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Blog 2/27

TV Stuff, Nader & Matt Zane

TV Stuff: So the Academy Awards were on Sunday. As usual, I didn’t watch. It was on in the background for a time while I did some work because Mrs. Rog loves it. I know, strange. I love movies. Love everything about them and yet I can’t stand the Oscars. I’m not even entirely sure, but I just despise the whole thing. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t tuning in for the Oscars. This year’s show drew record low audiences. (Read the whole story here.) Certainly the lack of a blockbuster film on the awards slate had a lot to do with it. I actually got to see “There Will be Blood” (Which I HATED initially and still am rather cold on) and “No Country for Old Men” (Which I LOVED) last weekend. Both are “films” rather than “movies” and I can see people turned off big time. Without a movie for most folks to cheer for, this one was doomed from the start. I don’t think Jon Stewart’s attempts to mug his way through the evening did much good either. Sorry, Jon your act is tired. Maybe next year they can get Keith Olbermann to host the event. Frankly I was pissed that they settled the strike in time to “save” the all-day snooze fest. Couldn’t they have just held out a little longer and saved us all? On the other hand, I’m sad to see that NBC has finally pulled the plug on Las Vegas. Yes, I know it’s a cheesy show with mediocre acting, impossible plots and more cleavage than substance. But…it has more cleavage than substance! How can I not mourn the loss of a show with so many hot chicks in one cast? It’s been a fun ride and I’ll miss the crew from the Montecito. At least we can still turn to DVD for the collection. If you haven’t seen it, go back and get Las Vegas – Season One Uncut & Uncensored. But be careful, you might just be hooked.

Eye Candy: From Genesis Magazine, Old school Briana Banks sucking and fucking.

He’s Back: When I worked the polling station earlier this month for the California primary, I was Ralph Nader’s name on the ballot. I was wondering how long it would take him to get back into the race. The man who many feel cost Al Gore the election in 2000 didn’t really register in 2004. Though a number of my liberal friends are already tearing their hair out worrying that Ralph will cost Senator Obama the election in November. I doubt if Nader will have that sort of impact. He certainly won’t get the sort of media coverage. They aren’t about to let him stand in the way of the coronation this time around. Nader could hurt (If the media weren’t going to ignore his candidacy) when the Senator makes his inevitable drift to the center. During the primaries, Obama has sat firmly on the left and blasted away at Hillary from that side. She has been helpless (and surprisingly hapless) in her efforts to defend against that attack. Since she can’t “out-left” him and fears drifting to the right, she has lost everyone in her own party that is at all to the left of her. She’s also lost the sheep vote, but that was inevitable as soon as Obama achieved rock star status. Once Hillary is out of the way, Obama will have to do what Bill Clinton did all those years ago and drift to the center. That is where elections are won in this country. When he does, Nader will begin to treat Obama like Obama has been treating Hillary. A campaign like this from a true-believer like Nader could do one of two things. It could force Obama to stay very close to the shore where he is safe but can’t pick up the votes he needs. Or it could erode some of his far-left support and dull the rock star shine as it did for Gore in 2000. Don’t expect to see Nader covered by the national media though. If they can suppress him, then Obama won’t have to worry about thunder from left. I wonder if the big networks would treat an independent Ron Paul candidacy the same way. Hmmmm. Welcome back Ralph. Good luck getting covered.

Eye Candy: Let’s get back to something that never gets enough coverage, hot porn. Let’s go with a hot white teen taking on a big black cock.

Matt Zane on Excape TV: February 27th (That’s today) is the day Matt Zane and Jandi Lin will appear on the Gary Garver Show. After years on the Howard Stern Show, Gary is ready to ask some tough questions of Matt Zane. The episode airs Wednesday February 27th at 8pm ET on Excape TV. Topics of discussion will include Matt’s latest release “Tattooed & Tight 3” and of course his “world record for longest body suspension.” Also joining Matt on the show is Jandi Lin who appeared in T&T3 as one of the tattooed covered starlets. To watch the episode, go to:

Eye Candy: If you ever watch reality TV and think it would be better with a porn twist, then check Pink Visual and the hot action from their Wife Switch series..

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