Booty Queen 2, The

Booty Queen 2, The

MOVIE TYPE: Star Showcase

147 Mins


DIRECTOR: Mimefreak


THEMES: Big Ass, Big cock, Interracial Sex, Threesome, Oil Play, Anal Sex, Facial, First Interracial Anal, First Interracial DP


STARS: AJ Applegate, Jada Stevens, Prince Yashua, Mandingo, Bill Bailey, Sean Michaels


It is early in 2016, but AJ Applegate is throwing down the gauntlet to the rest of porn. With this movie, she is clearly staking her claim on both Star Showcase and performer of the year very early. In a movie that features a number of firsts for AJ, every scene is a winner. AJ shows off her beauty as well as her booty, giving us eye candy and sexual energy to burn. Since the title references her elite status backside, it would be fair to expect a lot of butt shots as well as anal sex. Yep, check. Great tease and pretty much any angle they can think of shows off her ass perfectly. The opening scene is an overdose of ass with Jada Stevens bringing her famous rear into the mix with AJ and Prince Yashua. The great ass shots and big shared cumshot set the bar high, but things are just getting started. For one on one anal action and butt footage, the scene with Bill Bailey is hard to beat. Lots of hot oiled up action on this one. AJ opens her ass for black cock in the final two scenes. First she takes Mandingo. Enough said right? She takes that monster with equal parts enthusiasm and awe. The result is one of the best scenes I have seen so far this year. If one BBC isn’t enough, AJ comes back to double down in her first interracial DP. This time Prince and Sean Michaels do the honors. Great action here as AJ proves that she is the performer to beat in 2016. Consider this must see if you love big butts, anal sex, interracial sex or if you are, as I am, totally nuts for all things AJ Applegate.

AJ Applegate, Jada Stevens & Prince Yashua

AJ and Jada arrive at Prince’s house to wash his car. They look good in cut off shorts, but he is almost too busy to notice. No worries. They give us some sexy tease footage that features both of these glorious butts getting wet, jiggling and basically making every guy in the audience want to bury himself between their cheeks. Jada is well known for her ass, but honestly, AJ leaves her in the dust as she strips down to her bikini and rubs that amazing ass on the windshield. Prince catches than and orders them into the house. His anger obviously has his passions enflamed and he has the girls share his cock to pay for their careless treatment of his Rolls Royce. They pass the cock back and forth for only a brief few moments before Princes moves around behind AJ to take her tight pussy. Jada spreads her legs and watches the fun, letting he pretty blonde friend lick at that pussy from time to time. They switch places and we get some nice ass shots of Jada. AJ steals the spotlight at every turn though. This time she does it by mounting him and pumping her pussy up and down that big cock. AJ’s ass is just too fucking hot. They switch again with AJ sucking him clean right out of Jada’s pussy. He stands over them both and strokes his dick until he coats their outstretched tongues. They share a filthy cum swapping kiss that wraps it all up nicely.

AJ Applegate & Bill Bailey

Holy shit, the second scene scores big points for tease. AJ shakes her perfect ass in a bikini and eventually bends over so it can be oiled up. It almost looks like the colors of her little bikini bottoms are running from the oil. Odd look, but No matter, that ass is so fine that it captures all of our attention. After a lot of oil play, AJ goes inside and shakes her booty on the couch for Bill Bailey. He puts her ass in the air and uses fingers to get it all warmed up. Breaking out the lube, AJ starts sucking. It’s very slick and she even fills her mouth to really make things wet. There is a great shot of AJ bent over with the oral action visible through her spread legs as she bobs her head. She spins around and shows off her ass while he grabs her cheeks and slips his dick in there. AJ looks amazing and is totally into the action here. She’s energetic and loud as she gets slammed in the backdoor. As they start fucking, Bill goes a great job of pumping her, but it would be hard for a guy not to do a great scene with his amazing creature. The way she sticks that ass out during the action is visually stunning. When she isn’t fucking, AJ grabs his cock with both hands and sucks it. This is a scene that features great sexual intensity to go along with the kind of curvy eye candy that only a woman like AJ can provide. We get some exquisite footage of her kneeling with her back arched and her big ass getting fucked silly. That is followed by AJ on her knees stroking a big load of cock cream out onto her gorgeous face. This is one of AJ’s best anal scenes and helps prove that the Booty Queen crown belongs on her head.

AJ Applegate & Mandingo

Before her next scene, AJ takes her seat on her throne and shows off the part of her body that has made her the Booty Queen. She also talks about what Mandingo is going to do to her asshole. On all fours in front of him, she pulls his cock out his pants, letting it literally whack her in the face before she starts sucking it. AJ is great with her mouth, but this cock is a mountain even the very best BJ artists have trouble climbing. Grabbing it in her hand, the pretty blonde works underneath, sucking and licking his balls in between attempts at swallowing the huge shaft. They get into 69 where she can show off for the camera and inhale a whole lot of meat. He flips her over and spreads those gorgeous thighs before diving his big cock into her pussy. Judging from her reaction, it is both a challenge and a thrill for her to take such a big dick. She is wearing stockings and heels so when he rolls her onto her side we get a really nice shot of her legs ass dressed up and fancy. She sucks him off again before getting back on all fours, shaking her ass enticingly and then getting railed from behind. After a few hard strokes she is ready to try anal. Lots of size talk and the visuals of AJ on all fours like this is super hot. They go back to BJ before she mounds up in cowgirl. This time that cock goes all the way up into her and the way she drops her ass down to the camera is bound to make anyone watching go nuts. Really great visual here. She grabs a Hitachi for her clit while repeating that lovely missionary pose with her legs spread wide. This time he gets her ass while she works the buzzing toy on her clit. This sends her way over the edge and she is barely finished screaming her way through her own orgasm when she sits up to take his load in her mouth. Not stopping until every drop has been milked out, AJ turns to the camera with a smile. She has climbed and conquered the mountain and we fucking love her for it.

AJ Applegate, Sean Michaels & Prince Yashua

There is a bit of unrelated tease before the next scene. AJ dances on the beach in the dark. It’s very pretty and even though she changes clothes and locations before the next scene, it’s a nice little piece. For the scene, she shakes her ass in white stockings and big stripper shoes as Sean and Prince watch. This is set to be her first IR DP scene. With a guy on each side of the table she is on, AJ is able to be on all fours sucking one while letting the other enjoy the beautiful sight that is her perfect ass. With Prince’s hard dick in her mouth, AJ goes to down, drooling, moaning and giving one hell of a hot knob shine. She is plenty talented to take on both at the same time, squatting between them and pumping those two big cocks while her mouth works overtime to make them happy. They work he hard at both ends before allowing her to get on top where she can once again wow with close up shots of her glorious gluteus. After fucking them both this way, AJ gets back into doggy and lets Prince try her sweet ass. Prepping for the big moment, she turns around and squats on a big black cock in RCA. This leaves her pussy wide open for some DP fun. Her first on screen IR DP gets off to a fast start as she handles both big cocks beautifully. Flipping her over, they get into some seriously deep penetration of both of her hot holes. AJ is just gorgeous and has energy to spare even as the gets totally throttled by a pair of big dicks. they finish by taking turns fucking her before finally shooting a pair of loads in her mouth and on her face. Perfect finish to a blistering scene at the end of a fantastic movie.

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