Blog: Valentine’s Day, Rocket on the Hill & Ready Email


Blog: 2/13

Valentine’s Day, Rocket on the Hill & Reader Email

Valentine’s Day: I hope you’ve all made your dinner reservations and ordered your roses. It’s that time of year again. The favorite day for florists and chocolate makers around the world. (At least in places where they celebrate V-Day.) It’s a Thursday so no big plans around here. We’re dong our celebrating on the weekend with a nice dinner out on Friday. (No reservations at this place, I’m crossing my fingers that everyone doesn’t share my idea that a day late is better than a crowd.) We have tickets to see Wicked on Saturday. No, not WICKED the porn company, Wicked the musical. It will be nice to get out two nights in a row. That’s celebration enough for me. I usually try to do a few couples-friendly reviews right before V-Day, but I’m late. Right now I’m working on a title from Adam & Eve put out by my friend Jamye Waxman. It’s a toy movie and so far it has been quite informative as well as kind of sexy. In the meantime I did review the Japanese Silk Love Rope Handcuff and Blindfold Kit for those of you looking for a little adventure. It’s pretty good, check it out. I hope all of you who are celebrating with someone will take a few moments to appreciate them. We are nothing without those who love us.

Eye Candy: For those of you celebrating alone, imagine Three hot porn babes riding your rocket. That’s cause for celebration.

Speaking of the Rocket: Oh boy, Roger is in Congress today playing a game of he said/he said. Did Brian poke him in the butt? And if so, with what? So Congress has decided to spend yet another day arguing over what baseball player may have taken what chemical. Excuse me Rep Souder (R-IN) I hate to bother you in the middle of this vital line of questioning , but did you know that there is a fucking WAR going on? Yeah, it’s true. While you’re busy trying to decide if grown men should be allowed to stick needles into one another’s buttocks there are grown men and women fighting in the desert who are still not properly armed and outfitted. And Rep Waxman (D-CA) while you are so seriously probing a professional athlete about whether or not he was completely honest about taking Human Growth Hormone, the urgent care clinics and emergency rooms in your home state regularly have a four hour wait just so that sick children can be given antibiotics. I realize that doing something about the massive flood of illegal immigrants who are a primary cause this dangerous burden aren’t nearly as important as the face time you’re getting on ESPN, but maybe, just maybe you could stop being a preening ass-bag long enough to realize that perhaps….just perhaps…your priorities are just a wee bit out of whack. Oh and while I’m at it…Senator Specter, I know that you have a pressing need to know why the NFL destroyed evidence of Coach Belicheat’s taping of opponents. I understand what a serious threat this is to American life and how getting to the bottom of it could very possibly be the most important thing on your plate. On the other hand, there is the small matter of a sluggish economy, rising national debt, terrorism and whether or not Britney fucking Spears gets to keep her damn kids. So how about you if you let the NFL handle cheaters the way they want and get your sorry ass to work making tax relief permanent, cutting wasteful spending and making sure our troops have the equipment they need to finish the job and get home. When you have time of course. I realize that HGH use in baseball and video taping signals in the NFL are far more important issues.

Eye Candy Whew, rant much? I need a break. Enjoy Gina Lynn getting dirty while I go write my Congressman.

New Photo Gallery: OK how about some eye candy from right here on the site. For about a year now, Brandon Iron has been shooting girls in the Rog Rules gear when they show up for and sending them over to us. I’ve got the first few shots up in the Brandon Iron Eye Candy 2008 Gallery. Enjoy the shots. There are more that I will be adding and Brandon is taking more all the time. Thanks Brandon, we love these.

Eye Candy: How about a little Twin Action: Jules Jordan Style.

Reader Email: From the inbox

VanStand Writes

Hey Rog, Happy New Year. I was catching up on your CES Report and read the entry about your meeting with Otto Bauer. (Read Report Here) He’s a really talented director and I was happy to see that also seems like a cool guy in light of the beef you guys had last summer. I have 2 questions. Now that you and Otto have smoothed things over will you be reviewing his new titles? Do you think he was really pissed at you or was that just something stirred up by others on the web? Thank you in advance for your answers and for the CES report.

Thank you for reading the report and for your question. Otto really was very nice and is incredibly passionate about what he does. That made him interesting to talk to. Before I get to your question I just want to state again the we really didn’t have a beef per say. He was fed some bad intell and had his say. I waited until we could talk face to face to find out what he really thought. That was the end of it. Anyway, to your two questions. First, yes the plan is for me to review Otto’s new movies. I was going to interview him in Vegas but that last day was such a damn cluster fuck that it slipped my mind. As for your second point, I think it was a little of both. I believe that he was genuinely upset by the things he was told I said. As I pointed out in the article Otto said “I have no problem with what you said. I have a problem with things that you didn’t say.” He was given some misinformation and was upset about it. So I think he was genuinely angry last summer, but it was clearly over something that wasn’t true. Was someone trying to stir things up? I don’t know and at this point it honestly doesn’t matter. I have no beef with anyone and am just happy to see this misunderstanding all cleared up.

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