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Cheerleaders and Blu-Ray and Cheerleaders on Blu-Ray

Cheerleaders: In January when I interviewed the Digital Playground Girls, they all talked about their giant 12 cheerleader orgy. Stoya had so much fun that she sprained her tongue from eating too much pussy. That sounds like a lot of fun to me. The movie with that big orgy scene is out now. Cheerleaders features all of the DP contract girls, Jesse Jane, Shay Jordan, Sophia Santi, Stoya and Adrianna Lynn. It also stars Brianna Love, Alexis Texas and a host of other hot babes. Like Babystitters, this movie has simple set ups that revolve around a simple theme. This time around it’s cheerleaders. What is more universally hot than a gorgeous girl in a cheer uniform getting nasty? It’s a really well shot sex movie with feature quality and gonzo sex. It is a great introduction to the new girls and another chance for Jesse and Shay to shine like the superstars they are. This is an award-caliber movie that will appeal to just about everyone. And hey, if you happen to like cheerleaders then you really must see it. It’s a hot and horny stroke movie with a ton of eye candy.

Eye Candy: Bree Olson wasn’t in that movie, but she looks fucking awesome as a cheerleader.

Suns/Mavs: What a great NBA game that was on Sunday. You can really see that it’s playoff time. After watching the Celtics play without KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce and still win by 20 the other night, it was great to see a game with intensity and star power. My biggest problem was trying to figure out who to root for. As chief rivals of the Lakers for the past few years I have developed a liking for the Suns. That was only magnified when they got Shaq. Nothing would make me happier than to see him come back to LA and punk the little rapist…errrr the little princess in Staples, knocking Kobe right on out of the playoffs. On the other hand, I really like the Mavs. Less so since they shipped Antoine Walker away, but I still really like Dirk. My real problem is figuring out who I hate more, the Dirty Hippy (Steve Nash) or the Wife Beater (Jason Kidd). It’s tough really. I can’t stand Nash. He’s a punk, a crybaby and if not for Adam Morrison and Joachim Noah, he would stand out as the worst fucking hair in the NBA since Rodman hung up his hairdye and pumps. On the other hand, Kidd beats his wife and is as dumb as a fucking bag of rocks. (Left Berkley early my ass. He left one step ahead of academic probation.) In the end I just enjoyed a great basketball game with a huge comeback by the Mavs. I love playoff time. It’s going to be a lot of fun watching the teams from the West battle it out to see who gets to take on the Pistons or the Celtics.

Blu Ray: I’ve got my second Blu-Ray review set to go. It’s of Pirates of course. Why not start with the best right? So far all of the Blu-Ray titles that I have here are stuff I have already reviewed. I’m getting spoiled by the picture quality already though. It’s pretty fantastic and I wonder what the average gonzo movie is going to look like. I have a Vivid title that I really liked as well as other new Digital Playground titles. Look for a lot more Blu-Ray reviews in coming weeks. And as a topic of discussion. If you own a Blu-Ray player, or if you plan to own one, which movie (adult and otherwise) was or will be the first one you add to your collection? I’ll post some responses if we get some good ones.

Eye Candy: Here is a new MILF Site from the BangBros network. It’s called and this clip features a great day at the office.

Cheerleaders on Blu-Ray: Next on the list of course is Cheerleaders on Blu-Ray. I’ve got the disc here and will be giving it a review soon. So soon after the original review? Why not? It’s a great movie and I can’t wait to see it on Blu-Ray. The picture quality can only help the eye candy and they can fit the whole thing on one disc instead of two. Will Cheerleaders become my new favorite Blu-Ray DVD?

Eye Candy: And finally a bit of Eye candy from Tera Patrick. Tough to beat that.

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