Blog: Sox Win, More on Squirting & Happy Halloween


Blog: Fire: 10/29

Fire Update, Squirt Follow Up & World Series

Fire Update: The news from the fire zones continues to be encouraging. Fire crews are getting a pretty good hold on the blazes and with a little help from the weather, the worst should be over for now. There are still thousands of people without homes, countless families who have lost everything and much work to be done, but perhaps we can get these fires out and start rebuilding. Reports from the fire zone have been good on all fronts. Virtually no looting and almost more volunteers than they knew what to do with. In addition to the great community reaction, at least two sports celebrities have stepped up to help. Alex and Dean Spanos of the Chargers ownership group have pledged a million dollars to the relief effort. Also jumping on board was Jimmy Johnson. The NASCAR driver has pledged his winnings from this weekend’s race (better than a million there as well) to the effort. With the heavy hitters taking the lead, I am sure that the fun raising efforts will continue to flourish. I’ve still got boxes of DVDs and porn SWAG for anyone who wants to contribute.

Eye Candy: Summer is gone, but thanks to, the heat can last well into the fall.

World Series: Wow that was fast. Congratulations to the Red Sox for their second title in four years. It was a quick series again and not even close. The Rockies had an amazing run at the end of the season, but just got run over. Too much Beckett, too much Papi, too much of everything. The Red Sox were clearly the best team in baseball this year and should be really proud of what they have accomplished. Now to all of my friends in Red Sox Nation. Be proud and enjoy the moment, but fight the urge to become obnoxious asses on the road. This year we already noticed that Sox fans were starting to sound an awful lot like Yankee fans. Get a hold of that before you become the thing you hate the most. Now let’s see what happens this off season. We can already start to guess where A Rod might end up. I think he’d look pretty good in red hitting right in front of Vlad. Wishful thinking though. Arte isn’t about to pony up that kind of cash for anyone, even Alex. Who knows, maybe the Sox will make a run and make the strong even stronger.

Eye Candy: It’s been a while since we’ve seen Brittney Skye in a movie, but here is a hot three way photo shoot.

Follow Up on Squirting: I’ve been getting quite a bit of feedback on the Squiring: Real or Not> discussion I posted yesterday. Thank you all for your input. I’ll do my best to include some input from all of you. One of the things I feel the need to repeat is that I do believe that some women can and do ‘squirt.’ As Trinity pointed out, I actually shot her in a scene were she pulled off a surprising squirt. Tyler was working her over and shocked the shit out of all of us when she squirted. Since I have seen it happen, my belief that most of the wet shots in porn are fake is even stronger. She didn’t let loose with a crazy stream like so many of porn’s ‘squirt’ queens do. So my whole rant was not to say that squirting does not exist. It was just a general reaction to what we see in porn. From what I have seen, the vast majority of squirt scenes are nothing more than pee. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with it, but let’s call it what it is OK? And thanks for the feedback guys. I really appreciate it. I’ll get to more of it in the next blog.

Eye Candy: And speaking of those squirt queens, how about if we give one some love. Here is Cythera in all of her web and sloppy glory.

Happy Halloween: A couple of you commented that you didn’t really dig all of the Goth/Alt eye candy from Monday. Sorry about that. I hope the ones from today make everyone happy. I was just trying to find stuff that fit the feeling of the holiday. Yeah, I’m a little jacked about Halloween this year. I’ll see if I can find not-Goth costumed eye candy for the rest of the week. And hey, send in your Halloween pictures. We can start a readers’ gallery for the site. I know that some of you out there have lovely wives and girlfriends.

Eye Candy: I hear that Stephanie Swift might be back. Here she is from a few years ago looking great and doing what we love to see her do.

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