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by Cindi Loftus
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I made my rounds on the phone to hear all the rumors, gossip and stories running around the convention floor today. It’s the first day of the AEE convention in Vegas, and it’s trade only. ( Which means only in the biz people, no fans)


KSEX SOLD ! has been purchased by Steven Brown, owner of Vavoom. They are setting up meetings with all the PJ’s that work there, and some other stars that they would like to be PJ’s. Former owner Jon Belinke will remain a silent minority shareholder. Joe Brandi, previous part owner & publicist left on bad terms with Belinke and says he took all the advertisers with him. Brandi says he will be starting his own internet station.


Several fans were on the floor today with trade badges although their only link to the industry was spending lots of money in strip clubs. Wonder who gave them the badges…

Jenna is not at the convention this year because Playboy didn’t want to pay for the CJ booth. They are not investing any more money in ClubJenna until they see some return on their investment.

Heidi Pike Johnson, former AVN writer, former porn movie director, was out in Chicago trying to get a job for herself and her boyfriend managing a porn store by being pushy with an adult video store owner. She didn’t get the job.



Ace Cartier chimes in with a quick IM-“I guess you could say I’m in love with Texas, Alexis Texas that is. Maybe mention that I met Annette Schwarz for the 1st time standing up and wow that’s a tall drink of european water. And Mary Carey is back at the Venetian after her ban a few years ago.”

Rog tells me that he is getting ready to go out to dinner with Jeff from IAFD. “We are going to Paris.”
C-That’s a long flight from Vegas isn’t it?
R- It is. But we are going to have a great time. Going to see the Eiffel tower and everything and have some escargot.
C-Maybe meet some french girls?
R-Ewww no. French girls don’t shave. We will probably fly across the pond and meet some British girls.
C- So what did you do today at the convention?
R- I spent the day at the Digital Playground Booth. They lined up seven girls in a row, I’m going to stay all day and interview them. I like going into any booth where I can say bring me women and they do!
C- Don’t you wish it was that way in real life?
R- If it was like real life I would do it everyday. In a way it was like real life because I see a whole lot of women who won’t have sex with me. So the end result is the same. I got to meet new contract girl Stoya who is a very dirty girl.
C-How do you know?
R- Ok, she claims to be a very dirty girl, but she has the game to back it up. Her fantasy scene is to have a man in clown makeup and then someone take one of those big enema syringes and fill it with whip cream and insert that into her so she can do a cream pie in the face on clown boy.
C- So shoved up her ass?
R- Yes an anal whip cream pie into the face of a guy in a clown suit. She also said she likes to hurt people. We may have a true freak on our hands. I was actually thinking that someone should bring Brother Love over for a scene with her because he likes to have his balls punched. Stoya found that rather intriguing. She could do some speed bag on his testicles.
C-What other girls did you see walking around?
R-Jenna Haze looked amazing and Gianna Michaels looked absolutely gorgeous. I saw Aurora Snow around and looking good. There is still no word on that secret POV scene that Aurora and I allegedly shot together. (Skeeter Kerkove put that story out on a gossip site)
C-Oh, I thought you would have that out on DVD by now, but maybe you are waiting to announce it until the awards.
R- We may just shoot one here instead so that we make Skeeter correct. I did not see Skeeter here today, nor did I see a Robert Hill booth. Although I would love to interview him.
C- Interview him ? or beat him up?
R- I don’t beat people up. He’s a big bad mean thug…..
C- We can get Stoya to beat him up!
R- Stoya might try and beat him up. Skeeter says there is a URL where this POV is showing Aurora having sex with me. I don’t remember having sex with her, so I should at least get to see it!
C- You should at least get to see it, because I guess you were so drunk you don’t remember having sex with her.
R- Apparently I was. I can understand HER not remembering or totally WANTING to forget it. But why on earth would I want to forget that moment? Unless it was really bad.
C-Maybe you couldn’t get it up..
R- Or maybe it was over so quickly perhaps that I would get humiliated.
C- You are very funny today.
R- I am trying to be. Is it working?
C- Yes! So what else?
R- I did see Bree Olson, she looks beautiful.

C-So what did you do today at the convention?
B-I walked around and interviewed all the contract girls first.
C-Who stood out?
B- Stoya, because she is a personal friend. We go to the movies and stuff. She was wearing electrical tape.
C- Nice outfit!
B- We went to the Evil Angel booth and talked to Johns Stagliano and Trisha Deveroux and the biggest thing of their year was the win in the piracy case. Of course just because they won the case doesn’t mean they received any money and it cost them a million dollars to fight it. They are good people and it was for the principal of it.
C- What else happened?
B-The biggest hubbub on the floor, that everybody rushed over to see was all the Ninnworx got dressed up in their “The Four” outfits with helmets and swords and spears and shields and they came out on the Spearmint Rhino stage and posed for a half hour.
C- I bet you got a good picture of that you can send me.
B- We’ll do that. The biggest surprise on the floor was the cool booth and hot girls of Abby Winter. They are the natural English girls. The booth was like grass and all the girls were laying around in it. THe girls were very friendly. THey were excited to be there.
C- How many times did you get grabbed to day?
B- Ass grabbed by hot chicks lets go for four, penis grabbing was only two and good kisses was a lot from old friends I haven’t seen in a while.
C- So about what time should you be drunk by? Because I want to call you then.
B- (cracks-up) I’d say about midnight-ish.
C- Well I might have to wait until the weekend to get you on the phone drunk, because that would be 3am here. But I have to do that because then you will talk dirty to me.

C- Hi my love. How was your first day at the convention.
W- Oh was that today? I didn’t go.
C- It’s trade only day.
W- Oh, I was planning on the fan days only. I was just getting ready to shoot some video.
C- Oh, okay. You know what is really funny. I was on my MySpace today and I went to Chris Cannon’s page, and you are on the top of his friends. So here is Chris, this big macho straight porn star and on the top of his friends is a picture of you naked.
W- That’s funny. He sent me a message that said Hey Bro I missed you and not in a Christian sort of a way.
C- So are you coming down to see me? Are there any more football games?
W- No the Miami Dolphins are so bad this year that I’m glad there is no more games.
C- So what are you working on?
W- I have something in the works, but I can’t talk about it yet. The minute I can, you’ll be involved. I have to have all my ducks in a row first.
C- Okay, I want to be one of your ducks.
W- Sounds good sweetie. It’s nice to hear your voice. I’ve missed you and we’ll talk in the morning.
C- Well you won’t talk to me in the MORNING, but I’ll take to you tomorrow. Love you. Bye Baby.

C- How was your day today?
Sherry- We had a pretty kickin’ booth at NinnWorx. We had all five contract girls here. As you heard, all the girls posed in their costumes. They are going to be doing that every afternoon. When they came out we had a freaking stampede. We also previewed the movie trailer for “The Four”
C- But there are five contract girls.
Sherry- They are all in the movie. The four new ones are the soldiers and Jana is an Oracle.
C- What was Jay up to today?
J- I was at the Sunset Booth/ Joy Hollywood in the B2B section. Sunset is known for gothic movies. And Joy Hollywood have the coolest products out. They are made of Elastomer, which is a medical grade product that has no smell, no taste, no dyes. They have some very gorgeous dildos at the booth.


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