Blog: Spitzer’s Private Matter & Journalist Merry Go Round


Blog: 3/14

Politicians & Hookers? Really? Who is writing for who?

Spitzer Nonsense: OK, news flash. Politicians use hookers. Yes it’s true. New York Governor Elliot Spitzer is the just the latest to get in trouble for dipping his wick into some professional poon-tang. I’m not about to hang a guy out to dry for this. After all, I think prostitution should be legal and we shouldn’t be so fucking hung on up on the idea that guys like to fuck beautiful women. Only two things really bother me about the whole thing at this point. First, the massive double standard out there by some people in the media. If Spitzer were a Republican the very same people who are urging us not to jump to conclusions would be slathering tar all over the rail. My other problem is that the Governor spoke to us in his press conference and started by saying he wanted to speak to us about a “private matter.” I’m sorry Elliot, but that isn’t quite right. If you’re having an affair with a Telemundo reporter behind your wife’s back it’s a private matter. If you’re banging an intern, that’s a private matter. If you’re involved in an activity that you know is illegal then that is a very, VERY public matter. I could care less who you’re banging man and I think sex between consenting adults for money SHOULD be a private matter, but it’s not. It is a very public matter, just like sex in a bathroom stall, prescription drug fraud and other things that have caused high profile folks like yourself a whole lot of pain the past. And just in case it isn’t clear, I’m not calling for Spitzer to resign over this. I really don’t think he should be driven out of office for this. On the other hand, this is the same guy ready to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants? That’s something he SHOULD have resigned over. This may end up like putting Capone behind bars for income tax evasion.

Eye Candy: Sexy Kat Young at home in her native Thailand. This cutie now has 3-day trials for her site for just a buck. Give her a look.

Chinese Fire Drill on Porn Web Sites: So Luke Ford used to have a web site with his name on it. Luke sold that site to some people who put Scott Fayner and Taylor Rain in charge. They put their own stamp on that site while Luke took a break. Then Luke comes back with a new site. Both sites run along smoothly for a long time until Luke decides to sell his new site. Someone buys it and now most readers are convinced that Fake Luke is running things and writing as Real Luke. Over at the original Luke site, Scott Fayner is no longer there. He’s off on a site with his name on it and has brought Taylor with him. Interestingly enough Taylor also has a site with her name on it though it has nothing to do with porn journalism. So where does that leave us? With a pair of Luke Ford web sites, neither of which actually features the writings of Luke Ford. It also leaves us wondering who is writing for the original Luke Ford site and the next Luke Ford site. Is there a fake Scott to go along with the fake Luke? And what will Luke call his next site? How about ? Will there be a For some reason I’m getting a flashback to those old Nike commercials. Quick cut editing and tight shots of the faces of people in and around the industry. As the music builds person after person said “I am Luke Ford” “I am Luke Ford” until finally the camera comes to rest on the real Luke Ford who says “It’s got to be the shoes.”

Eye Candy: Because some girls just look better with a little ball batter on their face, Jules Jordan has opened Enjoy.

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