I don’t think that Rob would back down from the quote. He said it to me and was fine with it when it went up.
“He still has not acknowledged that Sweet Jimmy Boy Powers who’s lost almost half of his income in the last four months, did the Little Red Riding Hood thing first with Tricia Devereaux. Once again…ummm yes I did. This one stems back to the fact that Jules Jordan shot a scene in Flesh Hunter 7 that featured Teagan in a Little Red Riding Hood set up. Skeeter got very upset that I liked the scene. Apparently he felt that I shouldn’t like the scene because in his words “Jim Powers invented Little Red Riding Hood” when she shot Tricia Deveraux in the outfit. After reminding Skeeter that Jim Powers didn’t invent Little Red either (Charles Perrault is credited with the most commonly known version of his folktale.) I told Skeeter that I absolutely acknowledge that Jim shot it before Jules. Hell, I own that movie on VHS because I love the freaking scene so much. What always confused me about this particular argument was the fact that my praise for the scene had little to do with the Little Red Riding Hood aspect. Read below.

Teagan looks lovely in her Little Red Riding Hood outfit. She rubs her pretty pussy while waiting for a couple of guys in leather wolf masks to come in and abuse her. They grope her tiny boobs and expose their throbbing cocks for her enjoyment. There is not a lot of double blowjob action because they are anxious to get her into doggy and work both ends at once. Teagan looks really good in reverse cowgirl as she slides up and down on one prick while stroking the other. As a special treat, the guys push her legs back and position her for some DP. The box says it was the first DP for this lovely young girl so that’s a bit of a bonus. Teagan has to work a bit to take both big dicks, but looks fucking awesome as she does. She takes off the masks and gets back to some great fucking and sucking. Her mouth opens wide as Mark Ashley fucks her pretty face. The guys DP here again and then unload all over Teagan. She is the hottest young star in the business for a reason folks.

So what exactly does the Jim Powers scene have to do with anything? Reading it now, MOST of the praise for this scene went to Teagan. So I have to wonder, what exactly is the problem?
– And just so we are clear, I absolutely acknowledge that Jim Powers shot a Little Red Riding Hood scene before Jules Jordan. I’d venture to guess someone shot one before Jim as well. No one has to convince me that Jim Powers is a brilliant pornographer. I’ve been saying it for longer than Skeeter has been in the business. Did everyone hear that clearly?
“So fuck Roger T. Pipe. He needs to be cracked across the face that little jealous motherfucker,… There’s nobody who’s got baseball sized anal beads going inside a bitch’s ass on video before I did it. It’s called of mother fucking date of production.” Not sure what the laundry list of things Skeeter put in his movie has to do with another threat of violence, but he’s clearly wound up over something. It almost sounds like he feels slighted. I don’t think I even saw his first movie. He’s fond of getting me banned from screener lists and then complains when he doesn’t get the credit he thinks he deserves? I don’t get that. I’ve given him credit for so many things, but none of that matters. He only reads what he thinks is negative apparently.
“But I think me and Rob Black are going to have to pay Roger T. Pipe a visit and show him how much we love him and ask him if we can take him out to dinner. That guy needs an ass-whoopin’.” Somehow I doubt Rob will fly off the handle like this. I really doubt that Rob would stoop to this kind of threat. After all, the quote above came when I was sitting across from Rob. I’ll ask Rob though. Maybe he agrees.
– There is a bit about how Bridgette was going to beat my ass. That sort of contradicts what he said last summer when he accused me of pushing her that night when she was pregnant. Kind of a mess really. She wasn’t pregnant the night of our confrontation as Skeeter claims. It was after the birth of their child and she was really, really drunk. She probably was ready to kick my ass, but a month later she called me and apologized for the misunderstanding. We talked for nearly two hours.
You know what that little faggot said one time? Oh how come all the porn directors have goatees and tattoos? Is that like the new trend, he asked? “He said this as a negative. I tried hard to find this quote, but I can’t find it. The REALLY funny thing about this is that Skeeter really missed the point. I asked that question when a number of directors seemed to be copping his style. A few directors were even making fun of him on their box covers and I called them out. Years later he sees it this way? That’s nuts. Never mind the fact that I’ve had facial hair since before I got into the business so I’m not sure what his issue is.

Oh man I did it. I did a point by point. Anyway, it’s just Skeeter being Skeeter. He hates me. He’s convinced everyone hates me and apparently thinks that I wrote some things I didn’t write. As always, Skeeter has my email, he has my phone number and he has an open invitation to air any grievances he has. This has always been a one way feud and it will continue to be so despite continued public threats of violence.

So if any of you made it through this, here are a couple of banners that will take you to some really good porn.


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