180 Mins
Wicked Pictures
DIRECTOR: Stormy Daniels
THEMES: Western, Outdoor Sex,
STARS: Anikka Albrite, Allie Haze, Amber Rayne, jessica drake, Stormy Daniels, Cassidy Klein, Chanel Preston, Jodi Taylor. Mia Li, Brad Armstrong, Brendon Miller, Dick Chibbles, Eric Masterson, Jay Crew, Ryan McLane, Seven St. Croix, Tommy Gunn


It’s award season for our friends in the XXX entertainment world. That means we are going to see a lot of the really big releases hit the shelves. This is one of Wicked’s efforts in that vein and it’s a good one. I have enjoyed Stormy Daniels as a director in recent years. Her movies always have a good story, pretty people and good sex. This is a very ambitious project, Stormy’s biggest in a long time. Full disclosure here, I love westerns. Always have, mainstream, porn I just really like the genre. This one has a lot to love, gunfights, horseback riding, an old mine shaft, corrupt lawmen and lots of lovely ladies. The story is a solid and very well acted. Stormy, Amber Rayne, Brendon Miller, Eric Masterson and Steven St. Croix are all excellent and have significant screen time. I would imagine more than one of them will see award nominations for their efforts. If you like porn with a plot, this is a must-see. Of course it is porn, so there is lots of sex to talk about. The cast is huge with plenty of star appeal and eye candy. Most of the girls show up for a single scene. This gives us a chance to enjoy some nice work from Chanel Preston (with a little spanking), Jodi Taylor, and Cassidy Klein. Allie Haze only pops up for some lesbian action which is a shame because she is always so much fun to watch with a guy. Anikka Albrite gets a boy/girl scene and some girl fun in addition to her co-leading role. This further cements her as a great performer and a solid actress as well. We can’t have a Wicked feature without jessica drake of course. She is only screen for a bit and only for one sex scene. Stormy gets two boy/girl scenes and the G/G/G fun in the pond. As usual she brings a ton of heat to the table. Her looks and heat in front of the camera make this movie very sexy and her skills behind the camera make it a lot of fun to watch. Outstanding effort and an award-favorite for sure.

Anikka Albrite

In town for a meeting, Frank Garrett (Jay Crew) stops by to see working girl Anikka Albrite. He isn’t the greatest of health and he’s married, but that doesn’t stop him from diving between her lovely parted thighs. She turns around and gets her hand around the base of his cock. It is easy to see why he stops her whenever he is in town. She sucks on his cock like it’s made of candy and can’t seem to get enough. Flipping her around, he fucks her pussy, watching that pretty ass work back against him as he bangs her. Building up his strokes, his hips slamming her butt makes her cheeks shake beautifully. He pulls out and shoots on that pretty butt.

Cassidy Klein & Dick Chibbles

After a daring escape and rather well done shoot out scene, deputy Dick Chibbles needs some tending to. Cassidy Klein patches up the lawman and then gives him some special treatment. She’s a pretty girl who likes to suck the head of a cock while power stroking the shaft. It looks like that works just fine for Deputy Dick. He must be feeling pretty good because he works his finger into her and makes the pretty young thing squeal. Slapping on a condom, he puts her up on the table for an energetic boff. She rolls over and lifts a leg to show off in spoon. When he pulls out, we very nearly miss the cumshot because of a very stubborn condom. He manages to shed it though and leaves a big thick load on her nicely manicured landing strip.

Amber Rayne, Mia Li & Tommy Gunn

On the run, our heroes stop for refuse at a Native American encampment. Amber Rayne has a little ritual hotness with Tommy Gunn and Mia Li. The girls take turns on his cock, sucking it deep. The set is pretty cool, but the performers aren’t lighting it up here. Amber leans back and lets Mia suck her pussy while she gets fucked from behind. Mia gets on top in reverse cowgirl. There isn’t a whole lot of heat here so I have time to wonder again how we might explain latex condoms in the old west. And used by an eternally bonded Native American couple to boot. Eventually Amber gets on for some anal cowgirl; She bucks like crazy and takes it well as always. Tommy loses his rubber and shoots a load that the two women share. In a movie with a lot of story and some good sex scenes, this one is instantly forgettable.

Jodi Taylor & Eric Masterson

Frank’s loyal assistant (Eric Masterson) has proven to be very brave and noble, plus he hasn’t made a move on any of the girls. That’s because he has a beautiful wife (Jodi Taylor) at home. He has her ride to take the deed to the Marshall while he heads back out to meet up with the others. Before they say good bye, the couple share a passionate farewell. It takes a few seconds to get her out of her overly-complicated old westy outfit, but once her holes are accessible, Jodi turns into the wonderful super slut we all know and love. On all fours she sucks his cock, getting it quite wet thanks to her juicy mouth. He climbs on top, pushing her long legs up onto his shoulders for some hard penetration. When they flip over, he holds her little ass in his hands while she grinds her hips on his condom-covered meat. She climbs off and lovingly strokes him into her mouth until he explodes. I love the big smile on Jodi’s face as she milks every last drop onto her cheeks before sending him off.

Stormy Daniels & Ryan McLean

We are an hour and a half into the movie when we finally see Stormy Daniels get into the sexual action. She is telling her back story about her days as an “entertainer” in New Orleans. While her eventual nemesis is gambling in the saloon, Stormy is getting to know Ryan McLean in the “by the hour” manner. She starts with her hand, pumping him up before dropping her pretty face down around his throbbing pole. She flips over and throws her legs up in the air to let him eat her before he slips a rubber on and starts enjoying that hot pussy. Story rides well, showing off her ass before leaning back and letting her cowboy client do the work. A few more positions would be nice, but he pulls out and shoots all over her hip. I guess we have a story to get to.

Stormy Daniels, Allie Haze & Anikka Albrite

The story has Allie Haze and Anikka Albrite all riled up and ready for fun. Stormy joins them. What immediately makes this scene hot (Other than the trio of lovely participants) is the setting. As much as I love westerns, I think I love sex in water even more. The small pond is perfect and lets the girls get dirty while they get clean. The girls put Stormy in the middle and feast on her lovely breasts and sweet slit. Anikka gets her turn in the middle as well, but they are unpleasantly interrupted before we can get enough of Allie’s sexy curves.

jessica drake & Steve St. Croix

The bad guys (and girls) celebrate the same way the heroes do in XXX movies. With her husband out of the way, jessica drake is ready to cash out and head back home. The sheriff (Steven St. Croix) is happy to help, but not before he gets a taste of her sweet dumplings. He puts her up on the table and moves enough layers of clothing aside to get a good taste of her pussy. Showing off the skills that made her a legend, Jessica rubs her lips on his dick and expertly strokes it before devouring it like a woman starved for affection (and cock.) They play games with Steven teasing her until she has to beg for more. As usual, Jessica knows exactly how to work for the camera to make us want her. She bends over a table and arches her back to show off her ass while he takes her from behind. The eye candy factor is even higher when she is on her back with her corset open just enough to show off her breasts and her lovely face as he pushes into her. The scene is over perhaps a bit too quickly, but with a hot shot onto one of the most beautiful faces in XXX.

Chanel Preston & Brad Armstrong

The Marshall (Brad Armstrong) and his beautiful bride (Chanel Preston) are enjoying a gorgeous day with a little playful outdoor sex. She comes out onto the porch wearing his hat and gun belt over her long undies. He turns her over his knee, spanks her and then focuses his attention on fingering her until she can hardly sit still. Grabbing his cock, she takes over the finger play herself while loudly slurping on his throbbing meat. She spreads herself wide and rides his lap in reverse cowgirl. Brad gets every inch up into her before bending the leggy lass over for some standing doggy. He pulls off the condom and strokes while she gets into position and takes a nice load on her pretty face.

Stormy Daniels & Brendon Miller

After a fantastic final gun battle and fight, things finally settle down for our band of outlaws. They kiss passionately before he moves around behind her to get two hands full of her gorgeous breasts. Stormy starts sucking his cock, using some really impressive hand action while dropping her wet mouth over his dong. I could watch this all day, but he has a good reason to condom up and let her slip down over him. Love the way she uses her legs and bounces. Nice hip action here too. Stormy doesn’t skimp on the energy, working his cock like she’s been waiting for this for years. He flips her onto her back and bangs her hard enough to make those big breasts shake with every stroke. They get into that semi-side position with her leg up so he can pump and then shoot all over her pussy. It’s true love that wins out in the end.

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