Rog’s AEE Journal: Thursday Night: Dana DeArmond is Awesome & I Meet Eon McKai

Rog’s AEE Blog: Thursday Night

After Hours, ADT Dinner & Dana DeArmond

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A long and challenging day on the floor was about to turn into an interesting evening. The ADT Party is always a highlight of the show for me. It is a great chance to catch up with people, meet people to put faces to screen names and just have a good time. After grabbing a quick bite with Savana and her friends, I headed over the Grand Luxe Café where the dinner/gathering was being held. It was a little harder to talk with everyone in a place like that, but people seemed to be getting along just fine. I found a seat along the back. Ivan was sitting back there with some women and that seemed like a pretty good place to be.
Also sitting back there was a woman I have wanted to meet for a while. Dana DeArmond and I have exchanged emails for a while. (Naturally, she owns the internet or invented it or perfected it or something along those lines.) Dana is a big alt-porn star and we have had a number of discussions about that genre. As one might imagine, we have butted heads from time to time as you might expect given our vastly different opinions on alt-porn in general. Our emails have been occasionally chilly as such communication often is. In person, she is about the least chilly person you could ever meet. Dana was funny, friendly and well on her way to capturing most of the attention at that end of the room. I was sitting back there with columnist Rebecca Anderson who was looking to interview Dana just as I was. We all waited around for a while, having drinks and discussing where we could best do the interview. Last year I tried doing a couple of interviews at the ADT party and they just didn’t work. Come on, who is going to let a gorgeous woman sit around talking to a troll with a record for fifteen minutes without interrupting? Dana invited Rebecca and I up to her room so she could have some tea and we could get the best interview possible.
We talked for a while and I got to catch up with a few folks from ADT including Mr. Blue Lou Boyle who I think I got to say hi to for about two seconds. See, I really like the relaxed party environment because I can have a few drinks, slowly mingle until I’m comfortable or just stand in the corner like Bryan Xin if I want to. Sorry to anyone I didn’t get to say hi to, but Dana was ready for tea and an interview and who am I to make the Queen of the Internet wait?

Upstairs in the room, Rebecca did the first interview while I sat on the couch and watched. Dana was in her element, covering a lot of the things that are right up Rebecca alley. Apparently alt-porn isn’t all Dana is into. She has a rather extensive body of work in the bondage field as well. As I watched these two work it struck me that Dana is a whole lot more comfortable than you might thing at times like these. I also noticed that Rebecca does her interviews the old fashioned way. No recorder for her, she takes copious notes. It also struck me that Dana and Rebecca had a lot in common and hit it off well. Perhaps if I wasn’t sitting there staring, things might have been a whole lot more fun. Why is it that women all seem to have more fun when I’m not around?

It was finally my turn and I knew I was in for a good interview. Dana always speaks her mind and has been very clear in her disagreement with my take on alt-porn. I let her let me have it a bit and I think that she offered a different perspective. Even if I don’t agree with everything she has to say, I appreciate the passion she has for her work. I understand that the audience for alt-porn is out there and every one of them should be very proud of the way Dana conducts herself. She is a beautiful woman who gives great sex scenes and is both smart and strong enough to stand up to criticism without falling into the usual traps we see in this business. (Plus, she just so fucking hot.) Listen to the interview when it’s up and see what you think. (Be prepared to laugh at her great line. “I’m so pretty….for a tranny.” Maybe you had to be there.) I was really enjoying what turned out to be the longest interview of this year’s trip to Vegas, but things got weird at the end. What follows is my first meeting with alt-porn King Eon McKai.

I honestly don’t want to make any more of this than there is. I’m going to tell the story without adding any real thoughts as to why what happened happened. Dana says that Eon had no idea who I was and let’s just assume that she’s being as honest and forthright as I believe her to be.

So near the end of my interview with Dana, a small group of people entered the suite. I recognized Eon McKai, but the whole group stayed away from us so as not to interrupt the interview. When we finished, Rebecca and I got up to leave. Dana asked Eon if she could give me a copy of “Role Modeling” to review. He nodded and she gave me a DVD. (Review coming this week.) She then suggested that he and I pose for a picture pretending to strangle each other. I laughed and agreed. Eon shook his said and said simply. “No.” No problem there. I understand why he might not have been in a joking mood. Whether he knew who I was or not, that might not be the image he wants out there. Cool.

I walked over to the bed where he was lying down and held out my hand. He extended his as well and we shook. I said “It’s nice to meet you.”

Eon replied “I’m sorry I confuse you.”

Not sure what to make of that I smiled and backed away. It was time to go. I thanked Dana for the interview, repeated that it was nice to meet Eon. As I turned to leave he said. You may not like my stuff, but there is an army out there that loves it.”

I stopped and replied “That is what is great about this business. There is something out there for everyone.”

That was it. Rebecca and I left. I am not going to speculate beyond that. I don’t know if Eon really knows who I am and was being cold because he thinks I’m an asshole. He wouldn’t be the first to hold that view. I don’t know if he didn’t care who I was and just wanted us out of his suite. Can’t blame him for that. If he didn’t know who I was when we shook hands, then his greeting seems odd. It appears that he knew who I was by that time at least. If not, then one might wonder if he greets everyone with that cryptic “I’m sorry I confuse you” thing. Hell, for all I know it might be part of the Eon mystique. At any rate, that’s it. I’m not slamming him, I’m not saying a thing about him. We have met. I had hoped that we might do an interview because I am certain he has a lot to say and I would love to get a different perspective on the alt-porn movement. That door will always be open should he either change his mind about me or eventually figure out who I am.

Hopefully that puts an end to that. I’m not upset and I don’t think Eon is either. I guess that doesn’t make for great headlines, but it’s what happened. Anything else is just reading between the lines. (Which any of you are welcome to do.)

Oh and I have to say that had I not been there to interview Dana right after Rebbecca was done I think the two ladies might have made a love connection. Or at the very least a a very meaningful few hours of hot monkey lust.

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