Housewives of Lex Steele 2

Housewives of Lex Steele 2
141 Mins
DIRECTOR: Lexington Steele
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cock, Cheating Wives
STARS: Brooklyn Chase, Kaylynn, Lea Lexis, Nikita Von James, Lexington Steele


Lexington Steele stars in another volume where he bangs frustrated wives. He’s a private dick who talks about helping the women catch their men cheating, but ends up just fucking them silly. It’s probably a whole lot easier and certainly more fun for him. It’s a pretty solid movies with a few stand out moments. Brooklyn Chase is always fun. Her big tits looks fantastic bouncing up and down as she takes that massive pole. Who needs a husband when she can get this on the side? My favorite girl in the movie is Kaylynn. She uses her long legs and seductive smile to work out a payment plan with Lex. It includes taking every inch of dick he has to offer. These two always worked really well together and it is perfect to see Lex bang her silly in this comeback scene. Lea Lexis is a hot little performer with a tight body and a very curvy ass. Watching her squat on his pole is a sight that porn fans will absolutely love. Nikita Von James is the last performer in the movie and my least favorite. The workout scenario is nice and there are some sexy highlight moments throughout. Overall this is a good flick if you like watching Lex slam hot wives who love to cheat if it means getting that big dick deep inside of them.

Brooklyn Chase & Lexington Steele

Busty babe Brooklyn Chase calls Lex to help her prove that her husband is cheating on her. As she tells the story, Brooklyn outlines what she is wearing and how she can pay for his services. Waiting for him to come over, she rubs her pussy, sticking her ass high in the air for some great solo and tease fun. Eventually Lex shows up and you know what happens then. They talk a bit about her husband, but Lex wants to start her payment plan with a big double D deposit. Her nipples stiffen quickly as he sucks them. His cock does the same when Brooklyn starts working her lips on his long stick. It looks huge in her hands, but she doesn’t let that slow her down for a second. Spitting on it, she rubs her hands up and down the shaft while working her tongue over the head. He bends her over and she takes it while standing. The heels really help her legs look fantastic as she struggles to take that huge pole. They head over to the couch where she pulls up her dress and fucks him in reverse cowgirl. Bouncing up and down, she is loud and gets her big tits going like crazy. After some nice looking doggy, he flips her over and shoots a big load all over her tummy. Great scene if you like lovely women with big tits getting railed.

Kaylynn & Lexington Steele

Of all the girls in this movie, Kaylynn is the one I was most looking forward to seeing. I have loved watching her for years and she looks fantastic these days. She starts the scene by masturbating before getting a call from Lex. She needs her services and understands that his fees are high. Since she is dressed in a hot little lingerie set, Lex looks her up and down as they discuss terms. Kaylynn is a bit short on cash of course, but has other ways to pay. He likes that idea, especially when she drops to her knees and starts sucking. Ever the size queen, she works both hands and her mouth on that magnificent rod until he is ready to go. He bends her over and enters her. Now she is feeling how big he is and talks a lot about the size while he works his way up to full strokes. The ass shots here are hot. When the camera tries to move under, the lighting is bad though, forcing a change in position. She mounts up and rides, forgetting all about her husband now that she what she needs. Using her long legs to pump him, Kaylynn reminds us all why she has always been so much fun to watch. I love her energy and her long legs which are nicely displayed during this acrobatic romp. Hitting it from behind, Lex gets close and Kaylynn announces that she wants it on her face. He pulls out and gives her exactly what she wants. Great finishing shot and Kaylynn provides the best scene of the movie.

Lea Lexis & Lexington Steele

Used to being in charge, Lea Lexis likes having men worship her body. She plays to the camera, giving us an example of her in dominatrix mode. I love the way she shows off her strong legs and big luscious ass. Lea is built for fun and the serves as really impressive tease footage. Lea demands that the cock be hard before she touches it and gives a serious bit of JOI Lex shows up at the end of her session. Now it’s time for the pro-domme to get serviced in a new way by Lex and his massive tool. He takes out his cock and she squeezes her tits around him to get warmed up. Though she is usually in charge, Lea knows exactly how to behave when faced with this big hard monster. Turning her around, he compliments her on an amazing butt and then slides his rod home. This time the low angels during the standing doggy are let better so we can see some of the fun. Lea is getting a serious dicking and stops to suck his meat clean. For some even more incredible body shots, Lea squats over him and uses her powerful lower body to bounce up and down, taking nearly every inch. Her body really is super fine and the POV shots of Lex fucking her doggy show us just how fine that ass looks. After really pounding her hard, he pulls out and shoots a massive load all the way up her body to her face. Very hot scene mostly because Lea is so much fun to watch.

Nikita Von James & Lexington Steele

Blonde Nikita Von James wants to be in better shape than her husband, probably so that she attract a richer one. Whatever, it gives us the chance to see her stretching in tight shorts and workout clothes. She has quite and ass and big bubble tits that are sure to attract plenty of dudes. Lex shows up with the whole personal trainer angle. This gives him an excuse to put his hands on her and has her worked up in no time. They throw in some dialog about her husband cheating to make it sort of fit with the rest of the action in the movie. Taking out her big tits, she teases his cock and decides that she doesn’t need to get into shape to get even, she can just suck his huge cock at home. The blowjob is all right, but the ass shots from behind are pretty damn special. They get into some tit fucking, taking advantage of those monstrous airbags and giving her jaw a rest. Nikita strips down and bends over some stiff standing doggy where she takes a few inches. The camera goes low as the strokes get longer. Poor lighting hurts a bit, but if you like curvy older Barbies then this body shot will work for you. She gets into reverse cowgirl and puts her feet on his thighs and really does some hot hip rocking. This is my least favorite scene in the movie, but it has a few highlight moments. Lex moves her to the couch and really starts pounding that shaved pussy. Lex hits Nikita’s wide open mouth and massive tits for the finale. Yeah, this one kind of won me over at the end.

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