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Another Celeb Sex Tape? Porn BTS Madness & Race Matters

Happy Holiday: I want to wish you all a happy holiday weekend. For those of you celebrating Easter, have a happy one. Spend time with your families and try to remember the spirit of the season. And to everyone else, I wish you a very, very weekend. Chocolate bunnies and Peeps aside, Happy Easter everyone.

Eye Candy: I know that we just featured here yesterday, but here is Nautica Thorn in another video gallery. This time she’s getting nailed by Sascha. Don’t you just love Nautica?

Lindsay Lo-Ho?: While we’re all still trying to figure out if this picture is really one of Kirsten Davis licking dick now comes word that Lindsay Lohan may finally have made her sex vid debut. Here is a shot for you to check out. It is supposedly of LiLo going down on her man while he films with his cell phone. If we are to believe the story, then it was the filming ex who passed the grainy video around and his scumbag friends who are trying to sell the footage. I think that we all knew this day was coming. Lindsay drinks too much, parties too hard and hangs out with all the wrong people. She’s a sex video waiting to happen. I’m not one to judge though. I’ll just sit back and review the results when it’s finally released.

Eye Candy: OK so it is still very possible that Lindsay sucks at sucking dick. Maybe she should take lessons from someone who knows what she’s doing. Someone like Stormy Daniels for example. She shows off her remarkable skills here.

Race Matters 1: Vast Wright Wing Conspiracy: By now, we have all heard about all we want to hear from Jeremiah Wright, but I don’t think that the controversy is going away any time soon. There has been plenty of talk on cable shows and probably more than a little bit of water cooler talk. Just look him up on YouTube and watch the clips of his sermons. They are certainly passionate and inflammatory. They also espouse separatist and racist views. Does that mean that Obama is a separatist or a racist. Frankly I doubt very much that he is either. It is more than obvious to point out that if McCain, Hillary or any white candidate were to sit in a church committed to the ‘white’ family, the ‘white value system’ or the ‘white work ethic’ he or she would be dragged through the streets and called out as a bigot. If this ends up biting the Senator in the ass, then perhaps it will serve as a bridge between the racially divisive, old-school thinking of people like Wright, Sharpdon and Jackson towards something that more closely resembles the message of hope and change that Obama espouses. The sooner politicians of every race abandon the misery merchants and hate peddlers the better.

Eye Candy: Can’t we all just get along? See how it works for Tori Black and her handsome friend?

BTS Madness: Back to the porn for a minute. I have watched a couple of BTS reels lately that show more than some of you may want to see. Things don’t always go smoothly and we get stunning example of that in both Otto & Audrey Out of Control and Girlvert 17. Director Otto has some serious issues on set issues with Britney Stevens. We don’t get to see enough to determine who is in the wrong, but the sparks fly and he ends up tossing her off the set before the scene is over. I’m sure plenty of porn fans will wonder what could have happened to make any man literally kick this hottie out of bed and out of the house. Also on that BTS reel is some footage of Cindy Crawford that is just sad. She is so obviously intoxicated and unable to follow even the simplest instructions. It’s a wonder she didn’t get tossed off of the set as well. During the Girlvert BTS we get to see some issues between Sophie Dee and Dre. I don’t know what set it off, but Sophie talks about Dre being the reason Holly Wellin and Weed left the set. He’s struggling with wood and even Ashley Blue seems totally done with it. During the same BTS reel we see Dana DeArmond call Sophie a “piece of shit.” So which of these is the best feud? Otto v Britney? Otto v Cindy? Cindy v Skyy? Sophie v Dre? Dre v. Weed? Dana v. Sophie? So much tension, so much drama. Come on people, didn’t we already decide that we need to all get along?

Eye Candy: Check out this new hottie? Alana Leigh from Vivid’s Brand New Faces 2. She is super cute and should make a big splash later this year.

Race Matters 2: From the Mouth of A Dick: It has been quite a while since the sports world has actually had to listen to from Richard Williams’ mouth. The father of Venus and Serena Williams has made a career out of turning his talented and often classless children into the bad girls of tennis. He’s done quite nicely for himself in fact. Well now he’s back at it. Dick had the following to say this week.

“Tennis is a prejudice game. Well, I’m Black and I’m prejudiced, very prejudiced. I’ll be always prejudiced as the White man. The White man hated me all my life and I hate him. That’s no secret. I’m not even an American, it just so happens that I was born in America. People are prejudiced in tennis. I don’t think Venus or Serena was ever accepted by tennis. They never will be. But if you get some little White no good trasher in America like Tracy Austin or Chris Evert who cannot hit the ball, they will claim this is great.”

It’s hard to figure out there to start. First, let’s go with him for a bit. Tennis may well be a “prejudice” game. By that I am sure he means the tennis establishment. One of the great things about sport is that it can not see color. The game itself is only prejudiced against players who aren’t as good as their opponents. Venus and Serena did very well on the court because for a time, they were the two dominant figures in the sport. As for Mr. Williams being prejudiced himself, I think we can all thank him for stating the obvious. The chip on his shoulder is bigger than the fat advertising contracts his daughters have signed thanks the game he thinks has conspired against them. He “hates” the white man. Fine. You’re allowed to feel any way you want. That’s the beauty of America. David Duke can hate you for being Black. The ‘Reverend’ Fred Phelps can hate f&gs all he wants. And you can white men. Now keep in mind Dick. I ain’t voting for David Duke for dog catcher, I wouldn’t come within a mile of Fred Phelps’ church and won’t purchase a damn thing advertised by your daughters because that lines your pockets. Hate doesn’t fly with me, but you go right ahead and spew it all day long. Just don’t go crying about when the people you say you hate, boo you. Deal with the price of your own words, otherwise you’re nothing by a coward and a crybaby. You aren’t an “American” based on what? Dude you’re welcome to leave any time you like. It is very possible that Venus and Serena were never accepted by “tennis” though the millions in their pockets from advertising would suggest otherwise. It is also possible that your arrogant, racist, bully act helped turn people off to your daughters. As for the rest Mr. Williams seems to have the same shaky grasp on tennis history that he has on English. People think that Chris Evert is “great” because she is one of the true champions of her sport. She helped lay the groundwork for the world you’re living in Dick. Without Chris Evert, V and S wouldn’t be playing for the prize money they are. It just seems odd that someone who pretends to care so much about his daughters would continue to fuck things up for them. Remember Dick, they didn’t boo Serena at Indian Wells because she was black. They booed her because you orchestrated a phony injury for one of your daughters so that the Williams Sisters wouldn’t have to play each other on the road to the finals. People showed up see that match because they appreciated what these women could do on the court and you robbed the paying customers of that. You did that Dick and when they booed, you claimed people attacked you with racial slurs. (Though no one has ever corroborated that story. Odd in a venue that big with so many cameras.) Worse than that, you called the alleged named calling “The worst kind of prejudice since they killed Martin Luther King,” That’s a whole new rant right there. Maybe I’m missing something, but any name, even really, really bad ones (and again, no one heard anything save Dick and his ‘injured’ wink, daughter.) would hardly measure up to that description. Even if we assume that the assassination of Dr. King was a crime of racial prejudice, I think that James Byrd might argue that there have been worse examples of prejudice between that April 4th and your darling daughter being booed at a tennis tournament. Maybe I’m just missing the point. Or maybe, as Mrs. Rog suggests, I’m just paying into Dick’s silly game. It has been a while since Venus and Serena ruled the tennis world. Phantom injuries, fashion lines, bad attitudes and rapidly declining skills have quickly allowed other players to catch and pass the sisters on the court. Perhaps this is just Dick’s way of making sure that we don’t forget about his meal tickets….errrr…offspring.

Eye Candy: Since I just ranted about a huge Dick, how about a huge dick for ultra hot Kendra Kay on See that’s more like it.

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