Rog’s AEE Journal: Day 3: Lex Steele Announces His Retirment & Hillary Scott Comes on Hard


AEE Report: Day Three: Friday

Lexington Steele, PornBox & Hillary Scott Wants a Cock

It was time for the final full day on the floor and I actually had some stuff scheduled. First up was an interview with Lexington Steele. I have interviewed Lex a number of times, often for better than an hour at a time. This year we kept the running time under control and managed to cover the basics. The big news is that Lex plans to hang it up as a performer at the end of 2008. He is still focused on making Mercenary an even more successful company, but is also working on some outside projects. We are going to see Lex working in Jules Jordan movies in 2008 including at least one scene with Jenna Haze. That’s pretty damn exciting news for porn fans out there. He also spoke a little bit about the late Wanker Wang. Lex didn’t have much to say about Wanker and seems to want to forget the little feud they had. What he did say wasn’t overly complimentary, but we are talking about a guy who once did a whole week of racially charged attack pieces on Lex to entertain the internet world. That is the kind of thing people don’t forget very easily. It did lead us into an interesting discussion about the responsibility the porn industry has to check backgrounds and at least attempt to protect young women from being exposed to those with a history of violence against women. Big issue to be sure. Lex was also big on talking about his new deal with FryeTV. They are new adult movie provider and Mercenary Pictures has signed on with them. It is basically a box that allows you to download movies or scenes and then watch them directly on your TV. It is not unlike what Amazon has with their Unbox (TiVo TCD652160 HD Digital Video Recorder) but it provides you with porn from some of the industry’s top companies. It has a really nice search function that allows you to go several layers deep. If you like Asian girls who take it up the ass from black men in scenes that are outdoors, the box will find and list them for you. It basically combines the ease of internet porn/VOD/Streaming with the quality you get on your TV. I’m taking a long look at this thing. In fact, I think that what they really need is reviews of all the movies they have listed. Reviews of the scenes might help as well. What do you think? Care to help me with a letter writing campaign. These companies really need to provide honest, independent reviews for their customers.

After getting a full demonstration of the FryeTV box, I cruised back over to the Anabolic booth to finish up the interviews. Savana had done a few, but there were more girls to do. This is one of my favorite stops yearly. Everyone at Anabolic is so good to me and the girls are always hot. I got four interviews this time. Alexis Love and Renae Cruz were first. It was like a Latina lust fest. Both of these women are stunning and we had fun with the interviews. Then came the Richard Sisters. Last year I interviewed one half of the Stevens Siters. (Whitney Stevens Interview) and had a good time talking about the fun she had with her sister. (No Britney interview though.) These sisters aren’t actually related though. They are steps with a very interesting story to tell. I interviewed them both, thanked the guys from Anabolic and set out to conquer the crowds gathering around the Jules Jordan Video booth.

I had some business to attend to in Jules’ booth. There were Fan Fave trophies to pass out. Jules won for Best Director and Best Company so I had to track him down to pass out those. I also had a pair for Jenna. She was named Best Female Performer and Best Movie for Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze. I have no idea what happened, but the pictures I took of Jenna are somehow missing. Odd. At any rate I was able to catch up with Jenna a bit. It was another crazy year for her and she vowed to win a third Fan Fave trophy next year. That would make her the only three-time winner. While I was in the booth, I grabbed Gianna for a quick interview. After our first meeting the previous day I felt a little more comfortable with her. Gianna is one of those women who just seems totally comfortable and at home no matter what. She was surrounded by chaos in the booth and still friendly, focused and able to give me a great interview in spite of her obvious mad monkey lust for me. (Yep, start the rumors of a secret POV scene.)

From there I headed over to the Sex Z booth. It was time to finally get down to business with Hillary Scott. Last year she told me that I really needed to experience one of her loud, gagging blowjobs in order to appreciate them. This year when Hillary heard that Erik Everhard was going to do an interview while fucking a fan girl, she decided that I should have to interview her while she sucked my dick. Why not right? So I found her at her booth in dire need of a break. We found a comfortable couch and started the interview. Hillary expressed disappointment that we weren’t doing the blowjob interview and I reminded her that I was considerably more disappointed than she, but also unwilling to whip out my dick in a place that would get us both arrested. I wouldn’t call it my greatest interview ever. Hillary was tired and more in the mood to have me play with her tits than actually talk. Yeah, sometimes the job I have really doesn’t suck. Speaking of, did we? Well she did admit that it would be tough to actually blow me right there in the booth, but gave me her number for a continuation of the interview later. I’m not sure if anyone saw, but she did manage to keep her hands busy in a way had me more than ready to find out just how good that award winning mouth really is. Stay tuned.

What I really needed after that was a long cold shower, but instead I headed over to the Teravision booth to see what I could get in the way of interviews. I was hoping to get my first interview with Tera Patrick since Our lunch in 2000. She has been very busy since then with her own company, her line of lingerie and the huge re-launch of Unfortunately Tera was busy with interviews and a packed schedule. My dear friend April Storm was able to squeeze me in for some time with Charmane Star though. She’s a beautiful woman I’ve always wanted to interview so it certainly wasn’t a let down in any way. When you look at Charmane and see how fresh she is it it’s hard to believe she has been in the business for so long. I just hope she sticks around for a while because she still puts on a great show. After Charmane I stuck around for a bit hoping to get Tera or perhaps Teri Weigel, but there was such a rush around the booth thanks to Tera and Dave Navarro that I went ahead and moved on.

The day was winding down rather quickly and I spotted my new friend Moxxie Maddon over in the Ninn Worx booth. After our hilarious initial non-meet I had been texting her to let her know that I was going to track her down. I finally did and she agreed to do an interview. I leaned a lot about Moxxie during the interview including the fact that she doesn’t wear panties. That’s always a good thing. We had a great conversation. If you haven’t seen Moxxie in movies, give her a look. She has a distinct look, but is pure fucking heat when it comes to her sex scenes. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of scene she does, she brings it. The interesting thing is that you have to actually meet Moxxie or at least talk with her for a while to truly appreciate her. She’s smart, she’s funny and she’s sexy. I just hope I was able to capture some of that for you guys in the interview because it would be a shame if I dropped the ball on this one.

My post-show plans centered around a dinner at Morton’s hosted by Harmony. I didn’t have a date, but I’m not about to pass up a great steak, the chance to mingle with my peers, great steak, a chance to meet Gazzman and did I mention, great steak? I sat at a table with Adam from and Playboy Radio. We always have plenty to talk about and I probably ignored too many people at the dinner. The food was great and we got to meet Gazzman and the guys from Harmony. I had just recently reviewed their latest The Initiation of Nikki Jayne and really enjoyed it. They have some big things planned and we will be watching closely.

After the dinner, most of my other media friends took off to various parties. I just wasn’t really in the mood for that so I decided to join some friends downtown for a bit of the old Vegas experience. With all the cabs gone, I hopped in a limo for the ride. There is something a little creepy and depressing about riding in a big limo alone. I quickly sent a text message to Hillary. After all, a limo would be the prefect place for that special interview.

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