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10/31: Happy Halloween

Halloween, NBA Season Opener & Fan Fave Nominations

Happy Halloween: Is there a better holiday for porn? A day dedicated to dressing up and being someone else for a day. A day to live out fun fantasies of every kind. It’s kind of cool. OK, so I’m a little nuts about Halloween. It isn’t just the grown ups. I love watching the kids get all excited about dressing up. Passing out candy is always fun, though it isn’t the same as it was when I was a kid. (Back in the Dark Ages.) We used to go out for hours and walk for what felt like miles, collecting candy and having the time of our lives. Things are bit more cautious now I suppose, but I still love it. What was the point? I honestly don’t know. I was just putting some pictures together of the family this year (We have a yearly tradition that all of the little cousins in the family dress up for a theme photo. This year it’s Star Wars. Lucky little buggers.) and was thinking about some of my favorite costumes. The first one I remember was Batman. Not the Tim Burton Batman, but the old 60’s TV show Batman. (Why isn’t that show on DVD by the way.) A few years later I went as R2D2. It was a hilarious homemade costume complete with thick poster board tube that went from my shoulders to my knees. Lots of fun until I fell down. I was like that “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” lady. The last costume I remember wearing was probably in 91. I had the long hair thing going then and went as Axl Rose. That was kind of fun. Then there was those fun high school Halloweens. One year some friends and I went as the Beatles and then there was that lovely year when I went as a cheerleader. Yikes, that was a frightful sight. I would spare you all the horror of photos, but I’m pretty sure I burned all of them long ago. So, what was your favorite costume? Or the best costume you ever put your kids in? I have no idea how this ended up here. Moving on….

Eye Contact: It’s not exactly a costume, but here is sexy Mikayla in pig tails for Awesome babe, great site.

NBA Opener: It’s time again for some hoops. For the first time in years people are talking about the Celtics as more than a lottery team. They open Friday, but I got a taste of the regular season last night. It was kind of sweet to hear Kobe get booed in LA last night. The little Princess is on his last legs and even Laker Nation knows it. It’s time he take his selfish act somewhere else. Of course he nearly turned it all around with that 18 point 4th quarter. Love him or hate him, that guy can play some ball when he wants to. Still, it was nice to see that dagger go right though his heart at the end. It’s going to be a fun year.

Eye Candy: Some eye candy from one of my favorite sites. Here is Anna Pattaya doing her very best to take a big dick on If you love Asian girls, give that site a look.

Fan Fave Nominations: Don’t forget that it’s time to register for the 2007 RogReviews Fan Faves Polls. It takes just a few minutes. I’m also looking for nominations. I’ll post the list this weekend, but there are still lots of slots to fill. (So to speak.) No complaining after the fact if your favorite girl, director or movie isn’t on the list. I’m leaving it all in your hands this year. And yes ladies and gentlemen if you want to be on the list it is OK to nominate yourself and perfectly fine to spread the word on MySpace or your own web site about the registration process. Go get em.

Eye Candy: More eye candy? Sure why not? Little Emma Heart proves that little white girls like it big on

Teagan No Longer With Digital Playground: The working relationship between Digital Playground and Teagan is officially over. Bypassing the usual PR routes, Teagan let us in on the worst kept secret of the year via her Yahoo Group and then on Adult DVD Talk. According to her posts, Teagan plans to start up her own production company and will be directing as well as starring in scenes and movies for her site and the new company. The announcement was met with excitement from fans and countless best wishes.

She is hoping for something along the lines of what Jenna, Tera or Belladonna have done. Some fans are confident that she can do it and have even gone so far as to say that Digital Playground ha been holding her back. If that is the case, then we should be in for something amazing. Her work at Digital has been exquisitely shot, mostly very hot and has certainly kept her name up there with the biggest stars in the industry. I’m not sure if the new scenes can be any better, but if it was Digital Playground that was “holding her back” then the new Teagan stuff should be blistering.

Calling the decision part of a long term business plan, Teagan promises rapid turn around on her VOD scenes on her scenes. As someone who has been on the Teagan bandwagon before it was even fully assembled, I wish her well, look forward to see what she is going to do next. I’ve also extended an invitation for a new interview to catch us up on her plans.

So, will the first movie be called “Teagan Unchained” and who will shoot it? How many guys will it take to push Teagan to new heights?

Good luck Teagan, the world is watching and waiting to see just how hot you can be.

Your thoughts? Come on, weigh in. Are you looking forward to her new stuff? Do you think this was a good move? Will she be the next Bella? What is your take?

Eye Candy: Speaking of Teagan, here is the lovely Teagan in an early scene that kicks ass. And just in case Here are some more clips from the same scene. And hey, if that isn’t enough how about these This one? or perhaps This one? or One More For Fun.

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