Rectal Romance

Rectal Romance

201 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Mike Adriano
THEMES: Anal Sex, Rimming, A2M, Tattooed Girls
STARS: Juliette March, Necro Nicki, Vyxen Steele, Fallon West, Tara Lynn Fox, Nikki Sexx,


If you picked this movie up, then you probably already know what you are in for. Mike Adriano loves ass. He loves shooting assholes, loves fucking them, loves having girls lick them. His work takes asshole worship to a new level. With long running times for each scene, it is entirely possible that you might actually overdose on the assholes footage. Of course you can always fast forward to the parts you do like. The cast is a mixed back to be sure. There aren’t a lot of big names in the bunch. In fact, the two biggest stars in the DVD work together in a three-way. The opening scene features a couple of girls who look like they could be sisters. Inked up Necro Nicki and girl next door Juliette March enjoy some serious rectal reaming and share a huge cum-swapping kiss at the end. The scene is a bit flat at times, but features what fans have come to expect. Vyxen Steele is much hotter. She’s a heavily tattooed girl with a really nice ass. Her energy level is fantastic and the scene is definitely worth watching. I liked that scene a lot more than I expected to. Fallon West seems overmatched and not very interested during her scene. I would give that one a pass if I were watching on VOD. The finale is the best of the bunch. Nikki Sexx has always been very underrated and is super-hot here. Tara Lynn Foxx is cute, totally filthy and steals the show. The three-way between these two women is far and away the best of the bunch. Tara Lynn is a perfect anal slut and should not be missed in this gape-heavy ass fest.

Juliette March, Necro Nicki & Mike Adriano

First up are a pair of brunette cam girls, Juliette March and Necro Nicki. They almost look like they could be sisters. Juliette says she has been in porn/camming for almost ten years. She’s twenty six but still looks like she could pass for nineteen. Both girls like sloppy blowjobs and A2M. Nicki is covered with ink and sports a landing strip to Juliette’s totally bald beaver. Otherwise their bodies look almost identical. They get down and start sucking. There are some nice POV shots of both faces pushed together while they alternate on the cock and balls. They do a good job and make sure to give his asshole a lot of attention as well. When they move on to sex, anal is still the key to the fun. Nicki hops on and slams her ass down around his dick while Juliette licks his balls and tries not to get knocked out by the booty in her face. Of course this leaves her in position for A2M as soon as Mike’s dick pops out of Nicki’s properly positioned pooper. There are some nice shots of the girls side by side with their legs up and ready as he moves from one tight ass to the other. He enjoys all of their holes and we actually go about five minutes without someone’s tongue on or inside another person’s butthole. Nicki does a lot of talking in her “little girl” voice. When Mike bends Juliette over, Nicki puts her face near the ass and really starts talking. Her verbalizations never run out, but her saliva does. She spits so much that it ends up almost a drive heave. Her verbal machinations seem about as genuine as a three and a half dollar bill, but at least it takes us away from pained look on Juliette’s face. At some point this just become an exercise in “fun with assholes” and baby talk. As they share a cum-swapping kiss we are left wondering what is appealing about a couple of moderately cute girls going through the ass eating/baby talk motions.

Vyxen Steele

Tattooed blonde Vyxen Steele is quite the anal connoisseur. She says she has had about a hundred dicks up her ass. As she rubs her slit she talks about using her pussy cream to lube her ass for serious anal fun. From her knees she starts doing her best to make sure that her spit is all the lube he needs. Busting out some really big tits she sucks like a hungry little whore and happily gags when his meat hits the back of her throat. Her ball sucking skills are top notch and she makes great eye contact while licking every inch of his junk. There are great close up shots as she eats his ass and then some nice hanging tit shots as well. Throwing her legs back behind her head, she lets him slide his dick right into her tight little asshole. The POV fun at this point is great and her ass seems pretty tight for such an active orifice. I really like the way this girl fucks. She takes it in the ass perfectly, makes good eye contact and never seems to tire of trying new positions. Check out the full screen shots of her ass as she squats down to make him disappear. This is just a great scene that ends with Vyxen on her knees sucking every last drop of cum out of his cock. I wasn’t wild about the opener, but I liked this more than I thought I would.

Fallon West

Brunette babe Fallon West seems a little tense at first. She goes through the basic interview questions, looking cute but seeming a bit reserved. They get her naked pretty quickly as she lowers her pants and bends over to show off her soon to be fucked butt. It is pretty tough for her to still seem shy when she is spreading her cheeks and winking her asshole at the camera. He turns her around and stuffs his cock into her mouth. Fucking that hole doesn’t go super smoothly. She gags and seems to be trying to turn away for a while. He has her rub her clit to get her warmed up while she tries harder to swallow his rod. I suppose the BJ gets better, but the last scene has spoiled me a bit. The rimming is shot similarly with the camera right in close on her eyes while she works her tongue in and out of his asshole. With some lube shot into her ass, Fallon is ready to take cock up there as well. Anal discomfort is not really my thing, nor is anal disinterest. We get a combination of both as he pushes her legs back and bangs her bootyhole. She manages a smile and does A2M without so much as a flinch. Though there are a few good shots here, Fallon doesn’t seem into the action and that is enough for me to lose interest pretty quickly. He cums in her mouth and she cleans it up. This one just didn’t do it for me.

Tara Lynn Foxx & Nikki Sexx

This is the first time working together for Tara Lynn Foxx and Nikki Sex. They look good together on the couch. Then again, Tara looks so fucking good that you can’t go wrong. Pretty little Tara marvels at Nikki’s bit titties. Nikki bends her little friend over and spreads those cheeks until we see Tara’s little bunghole. Mike holds her open so that Nikki has a super easy time sticking her tongue up that ass. When it is time to switch places, Nikki puts her feet up over her head, showing off great flexibility. Mike takes over with a pair of plastic speculums that he uses to open both of their assholes. The girls just hold the pose while their colon is exposed for all to see. To say this falls into the gape fetish category would be an understatement. I am still interested because I like both of these women enough to enjoy anything they do. When it’s time to suck, Tara holds Nikki’s head and helps guide her up and down the shaft. Great close up shots and eye contact. Tara looks totally adorable and is already a totally nasty little slut. Nikki matches and uses her big tits to give him a special treat. The girls get into a deep throat contest with both of them managing to get the tips of their tongues on his balls. Some of the best footage of the movie comes when Mike is holding the camera to get the POV shots of both girls orally servicing his cock and balls. I love the combination of youth and experience here as well as the different body types on these hot girls. Mike pushes Tara’s legs back and fucks her ass. The camera is in close enough to see her ass desperately grip Mike’s shaft as he works in and out of her. Getting creative Mike has Nikki kneel near the action so he can buttfuck Tara and then titfuck Nikki over and over. Moving to Nikki’s ass, he works in and out. Her hole really grips for dear life as he plunges in and out. Some of my favorite moments of the movie come with Tara backing up on his lap, swallowing every inch of dick with her ass. All the while Nikki is close by to give encouragement and A2M when he needs it. When the girls switch places Tara does a great job again and Nikki really tears up the anal action. For the big finish, Nikki puts lipstick around Tara’s ass to make sure Mike hones in on that part of her body. From there he pulls out and feeds Nikki. She doesn’t hog the jizz though, instead sharing it with Tara. This one is hot. Even when it’s super fetishized, it’s just damn hot.

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