Blog: New Hottie, Rob Black is Back & Evil Angel Thrown Under the Bus?

Blog: 4/13

Busy Sunday, Notes N Such

New Girl Alert: I just got through reviewing Vivid’s Brand New Faces 3 from B Skow. The review will be up soon, but you really need to be aware of at least one of these new cuties. Lena Hawkins is really cute in the movie. (See Lena in a Gallery from the Movie Here) She is a young Latina from Texas with a tight body and a face the just screams homecoming queen. Her scene in the movie is very good and I went right out looking for more from this fresh faces La-Teen-A. I found her on another teen site here. Small Latina teen Lena Hawkins gets fucked on the couch after sucking a big cock. I like a lot of the girls in this movie, but something about Lena really had me interested in her scene from start to finish. Consider yourself notified. This chick is cute as hell.

Eye Candy: Like big toys? Trina Michaels sure does. Here she is on The site has $1 trials so if anyone signs up, write up a review to let everyone know if the site is as good as it looks.

Rob Black is Back: So I’m reviewing Real Sex Magazine 64 and was struck by a few things. First, what the hell happened to William Whitrock? This series was his and for all it’s flaws, it was still pretty damn good. The line is now distributed by Juicy and directed by a guy named Ron Mexico. This of course is an alias, the same on used by Michael Vick. This should have been a clue by itself. Who in the porn world is a huge football fan can was often seen sporting a Vick jersey? That’s right, Rob Black. It takes all of ten seconds worth of interview footage to figure out that Ron is actually Rob. It isn’t the first time Rob has directed under an assumed name. During his run with Extreme Associates Rob used a number of different names. But this is for someone else. So what gives? Does Extreme have some connection with Juicy? Is Extreme Associates dead and gone? Their web site is still going strong. They seem to have added some new sites to the family in fact. Is Rob directing for other companies for the cash? And why the fake name when it’s so obvious who he is? Is he trying to be low key? This makes me think that it’s time to do another interview with Rob and catch up on things.

Eye Candy: Here is a site Rob Black could appreciate. It features Cuties Anita and Lana doing some hard fisting for This is another of those $1 trial sites so if you’re into fisting, let’s see a review.

Evil Angel Thrown Under the Bus?: I’ve read a few theories as to why Evil Angel has been targeted for indictment. Some think that the in your face stage show at the AVN Awards might have put a target on John’s back while others feel that it’s just EA’s turn at the table. I wonder though if someone might have thrown them under the bus a bit. I was thinking about it this weekend and remembered Rob Black calling out both Evil Angel and Jules Jordan as potential targets during our interview from 2006. (Read Full Interview Here) During that interview we had the following exchange.

Rog: The three you just mentioned are the most obvious targets. Do you think that if they get a conviction against one of you then they will move on to the next most obvious target?

Rob Black: Rog you have to remember. We are the most obvious targets because we are the biggest speakers. I’ll tell you though,. Evil Angel, you can count the number of things that they do that would fall into these guidelines. Belladonna sticking fruit into her. That is a no no. Cambria would tell you that if you insert anything into a woman’s orifices that is not a sex toy you are crossing the line. Bella does fruit and baseball bats. Jules Jordan, I have seen him fuck Taylor Rain with a wrench. Jules’ new movie? He ain’t nothing original the little jerk off. You can quote me, the jerk off. Dressing up a guy as a priest with Jenna Haze. Jules I did that six fucking years ago jerk off. That is something though. Are you going to go to a Bible thumper in Georgia or Oklahoma and bring that to a jury?

He isn’t calling them out for the ‘squirt’ stuff that got them into trouble, but he isn’t the only one to call out Evil Angel specifically. On more than one occasion, Skeeter Kerkove has taken shots at John, Belladonna and Evil Angel. Is it possible that sentiments like shows expressed by Black, Kerkove and other detractors may have led the Feds to Evil Angel? Would that make Jules Jordan next? Is it possible that someone with an axe to grind with Evil might have helped this to come down? It will be interesting to see the reaction to this from industry insiders. John is scheduled for arraignment next Monday. He is expected to enter a “Not Guilty” plea. The trial may take a while. In the meantime, Evil Angel encourages fans to support them by contacting local officials to voice displeasure with this waste of time and money and by continuing to buy their product at

Eye Candy: Here is a busty young beauty named Polina on What a cutie.

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