Manhandled 6

Manhandled 6

149 Mins
Evil Angel (
DIRECTOR: Aiden Riley
THEMES: Rough Sex, Water Torture, Anal Sex, Girls in Masks, Stranger Sex, Choking, Spitting, Gagging
STARS: Abella Danger, AJ Applegate, Jenna Ashley, Sasha Heart, Bill Bailey, Xander Corvus, John Strong

This Aiden Riley movie is a very rough sex oriented flick. It’s also billed as possible fantasy, making it easier for some people to swallow. However you look at it, this is a rather creative movie with a sexy female cast, rough sex and a few really nice touches. Abella Danger leads things off in a scene that is just a rough and dirty fantasy. Abella is everyone’s favorite rookie, but this scene proves that she can take pretty much anything dished out by male talent. The scene is hot primarily because Abella’s as is so delicious and the rest of her ain’t bad either. Of course it also features some XXX water boarding and other hydration related torture. It is harsh and not always easy to watch. The Mystery Girlt scene features Sasha Heart as a purchased slave doll who keeps her face covered throughout the action. It’s very fetish-driven and intense. Not totally my speed, but unique enough to probably be a big hit with its core audience. Jenna Ashley is very cute and defies her innocent looks with filthy rough sex fantasies. She handles things from Xander just fine. The finale is my favorite scene. In fact, it’s one of the best I have seen in a long time. AJ Applegate confesses her desire to be taken by a stranger. She gets her wish and the whole thing is shot with just a single light, giving it a wonderful look that makes the sex even hotter. Of course AJ herself makes things really hot by looking fantastic and playing into the energy and fantasy aspect of the scene. Overall this is an interesting movie. It focuses on rough sex more than I like, but that’s probably good for fans who want to see this type of action. I liked the creativity a lot and loved the AJ scene enough to recommend this more whole-heartedly than I thought I would.

Abella Danger & Xander Corvus

Happy couple Abella Danger and Xander Corvus is trying to stay cool on a super hot day. One of them falls into a daydream where his gentle hipster person flips and he becomes a wife-beater wearing aggressive dude and she switched from some hot looking tight shorts to a barely there outfit. Xander puts his T shirt over her head and drags her around by his belt for a while. He actually pours some water onto her covered face in what appears to be the first incident of water boarding in porn. He moves the shirt enough to get his cock into her mouth and goes for some rough, upside-down face fucking. Xander flips her around and starts fucking he ass right from the start. This scene is more about the aggression than the eye candy, but eventually they settle into some really good looking anal action and Abella’s sexy curves manage to shine through. She has a pretty amazing booty and sticks it high in the air so he can take his time fucking it. After several minutes of great looking action, he bends her over a tub of water and starts dunking her head again. Abella handles the action just fine. Her head gets dunked and then he fucks her mouth or ass over and over. She handles the rough action just fine, verbalizing more than once that she loves it. It’s not really what I’m looking for, but this line has always pushed the envelope and there is an awful lot of high energy sex in between the water torture sequences. They move to the shower where the water play is a little less harsh. Abella begs for his cock in her mouth while he fucks her face and sprays her with the showerhead. They finish with a big load on her face. This is a very rough scene and Abella Danger proves that she can take it quite nicely.

Mystery Girlt (Sasha Heart) & John Strong

John is all alone so he buys the special personal sex doll. Unhappy at first at the little toy they send, he is surprised when she comes to life at full size with her face covered. He starts out by spanking her and the leaves the rag over her face while she kisses his feet, licks his ass and finally works her mouth to his cock. The faceless girl thing is interesting I suppose. It will probably really hit some fantasy-seekers in the sweet spot. He holds her head in both hands and fucks her mouth pretty hard. Finished with her mouth, John spins her around and treats her ass the same way. Alternating between her ass and her mouth, John makes full use of his new slave. He finally shoots into her mouth before putting her away in the closet until next time. There is a lot of toe sucking as well. There is a lot of energy here and I know some people will really love. I just couldn’t get into the faceless slave angle for more than a few seconds. It’s just a little niche-fetish oriented for my taste.

Jenna Ashley & Xander Corvus

Enjoying a casual day on the couch, Jenna Ashley and Xander Corvus explore her fantasies. As luck would have it, she wants him to pull her hair, spank her, gag her, spit on her and basically treat her like she’s in a rough sex porn DVD. All that talk has them both turned on so the cute little teen grabs at his cock. Xander gets to work making her fantasy come true, slapping her once and then putting her on her knees for some heavy gagging face fucking. He spits on her tongue and enjoys her skilled mouth. Jenna bends over so he can pull her panties aside, spank that little butt and finger both of her holes at once. Xander mounts that pussy from behind and has her sucking on his toe while he slams her from behind. After a few strokes in her pussy, he pulls out and bangs her tight booty hole. She looks rather adorable in piledriver getting fucked hard. The action takes an odd turn thanks to a funnel, some strawberry milk and her butthole. If that doesn’t turn your crank, stick around because she has a big vibrator to work her clit while he goes back to ramming her asshole. The action moves to the shower where she wears her panties on her head, gets some water torture and a lot more anal play. The final facial shot is pretty good. Looks like Jenna got her fantasy and then some.

AJ Applegate & Billy Bailey

AJ Applegate tells Bill Bailey about her “weird” fantasy. It features a stranger coming into her house and having his way with her. He picks up on the vibe and swats her perfect ass before giving her a big kiss. They go to sleep and then in the middle of the night she hears a noise. Investigating she is grabbed from behind by a stranger. Her slaps her and makes her get on her knees. Calling her a nasty whore he makes her suck his cock. The lighting here is really interesting and sets a super creepy tone. AJ is submissive here and totally fucking hot. He makes her gag on his cock and then slaps her pretty face with the rock hard meat. This is rough action, but AJ makes it work and the whole thing is very sexy. Turning her around he examines her ass. The flashlight is still setting the mood perfectly as he makes her stick her ass high in the air. Fucking her from behind, Bill makes her beg for it. Even though we can’t see all of her body, AJ’s thighs and ass provide massive eye candy as she gets plowed good and hard. He stands her up and fucks her some more. This time the light exposes more of her body. They move to anal with AJ taking everything he has and moaning for more. I love the way she looks in reverse cowgirl with a cock in her ass. Even with the light still just showing us some of her hot curves, this is just fucking beautiful. The anal action is great and she gets plenty of A2M as well. They finish up with intense fucking and choking until he finally pulls out and shoots a big hot load all over her pretty face. Wow, this is super hot.

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