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Blog 11/13

Reader Email, Film Festival Talk

Reader Email: I love answering questions from you guys. It keeps me from having to think about what to talk about.

Jim Writes

Hi Rog,
I first want to say I’ve been a fan of yours for years (though I’ve been away for several years). I trust your reviews over any other ones and always check to see if there is a review by you anytime I am interested in a particular movie. My question is about your review method. I noticed you have two styles, a 0-10 rating and an A-F rating. Can you explain how they work? I tried to find this on your FAQ but didn’t find it. Thanks! And keep up the great ‘work’.

Rog Replies

Hey Jim, Thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot. I’m just happy I can provide useful reviews for you. Great question about the ratings. I really should put it in the FAQ. The different scales are for different formats. When I started, there was only VHS and I chose the 1-10 scale with + and ” for half steps. I liked it for a while and then kind of wanted a change. When DVD hit the scene I switched to the A-F system. That is what I use now for all of the new movie reviews since VHS is now dead. Sorry for the confusion and I hope that helps. Thanks very much for reading and for writing in.

Eye Candy: Some sites get right to it. Here is a sample from Fruit salad anyone?

Film Fests R Fun: Horror Fest 2007 (Web Site) is in just three days. I can’t wait. No real porn connection there, but I am so geeked that I can’t wait. In other film festival related news, Joanna Angel has been chosen to speak at what is being called an “alt-film fest.” The Princess of alt-porn joins award winning documentary film makes and puck rock directors for the inaugural Alt-Film Fest. The even takes place on Friday November 16th at 7:30 at the Borders Books in Westwood, CA. It will focus on filmmakers who approach their craft from independent or ‘controversial’ points of view. Included on the panel is Curt Johnson whose “Your Mommy Kills Animals” was released this week. (Got my copy on order.) If this event goes well, they plan to expand it nationwide in 2008. I hear that calls are already in to Eon McKai for the next round.

Eye Candy: Because the home grown sluts just don’t cut it sometimes. We all need some fun from the I really want to do some traveling.

Would You Fuck Michael Jordan For 168 Million?: So MJ is finally getting divorced and the former Mrs. Jordan is walking away with a cool one hundred and sixty eight million dollars. (Yes, just say it out loud like that. It’s astounding.) So, do you think it would be worth it to be married to someone, have them break your heart and then come out with 168 Million? Haha, man I didn’t think I was going to be able to get that out without laughing. Hell yeah. For that kind of money, break my heart, cheat on me, burn all my shit. I’m going to buy an island and have hot hula girls serving me cool drinks all day. And the best part, we all know that MJ can afford it.

Eye Candy: Just a parting shot of the lovely Christina Agave on Enjoy.
In case you missed it.

New Web Site Review Posted

It’s been a while since I’ve added a new web site review, but I have one up now for I’m going to try to get a few more web reviews up ASAP. If you have any suggestions, drop me a line. Here is a bit of the review.

Asian & Hot: As the title implies, A&H is a site for people who love Asian women. It’s mostly photos and videos with a few goodies thrown in for good measure. Though it isn’t all that easy to find anything specific that you might be looking for, the sheer volume and high niche appeal should make this site worth a look. (Especially for those of us who truly love Asian women.)

For the rest of the review click here.

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