Rog’s AEE Journal: Day 1 Digital Playground, Savana Meets Aurora & Moxxie Doesn’t Meet Rog


AEE 2008: Report Part 2

Day One: Digital Playground, A Star Is Born & E is For Eva

In past years I have always tried to pick up my badge the day before the show. It saves time and helps me hit the floor at full speed. This year I had to get it on the first day. Luckily the press room wasn’t crowded so I was able to pick up my badge rather quickly. I ran into Dave Michaels from We’ve been friends for just about as long as I’ve been in the business and it’s always nice to catch up. Dave was helping man the PAW booth and shooting video interviews on the floor. One of these days we’re actually going to have to team up to work on some projects together. We say that every year.

It has become a bit of a tradition for me to hit the Digital Playground booth first. Not just to stalk the mother of my future children, Shay Jordan, though that is never a bad idea. Adella runs her booth like no one else. On a floor where chaos reigns it is possible to get the whole DP family in one shot. That’s a pretty cool thing, especially for someone who always has too many places to be and too few hours in the day. First up was Joone and naturally the main topic of conversation was the upcoming Pirates 2. How does one top the most successful adult movie of all times? By making it bigger and better apparently. Though Joone was tight lipped about who would be back and who wouldn’t, we did later find out that Janine will be making an appearance. (I wonder who got that out of him. He wasn’t giving it up to me.) One of the highlights of the interview was Joone’s assertion that he sees an early demise for the HD-DVD format. Apparently now that the Sony roadblocks have been removed, Blu-Ray is the way to go. Guess I need to add a Blu-Ray player to my shopping list. (Anyone know if this one is any good?
Blu-ray Disc Player BDP-S300

After Joone things got much easier on the eyes. Shay popped down into the chair and as usual I completely forgot how to speak. I did give a passing thought to the fact that Savana would be upset that she missed the chance to sit this close to Shay. Last year, Digital Playground’s new girl stole my heart and was easily The Next Big Thing. 2007 was a great year for Shay. She became one of porn’s best performers and spend significant time behind the camera as well. While a lot of porn chicks slap their names on box covers as directors, Shay actually did some serious work as a BTS shooter. Her skills behind the camera have not been lost on porn fans or critics. Shortly after our interview Dan from gave her the award for Best BTS. Frankly I think she probably should have won the AVN Awards for Best Starlet, but it was not to be. We all know how hot she is though and if you haven’t yet discovered Shay, please do. As her interview will show, she is still the same girl we fell in love with last year. Only now she’s even hotter in her scenes. 2008 might be the year she joins the best in the biz at the top of her craft.

Next up was Digital Playground’s new girl Stoya. From her home made, ultra-hot outfit to her “I love to hurt people” sound byte she made quite an impression. Yes folks, this contract girl is hot, cute, aggressive and up for anything. Yeah, even the booty. DP is in need of a girl who can get nasty in the back door and they seem to have found it. I’ll work on getting this interview up quickly because I think everyone is going to want to get to know Stoya quickly. (You can check her out in Jack’s POV 9) I think it’s pretty safe to assume that this bad girl might be a bad pirate in P2.

From new girl to new girl, I got to sit down with Adrianna Lynn next. The newest DP Girl is another stunner with a great look. She’s all inked up and looks like a cartoon character with those great big boobs and “kick your ass” look. We talked a bit about how she has been mistaken for Shay in photos and played a game of “guess my ethnicity.” Before you listen to the interview, take a guess. We’ll have to wait a bit to see what she can do, but Adrianna has already impressed her co-stars. Apparently she’s very good with her tongue. I tried to find out for myself, but no luck just yet.

Taking a break from the porn girls, I sat down with Samantha Lewis for the first time. I’ve known Sam for a few years, but we’ve never done an interview. She agreed with Joone that Blu-Ray is the way to go and looked forward to the surprises in store for us with Pirates 2. It was good to get an overview of the history of Digital Playground and to discuss with Sam exactly how they choose their contract girls.

Though I heard he was going to cancel the interview after not winning Best Director, Robby D agreed to sit down with me anyway. 2007 was a great year for Robby. He kept pumping out hot movies for Digital Playground and branched out with his own Hand Held Pictures titles. Putting more of himself into the HH stuff, Robby has added a gonzo edge to his work that is quickly catching on with the fans. As usual, he had a lot to say about the state of the industry and has plenty of words of praise for the very best shooters in the biz. We renewed an annual tradition when Robby offered Stoya’s mouth in exchange for Mike John’s trophy. The spunky new contract girl was down and ready in a little room at the back of the booth, but someone put the brakes on it. (Sorry Mike, but I’m sure you wouldn’t hold it against me, right?)

After a quick interview with Katsuni, it was time to finish off with Jesse Jane. I’ve interviewed her so many times that I felt it was the perfect time to bring Savana Switzer into the mix. She has been reviewing toys for a few years and I wanted to put her into the ring with someone who never fails to give a great interview. Let’s face it, I was also hoping to see sparks fly between the two of them. Before I let Savana sit in, I made sure that Jesse once again confirmed her mounting debt to me. It now stands at four blowjobs and I have to say that Stoya very nearly passed her in terms of payments. Come on Jesse, you don’t want to let the new girl outdo you, right? While I was busy with Jesse, Robby was apparently expressing doubt about the home-grown status of Savana’s breasts. (She insists that they are for real.) In fact, her boobs were the subject of conversation when Savana and I swapped chat partners. It wasn’t too bad watching the two of them together, but how can you go wrong watching Jesse and Savana getting that close to one another.

Another year, another half dozen interviews in the Digital Playground booth. To sum up, HD-DVD will be buried by Blu-Ray, Janine will be only one of the big surprises in Pirates 2, Shay Jordan will one day give birth to my children, Stoya likes to hurt people but was willing to blow me if that’s what it takes, Adrianna Lynn is NOT Asian, Jesse Jane owes me blowjobs and Robby D still doesn’t believe that Savana’s rack is natural.

Once Savana was warmed up I figured she might be ready to finally meet her biggest porn crush. No, not Erik Everhard or even Randy Spears. Our little pornalist is completely and totally in lust with none other than Aurora Snow. It’s always been fun for me to watch fans react to their favorite porn stars. Some are shy, others babble and some get grabbier than an interior lineman. Savana was a little of all three. Face to face with the woman of her sticky dreams, she was just nervous enough to be painfully sexy. When she got weak in the knees, she pulled a move that only works for girls. She leaned on Aurora for support. The Anabolic booth was too busy for an interview and it probably a good thing. I’m not sure that Savana could have managed anything more than “do me” at that point. Not that anyone would have objected to seeing that I’m sure.

After scheduling some interviews for early the next morning, Savana and I made the rounds a bit. I was at the Jules Jordan Video booth talking to Jenna Haze about her Fan Faves wins when I ran into my good friend Monstar. He’s got a number of great women these days and wanted to set me up for interviews right away. First on the list was Eva Angelina who was happy to talk about her new projects. Following the success of last year’s G For Gianna director Jonni Darkko is set to release “E for Eva.” Fans will get to see Eva in a movie like never before. I believe it’s out this week so I will review it soon. We had a really good interview going, but right in the middle of it I was assaulted. OK, while the event could technically be termed an “assault” I would hardly complain about having Hillary Scott reach around and grab my unit. To call that a welcome distraction would be a major understatement. To her credit, Eva kept me on task even as Hilary tried to give me a preview of that blowjob interview we had scheduled for later in the show.

I don’t know if Monstar knew it or not, but after Eva, he put face to face with one of my favorite girls. Gianna Lynn is great on screen, but I have to tell you she is even hotter in person. Seriously, it’s stunning how hot she is. Since she wasn’t in a booth we stood off to the side and did an interview. Savana was kind enough to snap some pictures, but unfortunately got my ugly ass in there with her. I’m truly sorry about that. I really do need to work on getting more pictures every time I go. Next year I will make a concerted effort to improve the photographic output of my endeavors. Not having a shot of Gianna Lynn by herself is just criminal and I sincerely apologize. Hopefully she will take the t shirts I gave her and put them to good use.

The final interview of the day was with former Hustler contract girl Memphis Monroe. She was over at the Pink Visual booth taking a short break from her autograph line. The formerly naturally busted beauty has recently altered her looks including a new set of bolt on boobies. We were right in the middle of a discussion of who she enjoys fucking the most when along comes Erik Everhard. Imagine that. She’s just talking about how much she loves his dick and here he comes. I think Erik just has some sixth sense that allows him to know when someone is talking about his package.

One of the missed highlights of the day was my initial contact with Moxxie Maddron. I have been talking with this awesome lady for over a year and a half through MySpace. She designed a cool banner for my space, took some Rog Rule T Shirt pictures and has proven to be a great friend and contact even when we aren’t talking business. (A very rare thing I have to say.) I was looking forward to finally meeting her face to face after the many great conversations we have had. So I’m on the floor talking with a couple of industry friends. Out of the corner of my eye I spot Moxxie approaching. We have never met, but she has a distinct look so I know right away that it’s her. She stands not two feet away from me and starts talking to the woman next to me. They have a short conversation and Moxxie never really looks at me. She if off again before I can say hi. Now I have to say this really clearly because some people misunderstood when I published the little note version of the encounter. I was not even slightly upset over the meeting. The floor is a crazy place, everyone is rushing around and she wasn’t expecting to run into me. I just filed it away and decided to tease her about it mercilessly for the rest of the show. In fact I will probably give her crap about it for as long as we are friends, but the encounter didn’t cause me a moment’s pause. Moxxie is a wonderful woman, a great friend and she’s sexy as hell. (And as nice a person as you will ever meet in this business, assuming of course she actually notices you.)

That was all the time we had on the floor for Wednesday so it was time to head for the door and prepare for a night on the town.

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