Ms. Grey

Ms. Grey

178 Mins
Severe Society
DIRECTOR: Dee Severe & lily Cade
THEMES: BDSM, Lesbian Sex, Spanking, Flogging, Bondage, Cheating
STARS: Lily Cade, Skin Diamond, Ela Darling, Kasey Warner, Dolly Leigh


With the world going all sorts of 50 Shades crazy, it is only natural that XXX films would cash in on that with a whole slew of parodies and Grey-inspired efforts. There are been some good ones and some bad ones. But there has never been one quite like this. First of all, it’s done by a company that knows a thing or two about making good BDSM flicks, Severe Society. That alone adds a solid base of credibility to the action that follows. Ms. Grey also varies from the formula by making the BDSM relationship at the heart of the story take place between two women. Co-director Lily Cade plays the title character, a mysterious billionaire businesswoman with a seriously dark side Newcomer Dolly Leigh plays a young girl who stumbles into Ms. Grey’s web and finds herself on the receiving end of a serious lesbian obsession. Lily and Dolly play their roles perfectly. I can’t say for sure if they are better than the actors in the original since I haven’t made time to see that one. I’m glad I saw this one though. The script is solid and the action is hot. There is a nice blend of BDSM and solid lesbian sex. It covers the fetish-oriented stuff well without limiting its audience. Watching Dolly explore her sexuality under the lovingly cruel hand of Ms. Grey is interesting and erotic. Watching Ela Darling and Skin Diamond work their way into the mix is icing on a really hot cake. If you like lesbian BDSM, then this flick has plenty of action while keeping a mainstream flavor to it. Very nice work all the way around.

Lily Cade & Dolly Leigh

After meeting and being enthralled by Ms. Grey (Lily Cade) young Dolly Leigh can’t help but want to experiment. Though she stops short of a slave contract right out of the gate, she does join the mysterious business tycoon for a torrid tryst in the tub. After getting warmed up with some finger action, Ms. Grey uses a series of Velcro straps in the tub to bind Dolly’s arms and legs and then blindfolds her young plaything. Once secured, Dolly finds her nipples under serious assault from Lily’s fingers, lips, tongue and a nice collection of toys. The teasing and pain is followed by extreme pleasure as Lily slips her head between Dolly’s legs and licks her gently. Within moments, she is screaming loudly with each stroke of Lily’s talented tongue. Turning her new sub around, Lily canes Dolly’s thighs and kisses her ass while reaching around to finger her pussy. Breaking out a dildo she starts working it into her tight little butthole. Dolly is ready to be untied so that she can learn how to use that hungry mouth to please her new mistress. As much as she enjoys this action, Lily ties her pet up and beats her gently across the breasts and stomach. Bound again Dolly finds herself at Lily’s mercy as the experienced woman controls her climax with some intense finger play. When she finally does cum, Dolly collapses in the tub. But guess what, we aren’t done yet. Lily bends her over and gets her off one last time. I don’t think Dolly will ever be the same.

Lily Cade & Dolly Leigh (Spanking)

After rolling her eyes one too many times at Ms. Grey, Dolly is placed of her knees. Lily spanks her naked ass and requires her to count the blows and loudly thank her while waiting for another. Using her expert fingers in addition to swift, stern strokes, Lily makes Dolly scream out in pleasure and torment.

Lily Cade & Dolly Leigh (Leash Training)

Things continue to get interesting for Dolly. Ms. Grey puts a leash on her and leads her around on all fours. This leads to some spanking and other training that further her cements her place as an obedient slave. Lily ties her up and blindfolds her before using her fingers and lips to drive her nuts. A plastic claw, a cat o’ nine tails and other fun toys keep Dolly on edge. Once she is all set up, Lily moves in with fingers and tongue ready to send that wet pussy over the edge. She stays fully dressed as she gets behind Dolly and works her pussy into a frenzy. Bound and helpless, Dolly gets eaten and fingered. She keeps screaming as Lily plays with her nipples and has her completely out of her head. After all that, Lily pulls her strap on cock out of her pants and makes her sexy sub suck on it. The toy play intensifies when Lily rolls her over and goes straight for the ass. As a final round she ties Dolly’s wrists with duct tape and sits on her face until she gets her fill of that hot mouth.

Lily Cade, Dolly Leigh & Casey Warner

Dolly eventually agrees to the contract but not until she works in a few changes. To celebrate, the newly awakened young hottie asks Ms. Grey for a threesome. Her request is granted as Casey Warner joins them for some double sub fun. Lily ties them both up and whips their upturned asses. Finding it more fun to touch them, she drops the flogger and spanks them with her bare hands. Joining them on the bed, she expertly fingers them. The girls are tied together with duct tape so she can easily keep them close at hand. Using the bondage-friendly bed, Lily binds Casey face first to the headboard and lets her new sub lick the pretty brunette from behind. Grabbing the flogger again she rains blows down on Casey’s ass and the exposed slit of her pretty young protégé. When both women turn their attention to their new friend, Casey can barely contain herself. She squeals loudly as Lily works fingers in and out of her and then fucks her with the strap on. There is some great footage as this pretty girl gets rocked by Lily’s expert thrusts. Things are going so well she turns the flogger over to Dolly who whips Casey’s ass while Lily keeps right on fucking her. Chaining Dolly up, the other two women paddle her pretty butt until it’s pink and she is yelping uncontrollably. She gets fucked good and hard by her dome. The finale of this one comes as Lily gets all of the attention from both pretty girls.

Lily Cade & Skin Diamond

As Lily basks in the joy of owning her new sub, she spends some time at a local bar where she is hit on by Skin Diamond. Wrapping her belt around Skin’s neck, Lily leads her around the bar and finds a comfortable seat from which to dish out some sensual punishment. Skin looks incredible bent over Lily’s knee for a spanking. That little ass gets hit with a hand and then the belt before Lily drives her to climax with finger play. Adding some new fun to the mix, Lily spanks Skin’s soles as she continues to work her slit. A perfect sub Skin starts at Lily’s feet and licks her way up to her furry triangle. She serves her mistress well and earns a round of tongue lashing from Lily. In a movie filled with some great girl/girl sex, this scene stands out as the best of a really good bunch. No fun can go unpunished though, as Dolly walks in and catches them. Sub or no sub, she isn’t pleased to see Ms. Grey with another.

Dolly Leigh & Ela Darling

Heartbroken, but still horny, Dolly hits Tinder and lands Ela Darling. They waste little time getting down to the action that Dolly hopes will get her over her breakup. Ela bends her right over her knees and delivers an expert spanking. It does the job and she begs Ela to do it harder. As luck would have it, Ela has some bondage tape in her bag. Dolly is delighted to be bound and touched all over by the pretty stranger. With her legs high in the air, Dolly gets her pretty slips licked and sucked by her new friend. Ela takes off all of her clothes and gets back to eating Dolly while fingering herself. Getting a bit more advanced, she blindfolds Dolly and uses a riding crop on her upturned butt. This is another really good girl on girl scene with nicely shot BDSM elements and performers who clearly love pleasing one another. Ela gets behind her and plays with her breasts, tweaking the nipples while the camera gets in close for this fun. Wanting to return the favor, Dolly spreads Ela’s legs and licks her pretty pussy like a pro. It’s a short change of dynamic though as Ela tapes her again and makes Dolly scream even louder this time around. In the end it appears that Dolly may have found more than just her rebound girl. Romance is in the air to be certain.

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