Savana Switzer’s AEE Blog: Part 2


Savana Switzer AEE Blog: Part Two

AVN Day 2: Aurora Snow, My Date with Chris Alexander and An Inadvertent Revelation of a Past Career

The second day of the AEE started off on a rough note. That is to say, thanks to a small glitch in the scheduling, I not only arrived on the floor late, but I missed out on interviewing one of my other big porn crushes, Shay Jordan. Having only been introduced to Shay the night before, it seemed inappropriate to lament the missed opportunity as an ending point of my life, but given that there had been a discussion of one or both of us being topless, I can honestly say it’s one of my biggest disappointments.
But, to cheer me up, Rog arranged for me to interview Aurora Snow. Although I didn’t manage to nearly break my computer the way I did when I was getting ready to interview Jesse, it didn’t stop me from feeling the same kind of crawl of nerves I felt the first time I walked across the stage at the old strip club I used to work at. After all, this is Aurora Snow, the pinnacle of all my porn adulation and the source of my not-so-latent bisexual tendencies. And in a strange way, given the mutual affinity Rog and I both have her, I sort of owe her my career as a pournalist.
So, I got to play sloppy seconds (hey, it’s Aurora–if I didn’t get anything until sloppy sixths, that’s fine by me!) in the interview chain and hear her thoughts on porn as a career move for newcomers, why the Internet is destroying intimacy and the possibility of launching a new POV line with Rog and myself as frequent guest-stars. I’ll tell you this much: if I didn’t already madly lust after her before (courtesy of my favorite DVD ‘Aurora Snow’s Perverted Tales,’ and the clever move of the delicious Jay Ashley to arrange for a picture of a mutual grope-fest) she definitely saw to it that I left the Anabolic booth underneath her spell.
Speaking of Anabolic, talk about promising! I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Alexis Love and Missy Stone, who’s about as cool as any porn chick can get. Actually, she’s the type of girl you fall in love with–in that backwards, ‘I’m-going-to-steal-your-Harley-and-you’ll-love-my-blue-eyes-from-the-dirt’ kind of way. No, I’m kidding. She did, however, prove to be one of the most authentic women in the business, and I wish I had asked her for her contact information. Missy, if you read this, get in touch! You really impressed me, not only in your interview but with what you revealed before it. You’re an amazing woman and if I had to pick someone for the Next Big Thing, you’d be my nomination. And not just because Chris told you to talk to me, either.

Now we get to the really interesting part. As much as I enjoyed meeting Aurora, Missy and Alexis, Anabolic Prez Chris Alexander holds a special place in my heart. He may have told those around us that I was sweeping him off his feet, but the person who left the booth after our conversation completely smitten was me. Chris Alexander is, simply put, enchanting, and the type of person every male in the business should strive to be more like. Two very memorable, lingering conversations later, and I’m still kicking myself that there just wasn’t more time made available during AEE. Here’s to next year. And Chris? You still owe me a dinner without business interference.
Also worth mentioning, in regards to future promises for next year: Robby D asked me to bring him some naked pictures of myself from a high angle that would accentuate my breasts. Mostly, his demand for pictures arises from his fundamental refusal to believe that my breasts are, in fact, 100 percent real and natural, even despite coping a quick feel for himself. Tease that I am, I completely failed to deliver the goods. It wasn’t personal, as the truth is, I was waiting for Aurora to OK the launch of our own POV line and figured I would just let Robby have the first directorial go.
Gadget Girl favorite: Cheers to a toy designed to take the guessing out of sex, the Sasi, courtesy of manufacturers Babeland. According to the literature, the Sasi is a voice-activated vibrator with memory capability and the sleek finish of an iPod. If that’s true, the Sasi will prove to be an ideal addition to any gadget girl’s boudoir. I’m absolutely intrigued by the concept, but haven’t had a chance to check it out for myself. Yet there’s also a part of me that thinks in a world where our vibrators can now understand us, maybe it’s time to slow down on just how intelligent we really want our machines to be.
Still, jeers to the inaccessibility of the AEE. Unfortunately, my awesome experiences almost didn’t take place. Somehow or another, my name badge fell off of the lanyard around my neck. I still had on the camo-green wristband and when I returned to the press booth, the woman who had checked me in the day before even greeted me by name. Still, the convention heads were absolutely insistent that they could not replace my name badge and I would have to buy a trade or fan ticket, which would keep me out of the interview booths. Fortunately, a badge was recovered–but not without inducing some stress on myself, Rog, and Adella from Digital Playground. Special thanks to Naughty Mikayla for her help in resolving the situation. Seriously, AEE, I think we all understand the importance of cutting down on forgeries and certainly it goes without saying that there were people trying to take advantage of the situation, but remember that critics and pournalists and other members of the press play a vital role in your success as well. Two thumbs way down on that one.

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