LeWood Anal Hazing Crew 5

LeWood Anal Hazing Crew 5


142 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Mark Wood & Francesca Le
THEMES: POV, Big Cocks, Messy Blowjobs, Facials, Cum Play, Cum Eating,
STARS: Cassandra Nix, Bonnie Rotten, Holly Michaels, Laela Pryce, Francesca Le, Mark Wood

Mark Wood and Francesca Le bring another four girls by for very special anal tryouts. This series features the couple getting to know bratty girls and teaching them a few lessons. It’s a rougher line with lots of slapping and spitting to go along with blistering hot anal sex. Some of the set ups are revenge themed while others are kind of casting couch fantasies. Whatever the set up, the action is fast and furious. It is also well shot, nicely paced and sexually hot. They start the movie with Cassandra Nix. This thin brunette plays a prudish neighbor who doesn’t like Francesca doing cam show in the neighborhood. She’s kind of dressed like a whore, but she plays prude fairly well. Of course Mark and Francesca show her joys of rough anal sex and send her snooping ass home gaping. Laela Pryce wants to be cheer captain. Mark and Francesca put her through a final tryout she will never forget. Nice little added bonus here if you like cheerleaders (and who doesn’t.) Bonnie Rotten plays their daughter’s friend who is a bad influence and needs to be taught a lesson. Bonnie is a little too sexually experienced to pull off that fantasy and doesn’t seem all that concerned about making it work. The anal sex is just fine and Bonnie fans will like watching her. I just didn’t feel as much heat as I did from other scenes. That sets us up perfectly for the best scene of the movie. Holly Michaels in the finale is awesome. She looks fantastic and is ready for some gonzo sex after too much soft stuff. Holly is the hottest of the four girls and her ass is perfect. Great scene that stands out from the others because Holly is just that damn good. Good stuff from LeWood, especially for fans of rougher sex and lots of anal action.

Cassandra Nix, Francesca Le & Mark Wood

Lovely Francesca Le is doing a hot live cam show. Nosey neighbor Cassandra Nix peeks in and is upset. She tells Mark that she represents the community and such behavior is unacceptable. It’s a little odd that young Cassandra would be so prudish given the slutty little outfit she is wearing. Francesca doesn’t like the condescending attitude or the veiled threats and bends over so that Mark can shove that pretty face in his wife’s ass. In no time at all the couple have Cassandra on her knees with Mark’s balls in her mouth while his bride is deep throating his cock and teaching their new friend all about how to be a good slut. Francesca helps her sucks cock with two hands on her head and some steady shoving. With her mouth all warmed up, the horny couple bends her over and admires her pretty little butt. Francesca shoves her toy into Cassandra’s pussy and licks her ass while Mark continues to enjoy her eager oral cavity. All of a sudden the young brunette doesn’t seem like such a prude. In fact she seems to like licking ass while Mark plows her sweet slit from behind. Her ass is next and with some help from Francesca and her big vibrator everything gets very hot quickly. They turn her over and work that butthole until it gapes wide. This is a really hot anal scene from the leggy Ms. Nix. Francesca wants in on the fun so she grabs a strap on and fucks Cassandra from behind. She and Mark take turns, one in the ass the other in the mouth, until their neighbor looks just about fucked out. In the end, she holds Cassandra’s mouth open while Mark fills it with cum.

Laela Pryce, Francesca Le & Mark Wood

Mark and Francesca are trying to pick the new head cheerleader. Blonde Laela Pryce is a leading contender, but they need to give her one final tryout. As soon as she says “I’ll do anything” Francesca grabs her from behind and helps the blonde to her knees. There is a lot of slapping and spitting as well as face fucking. Mark gags Laela while Francesca holds her arms back and directs the action. They bend her over and after a quick inspection of her naked ass, Mark slides his cock up into her. This position requires a great deal of athleticism, so they really want to test Laela out. As before the sex is rough and loud with Francesca making sure that the young cheerleader knows exactly what is expected of her. They spread her big ass and work the head of his cock into her that tight hole. During the anal sex, Laela gets to suck Francesca’s feet as well. They make her gape, but let’s face it; Laela is an anal queen who can take it. They stuff panties in her mouth, use a Hitachi on her clit and thoroughly enjoy her body. This time Francesca gets in there for some anal action of her own. Laela is right there to lick pussy while Mark rams his wife’s backdoor. They end up welcoming her to the team with a big load of cum for her face.

Bonnie Rotten, Francesca Le & Mark Wood

Mark and Francesca are discussing their daughter’s new and disturbing tattoo. They decide that it is the bad influence of Bonnie Rotten that has led their little girl down the wrong path. Bonnie is bratty and even laughs as they start to show her the kind of reform program they have in mind for bad girls. Francesca does a lot of face slapping while Bonnie gets face fucked. Francesca talks dirty while holding Bonnie down, but Bonnie’s disaffected act just kind of makes the whole thing silly and uninteresting. They bend her over and cover her mouth. That kind of makes things better. Francesca sits on her face while Mark fucks then chokes her. Eventually they get around to shoving fingers and a cock up her ass. Bonnie can handle this easily, but they roll her up into a tight fucking position with Francesca on her face and Mark destroying her asshole. The hottest shots of the scene come when Francesca gets on Bonnie’s back and takes the dick herself. Great double decker action and shots of their lovely asses. They finish with a facial and she licks some cum from Francesca’s belly. This was a good scene, but my least favorite for the four.

Holly Michaels, Francesca Le & Mark Wood

Adorable Holly Michaels is super excited about talking with Mark and Francesca about some new project. She looks fresh, hot and totally ready for anything. They are a little worried that she has been away from gonzo for a year and decide to try out her out. They pull out her perfect breasts and make her gag on Francesca’s fist. Holly is great with her mouth, sucking his balls while Francesca shows her how to take Mark deep. The face fucking continues as Francesca goes down and fingers that hot young pussy. Mark fucks her pussy while Francesca sits on her face. Holly’s body is perfect and she licks her new boss like she really wants to make her cum. The energy from all three performers here is great and watching Holly get it up the ass is super hot. She does sloppy ass to mouth and nearly begs to be rammed harder. They flip her over and get to watch her prefect boobs shake some more. The cowgirl anal with Holly slamming her whole body down to take him is just blistering hot. They really saved the best for last Mark finishes with a big load right into Holly’s wide-open mouth that she takes with a huge smile. Totally the best scene of the movie and the reason this DVD is going on my shelf for later enjoyment.

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