JM Joins the Blu-Ray Revolution


JM Joins the Blu-Ray Revolution

But Do We Want to See the Bukkake Boys in High Def?

The adult industry has loudly chosen Blu-Ray (as has the mainstream world) but so far we have seen releases mostly from the usual suspects. Digital Playground and Vivid have given us some hot Blu-Ray titles (Like Sunny Loves Matt and Cheerleaders both of which will have Blu-Ray reviews to go along with the standards soon.) Anabolic jumped in with Girlgasmic and now JM has joined the Blu-Ray revolution with the release of The Violation of Trina Michaels. It comes out on May 27th so you have a little bit of time to go Blu-Ray player shopping before you watch this loving tale of a stuck up celebutante who goes a little too far with that paparazzi and pays dearly for it. Hopefully they will send me a review copy so we can see if JM’s high def filth lives up to their lofty standards of smut.

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Now on to the press release.

Chatsworth, CA ” The High Definition format war is over and the Blu-ray Disc standard has clearly won out over its HD-DVD rival. And now, it’s time for the consumer to finally enjoy the spoils of war ” one high quality HD disc format for enjoying crystal clear ultra high resolution movies in their home theatres and ..ay equipped home computers. Oh, and did we mention mind-numbing, ass-gaping, cum-drenching, throat stretching High Definition pornography? That’s right, everyone’s favorite porn studio JM Productions will begin releasing titles from its High Definition library ..ay Disc, beginning with The Violation of Trina Michaels on May 27th.

. “The writing has been on the wall for about six months based on dominance in shear numbers of Blu-ray players in the marketplace, led of course by Sony’s Playstation 3,” explains JM founder Jeff Steward, “When it was reported that Toshiba was dropping HD-DVD hardware from its lineup, it clearly signaled that the world was truly ready to receive HD jack off material ..ay.”

Up to this point, most people who wanted to experience High Definition Blu-ray porn had to resort to purchasing ‘couples’ porn titles or – most unfortunately ” ‘alt porn.’

“Let’s face it, the last things you want to see when you’re trying to jack off are waterfalls, pirate ships, or Eon McKai,” explains JM Publicist Tony Malice, “Now people looking to drain their balls in the comfort of their home theatre have a solution that is designed from the ground up with their most depraved and perverted needs in mind.”

The Violation of Trina Michaels (Blu-ray Disc) will be available on May 27th. JM will then be releasing Girlvert 13 on Bu-ray in June followed by one Blu-ray title per month thereafter. Distributors can order now by contacting JM Productions at (818) 772-1320. For more information or to acquire your copy please visit on the web!

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