Trans Action: Exploring Trends in TS Erotica

Trans Action: Exploring Trends in TS Erotica

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Adult Entertainment Expo 2016

As I was perusing the pages of the AEE 2016 show guide that I had received, I noticed that it held quite a few new types of seminars. Many that hadn’t been presented at this particular convention in the past. Some were pertaining to subjects that may have been introduced or asked about at past expos, but this year there were specific panels on these lesser previously explored areas.

As I turned each page, I was excited an happy to see the many seminars that were available to and focused on not only the public side of the industry, but that there were a heap of new ones geared specifically toward the trade, marketing, niche and performer aspects of this massive expanse of industry.

One of the first ones that caught my eye was the trade seminar on Trends in TS erotica. I was very interested in hearing more about these lovely ladies, meeting them and hearing what their journey has been like within the adult film community. I noticed that none of the panelists were listed, which was a bit disappointing, but, it made the anticipation even more great. It was kind of like a tease, but a sexy one that I liked feeling.

I made my way to the trade seminar area of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, where the event was hosted, and spotted an empty seat near the middle of the room. It worked out perfectly! I got to have a great close up view of the panelists. There were several lovelies on this particular stage. Venus Lux, Jessy Dubai and Foxxy were three of the TS performers that were perched on the panel stage and chatting with our group about their feelings concerning the adult industry, the struggles they have had been through and continue to face each day.

As I sat and listened to each panelist speak and bring up their individual concerns, they also encouraged each other to bring up their own answers to each question that was presented by the moderator.

Venus Lux had a bit of an expansive topic base which she worked through and gave opinions, as well as her advice for other performers. The main points that she concentrated on were:

That there isn’t an adequate TS line of adult toys, the evolution of the industry changing to be more TS friendly, and passing on education to aspiring performers and those wishing to exit the industry that are currently involved.

She said that she felt that learned wisdom should be passed on to other current or new performers. She also felt that there should be more open dialogue between performers and the other branches of the industry.

Such as directors, producers, distributors and the press. She suggested having a social media page or group for us to openly discuss concerns and movements within the industry.

She also chatted a bit about her distribution deal with Pulse Media and how it came into being and that it was a great deal of hard work, time and money to have it come to fruition.

Next up was Jessy Dubai, she touched on a performer that she had mentored, Savannah Thorne. Saying that by offering her guidance and by genuinely wanting to help her be successful, she was happy and proud to see her succeed. She, like Venus, also touched on talent being helpful to other talent and advising them via some open discussion and social media boards. One other point that I liked was a topic point she touched on about helping out the bisexually curious amongst the industry and the civilian side of the field.

Foxxy, spoke next, she touted collaboration between producers, talent and distributors. She wanted to see some positive changes within the TS sector of talent and products having some expansion, and exploring the possibility of more couple friendly films and toy lines.

There were several other questions that were asked and answered for and by the ladies. One in particular was a source of education for TS clients to the Lesbian market of video lines and where the public would be able to find such material. They also all stated that if you don’t understand their niche that you should feel free to contact them, via social media, email or through their agents to ask them questions and get more genuine and correct information on the TS perspective and that niche.

All in all, I found the questions to be a good mix, the answers to be informative and the ladies to be genuine, knowledgeable and of course beautiful. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the panel and helped to clear up some of the incorrect information and to help us get a better handle on all things TS related to the industry currently. It was nice to brush off the dust and myths that have been perpetuated with lack of knowledge and false information.

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