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Blog 11/27

Happy Birthday Aurora Snow, AVN Noms announced & I Watch Something Truly Disturbing

Aurora Snow: Let’s lead off with a big happy birthday to Miss Aurora Snow. It was yesterday and I sent along best wishes via email and over the phone. As most of you know. Aurora has been at the top of my list of personal favorites for a number of years. She’s great on screen and just as great off. (No, I’m not talking about sex. Despite what some people keep saying, I haven’t had the pleasure…yet.) Later in the week, I’ll have the most recent interview with Aurora up on the site. It’s almost time for another one. And hey, maybe this year we will actually get around to doing that POV scene we’ve been accused of shooting. OK, so that’s wishful thinking on my part and probably nothing short of a nightmare from her perspective. Happy Birthday Aurora. I hope you had a great one.

Eye Candy: Since her own site is still being fixed, we need to take a look at this great Wicked Gallery featuring Aurora in action. It’s like a birthday present from Aurora to all of us.

AVN Noms: The AVN Award Nominations were announced yesterday. (For a complete list, Click Here) As usual, the second guessing has begun. There are some interesting choices on the lists, some oversights, some great lists and plenty to talk about. Since I have been invited to vote again this year, I’ll be careful in my commentary, but I will have a closer look at the lists in the next few days. I’ll try to keep is positive because there are some very deserving people and movies on these lists. If any of you have anything to say about the nominations, shoot them over. I am more than happy to include the thoughts of all of you in the discussion. I guess I better go over the list and make some room in the garage for a big box of DVDs. Hey, I might even get some Vivid-Alt stuff. YeeHaw.

Eye Candy: I know that a lot of you love the internal pops, so here is a video gallery from Enjoy the gooey goodness.

Fan Faves: We had planned to get the voting started yesterday, but it has been delayed. Next year’s lists have to be shorter. 100 names is just too many. When we do kick it off, sometime in the next 24 hours, it will go for five days and then move on to round two. Thanks to everyone in advance for voting and good luck to all of the participants. I still want to get some predictions from readers. We can even a contest. Wheover picks the most final four names in the six categories wins a prize. So mail them on in. Who will win and who will be in the final four for Best Female, Best Male, Best Newbie, Best Director, Favorite Company and Best Movie. Mail them in NOW!

Eye Candy: Might we see the lovely Lela Star in the finals? I think that would be a pretty solid bet.

Chaos (Not the Asian Film): So I’m clearing out some stuff upstairs and found a few DVDs that someone gave me. Among them is a movie called “Chaos.” It says right on the cover something about it being the most brutal movie ever. Well how could I resist that? I pop it in the player and notice that one of the bonus features is a little roundtable rebuttal to Roger Ebert’s criticism of the film. Any movie that makes Roger upset has to be worth a look right? Well, I watched it and I’m not entirely sure that I’m glad. If any of you have seen Chaos (And not the Asian murder mystery by the same name) I would love to hear your take on it. I found it to be brutal and gory, but also heartless and cruel. Now I’m not one for light and fluffy horror movies. That isn’t the point right? But is the point to show things as dead on brutal as they can be? Rape and dismemberment aren’t exactly the sort of stuff I want to watch on a regular basis, but I can appreciate a good cruel horror film. I hated “Devil’s Rejects” the first time I saw it for the same reason. It was just so cruel and pointless. Of course, we had just welcomed our second child into the world and I wasn’t really feeling the whole “life is pointless and cruel” vibe. I since come to appreciate that film for what it is. (Along with Hostel) There was a lot of talk about the ending and I don’t want to spoil anything, but I would be curious to find what you think of how the thing ended. I was also curious about the “Last House on the Left” comparisons. Oddly enough I was just talking about that film with my sister. As a young teenager she decided to force herself into a viewing party I had with some friends of this Wes Craven classic. I warned her not to watch it, but as kid sisters are apt to do, she insisted. Now 34, she admits that the movie creeped her out for years and for perhaps the only time in our lives…I was right. Back to point. The makers of “Chaos” insist that there is no connection between their story or rape, torture, and vigilantism and yet the obvious story parallels are too great to ignore. Then cruise over to the Wikipedia page and check out the posters. No connection? Umm, yeah right. Anyway this has become a bit of a babbling run on. I don’t want to spoil “Chaos” but I would love to hear what some of you think about the movie, the brutality, the ending, the Last House connection (I was unaware that this was actually a remake of a Bergman film) and of course the role of ultimate evil in modern cinema. (Love that Roger Ebert.)

Eye Candy: What the hell was that all about? Since she just made that AVN Hall of Fame, how about A gallery featuring Brittany Andrews and her massive mams. Enjoy.
That’s it for today. I’ve got to take a closer look at those AVN nominations and figure out which ones to talk about first. Remember, your input is most welcome.

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