Blog: Cosby Kid Turning Tricks? NFL Draft Party & Marilyn Sucks


Blog: Draft Day Eve (Or not)

The World Stops Tomorrow…For Some

Cosby (Kid) A Prostie: Well, not exactly, but Keshia Knight-Pulliam is scheduled to play a prostitute in an upcoming Tyler Perry project. (Does ANYONE get this guy? Seriously I want to know.) In ‘Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail’ Pulliam plays a hooker behind bars who is befriended by Perry’s Madea character. (Seriously, what is funny about black men in drag? Or men in drag in general? Chill Tod, Some Like It Hot and Tootsie are the exceptions that prove the rule.) Though this I just a light hearted comedy, I think that it’s just a matter of time before a name child star turns to porn in one way or another. That reminds me. We did have one semi-star. Remember 2 Pretty 4 Porn? What ever happened to that girl? If you want to read more about Keisha’s new role, here is a great blog on the issue.

Eye Candy: I’d love to find a 2 Pretty gallery, but instead here is a pretty black girl named Persuajaun spending time at the glory hole.

NFL Draft: Yes, it’s tomorrow (Actually, the joke’s on me, it’s NEXT week, the party is being planned ahead of time. Good grief.) and I know how much that means to many of you. I love football and am an admitted sports geek, but honestly I don’t get it. ESPN and its family of networks drops everything for 24/7 coverage of the draft. I actually got an evite for a draft party that runs from 9AM to Midnight. Curious I emailed my friend to see if this was just a good excuse for a party. Maybe a BBQ, some fun by the pool (It’s warming up nicely around here) or something other than just sitting in front of the TV watching every college player broken down and waiting 15 minutes for every pick to come down. No, no plans for a BBQ. Maybe some take out pizza. No, not pool. The plan is to watch the draft the whole day. Yeah I think I’m going to stay home, camp out in my easy chair and watch porn all day. Hmmmmm, not sure if that’s any better, but at least I’ll be watching hot chicks.

Eye Candy: Speaking of hot chicks, how about Sandee Westgate in a great looking photo set from

Good Blow Norma Jean: I’m sure that most of you have already read that a collector paid a cool 1.5 million for an old 16mm black and film that purportedly features Marilyn Monroe going all Lewinski on an unidentified dude. The guy is shown only from the shoulders down so there is all sorts of intrigue involving this movie. If we assume for a moment that the woman is in fact Marilyn (and there is some doubt there) we can only speculate as to who the man is. Apparently Hoover spent years trying to prove that the man in the film is JFK. Wouldn’t that be something? The collector who paid the million five for the film is apparently going to lock it up or destroy to protect Marilyn. The first thing that pops to my mind when I hear that is that some people have too much fucking money. 1.5 million could do some serious good for people hurting and you spend it to protect a dead woman’s virtue? That aside, would you pay to see this? Would you pay 40 bucks for the Marilyn Monroe BJ tape? Let’s turn that into a topic. What celebrity would you pay say 100 bucks to see in full hardcore action? Discuss and share.

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