Jennas Perfect Pair

Name: Jenna’s Perfect Pair

Manufactured By: Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson Jenna Jameson Perfect Pair

Type of Toy: Replica Breasts

Bottom Line: We’ve seen plenty of fake pussies, but here is something for the boob lovers. Jenna’s perfect pair is the perfect toy for tit fans.

Price: $118.99 at

Size: 9″ high and approximately 10″ wide.

Material: Realistic Rubber (UR3)

Best For: Awesome Tit Fucking.


I recently had the chance to review a replica of Jenna Jameson’s pussy. This time around I get to give another part of her anatomy a try. As one might guess from the name of this product, the Jenna Jameson Perfect Pair from

, is a replica of Ms. Jameson’s rather perfect set of breasts. It is a heavy rubber toy that begins at the ribs and covers pretty much everything from there up to the collarbone. Since I have never held Jenna’s tits in my hands I can’t say for sure if this a life-size model or not. It seems a bit small, but the tits are quite big. Maybe Jenna is just really petite. I’ll have to compare to be sure.

This definitely isn’t a hand held item. It’s got some serious weight to it and needs to be placed on the floor or perhaps a counter top to really be used properly. I found that a counter or table works better than the floor, but more on that later.

Like most of these realistic body part molds, the smell is pretty funky at first. I tried something new with this one. I opened it up, ran it under warm water for a while and then let it dry in the open air. That seemed to take away a lot of that “new sex toy smell.”

The feel of the unit is excellent. It has smooth, soft skin that becomes quite pleasing the touch with a bit of lube applied. The nipples are particularly lifelike and if you want you can stretch those things out quite a bit. (I would not suggest trying this with your partner without asking first.) The breasts are quite firm and require a bit of pushing together to really get the full feel of a good tit fuck. You’re also going to want to use quite a bit of lube because as with all good things, proper lubrication is key. Using the Jenna’s Perfect Pair is pretty easy, though you may want to try different positions and angles to find which one works best for you.

It has been a number of years since I’ve been with someone busty enough for a robust tit fuck and certainly the toy is different than a big set of natural DD’s. Having never actually tit fucked a set of implants (Volunteers anyone) I can’t say how close it is to that experience. I can say that it was a nice feeling overall and probably as close to the real thing anything you can find in a store. Once you find the right position and can get the boobs squeezed together tightly (Another advantage to the real thing, an extra set of hands.) then the action is quite authentic. It’s a very different feel than the replica vaginas and the realistic look of the breasts makes for a stunning visual. (For your own viewing pleasure I have chosen to withhold any shots of the Jenna unit “in use” as it were.)

When the big moment arrives, the Jenna Perfect Pair allows the use full control. One can give Ms. J a big Pearl Necklace or one can spray her rack down with bodily fluids. Either way you get to control it and that’s a nice option to have.

Doc Johnson Jenna Jameson Perfect Pair

Because the boobs require some pushing together, I found it tough to use on the floor. Putting on the desk or the bathroom counter worked much better because it was at the right height to enjoy and left both hands free to fondle Jenna’s boobs and keep them squeezed together for a nice tight fit. As with all of these toys, a good amount of lube really helps so keep some handy.

Clean up on this unit is pretty easy. Baby wipes should do the trick, or you can put it in the shower or in the sink for a quick warm water and soap cleaning. I have been told that thorough clean up is very important though. Apparently these real flesh materials tend to melt if you leave them exposed to lube for prolonged periods of time. So make sure to clean Jenna up when you’re done.

Overall this is a very unique toy with a specific appeal. There are a few hundred replica vaginas out there, but not a lot of the stuff for good tit fucking. This covers that angle perfectly. If you have ever wanted to fuck Jenna’s tits, this is your chance.

As before I am throwing this idea out to Jenna. Now that I have tried the toy, what do you say to the real thing?

Weaknesses: Minor, but it does require two hands free to get the tit fucking action going. Take the time to find the best position and it will work out fine.

Batteries Needed: None

Clean Up: Easy, run some warm water and cleaner over it.

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