Black Where You Belong

Black Where You Belong

214 Mins
Evil Angel
STARS: Hillary Scott, Melody Nakai, Andi Anderson, Aline, Tara Lynn Foxx, Shyla Stylez, Rico Strong, Prince Yashua, Tee Reel, Sean Michaels Ice Cold, Jon Jon


This is a DVD that has been in my collection for a while. Somehow I managed not to review it yet. Since I was going over some of the best of 2015 and looking at the crop of stars vying for top honors this movie just sort of screamed to me. It’s a super well done IR/Anal flick with a cast that is pretty tough to beat. From start to finish, this is an outstanding movie. Hilary Scott kicks it off. Right in the middle of her impressive run as porn’s top performer, Hillary plays a therapist who takes on two huge black dicks with all of her holes. She’s a tad this at this point, but still gives us tons of hot eye candy and great energy. I love the way she takes those loads on her face and glasses. Pretty Melody Nakai is up next. She has great curves and proves that she can take big cocks in her booty as well. The first disc ends with my favorite scene. Andi Anderson looks amazing surrounded by stuffed animals as she takes on a pair of monster poles. Her dirty talk is the best ever and this scene gives us some fantastic visuals. It also offers tremendous anal action and reminds us all why we miss Andi so much. This scene is a must-see. The second disc is just as strong as the first. Aline opens disc two. Though not as hot as the rest of the cast, she has great curves, a lot of skills and turns in an outstanding performance. If this is the “weakest” link in this chain, then you know how great it is. Tara Lynn Foxx plays a cookie selling scout who loves chocolate. This cute little thing takes some of the best anal action I have ever seen. She looks better than ever and her ass gets really drilled. The finale is another winner. Shyla Stylez is among the best anal performers porn has ever scene. She breaks out her best to take on two huge monsters. This is another fantastic scene in a great collection. Six scenes, five home runs and a very solid double make this movie wall to wall hot and nasty IR fun. With great scenes from Andi Anderson, Tara Lynn Foxx and Hillary Scott it is easy to see why this is one of my favorite smut flicks ever.

Hillary Scott, Rico Strong & Prince Yashua

Prince and Rico go to see a therapist, Hillary Scott. She is looking super-hot as a brunette here, sporting glasses and as thin as I have ever see her. The guys explain that they have a problem cheating on their wives with white women. They just can’t resist them. Being around Hillary isn’t going to make that problem go away. She looks super-hot in that short skirt and makes it known that she would be happy to have them work out their fantasies about dominating white women on her. Hillary bends over and they kiss her ass, working her panties away to expose her pretty pink pussy. Dropping to her knees, she opens her mouth and lets them fuck her pretty face. Hillary is regarded as one of the best cock suckers in all of porn and she breaks out her best here. It is loud, aggressive and great eye candy. Prince drags her to the couch and puts her on top of his dick. The camera moves in close to capture the strokes that stretch her pussy and make her ass pop out invitingly. She spins around and squats over him while her tits bounce. They get rid of her shoes so she can plant her feet squarely on his thighs and really grind. Fantastic visuals here. They turn her onto her side and work that ass while she keeps sucking. Cleaning Prince off with her mouth, Hillary gets into doggy where he can pop it into her butthole while her mouth keeps busy on Rico’s long rod. Getting back on top, she spreads wide for the awesome RCA shots. With her pussy begging to be fucked, she leans back as Rico puts his dick in there. The action gets really fun when they have her bent over on a desk chair. The guys fuck her ass, spin her around and trade off. At one point, Rico grabs the chair and wheels her back and forth on his long cock. Hillary’s little butt gets seriously worked over in one of the very best anal scenes of her illustrious career. Putting back on her glasses, Hillary kneels and waits for two massive loads of cum to hit her pretty face. She cleans it up with her tongue and scoops the cream onto her tongue savoring every drop. Great opening scene and the fun has only begun.

Melody Nakai, Sean Michaels & Prince Yashua

Fresh faced black babe Melody Nakai is up next. She was painfully underused during her time in XXX and looks super hot here. Taking out her perky, natural breasts, she shows off above the waist before giving us a look at her incredibly inviting backside. Spreading those cheeks, she gets us all in the mood to see her get down and dirty. In come the two guys with matching leopard skin shorts. Melody goes into their pants and pulls out a pair of huge black dicks. She takes one in each hand expertly strokes them while alternating her mouth back and forth on them. Great looking head here as well as some nice camerawork that shows off her body. They stand her up and Sean fucks the pussy from behind while Melody keeps bobbing her head. She shows a lot of energy and we get some really hot ass shots as they pull her on top of Prince. Sean takes her turn behind her, working into her ass for some red-hot DP footage. The DP and anal action is perfectly shot and Melody’s big around ass couldn’t look any finer. Some of the best action comes when they put her on a chair with her legs pushed up over her head for deep anal strokes. They take turns and it’s really hot. Sean pulls out and shoots onto her face. While that load is running down her cheeks Prince adds his to the mix. Another great scene.

Andi Anderson, Rico Strong & Ice Cold

Last up on disc one is the incredibly sexy Andi Anderson. The bubbly blonde bombshell is surrounded by stuffed animals, dressed in a pink outfit with makeup that makes her look a bit like a doll. She tells us that all of her favorite toys are black, including the two huge cocks that are in her hand. Andi’s cute talk is sexy, but that’s nothing compared to the way she works her full lips up and down their throbbing shafts. On her knees, Andi pulls out her perfect tits and keeps on sucking and stroking until those huge cocks are shiny and throbbing. The eye contact with the camera is great and her hand action proves to be quite impressive. Standing up, Andi strokes a big black cock with each hand. She wiggles her ass invitingly as she gets ready to be fucked. The pink fishnet stockings look really cute on her as she bends over and takes on big cock while sucking the other. Her shaved pussy takes a lot of dick as she raises her leg to show off. When she isn’t busy sucking, Andi talks dirty like few in the business ever could. There is some really good footage here as she stretches out on the bed between them, getting fucked in spoon and staring into the camera as she puts those pretty lips all over that big pole. This scene gives us some fantastic images of Ms. Anderson. She puts her feet on his thighs for RC and grinds like he is hitting every hot spot she has. Her gorgeous ass is right in the middle of the shot as the first dick slips between her cheeks for hard anal fun. Face down, ass up she sucks a huge cock while rubbing her clit and getting a whole lot of black dick in her tight butt. The dirty talk continues as she rides Andi looks gorgeous here and fucks with so much energy that it looks as if she might never stop. She keeps looking right into the camera as her pretty butt gets stuffed. To cap off this perfect scene she kneels and begs for their cum on her pretty face. This is one of my favorite scenes ever.

Aline, Tee Reel, Jon Jon & Rico Strong

Starting disc two with a three on one scene we get Aline dressed as a maid. She tells us that her job is to serve big black cocks in all three of her holes. After showing us all three holes, Aline asks if we want to see that. Since her outfit really leaves little to the imagination it isn’t tough for the guys to get their hands on her goodies. Dropping to the floor, she opens her mouth and starts choking on their big dicks. Of all the girls in this movie, Aline is my least favorite, but she has really great energy and oral skills. They bend her right over and smacking her thick ass while fucking her from behind. The smacking continues when she rolls over and the slap her tits while she sucks a pair of pricks. They push her legs back and start fucking that big round ass. The dirty talk continues as they being to work cocks into all three of her holes at once. The DP footage is really hot and I can definitely see the appeal that Aline has for so many fans. There is some really good footage of her sitting on a cock and pushing that ass all the way down to the base. The cumshots are fantastic. Aline gets pinned to the bed with her legs pushed up over her shoulders. The first load hits her face and the next guy moves in to bang her while the cream sits on her mouth. The rest join the mix soon enough. Though this is my least favorite scene in the movie, it is still pretty hot.

Tara Lynn Foxx, Sean Michaels & Rico Strong

Cute Tara Lynn Foxx comes skipping up in her Girl Scout Uniform. OK, it is only vaguely GS in nature. The color is right and she is selling cookies. Beyond that, the clothes are designed to show off her cute body and great ass. Yes, the guys will buy her cookies and yes she loves chocolate. That’s really the whole set up here. Turning her attention to their cocks, the adorable blonde moves her mouth up and down each cock, savoring the flavor all the way. Dropping to her knees, she looks up at them lustily and devours as much meat as her throat can handle. While the guys let her undress, they smack her ass with their big cocks. Tara gets on all fours and leans back to take a long pole into her tight hole. Flipping over, she puts her legs up over her head and takes on right up her ass. The deep strokes have her moaning loudly around the second cock. This is great looking footage with the pretty blonde getting slammed hard enough to make her natural boobs shake as her butt stretched to accommodate her new friends. Her body looks fantastic as she stands and transitions into doggy. That ass is just gorgeous. Tara tells them she wants them both in her at once and gets into position for DP. They slip into her and that leaves her mouth free for fantastic dirty talk. In addition to taking a lot of dick and talking like a filthy slut, Tara does A2M every time the dicks pop out of her. The big finish happens when she holds a chocolate chip cookie under her chin and lets the guys cum all over it. This is another absolutely smoking scene.

Shyla Stylez, Rico Strong & Prince Yashua

Sexy superstars Shyla Stylez rocks a man’s dress shirt and tie over her bra and stockings. She explains that she is very experienced and really needs two huge black cocks to satisfy her. Shyla strips and rolls around on the bed, sticking her big round ass high in the air and being a bit of a bossy bitch as she teases. Prince and Rico come in and the teasing continues. Shyla puts Prince’s belt around his neck like a leash and then kneels between them to get a good look at their impressive poles. As she starts sucking their cocks, Shyla deep throats and teases them about making her cry. She grabs a cock in each hand and rubs the heads together in her mouth. When she is done sucking, she gets on top and works her hips like she can’t wait to feel every inch. They have her on all fours with a big cock in her ass in no time. As always, she works hard enough to start sweating early on in her scene. I think before Lisa Ann became the go-to veteran for blistering size queen/IR scenes, Shyla Stylez was a sure thing. When she does face up DP, the guys bang her really hard and she screams for more. Throughout the action, Shyla sticks her ass out for some lovely shots of that big booty as it gets stretched and fucked. Finishing strong she gets on her knees and lets the first load coat her tongue. While she cleans up the few drops that miss her mouth, Rico jerks off furiously, finally surrendering his seed to her open mouth and pretty face. Shyla closes the movie by sucking out every last drop from both big cocks.

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