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Blog: 10/17

Happy Birthday To Me

40 Going on 20: That’s how someone described me the other day when they thought I wasn’t listening. I think I’ll choose to take that as a compliment to my sunny disposition and outlook on life. It certainly couldn’t have been about the way I look. At any rate, I turn 40 today. Thank you to all of you have sent over birthday wishes. I really appreciate all of the good thoughts and yes, even the snide cracks. (Dude, I’m never going to lie about my age, I’ll leave that to you.) Thank you also for the pictures for the birthday gallery. (Dirty Bob and Jennn so far, what’s up with the rest of you? No love?) I’m going to spend the day working and then go out with the family for a great BBQ dinner at Lucille’s. Special thanks to Den from for starting a thread on ADT and for the card. Oh and thanks to Keith Olbermann for sending in a card as well. (In all honesty I have a funny feeling this came from Den as well.) Oh yeah, it’s going to be a good day.

Eye Candy: Sometimes one girl isn’t enough, so we need a site like to cover all the bases.

Baseball Wow, we weren’t expecting this were we? Colorado/Cleveland? I know it’s not over yet. The Sox can still come back from 3-1 down, but they just turned around after game one and seem to have turned off the switch. Is this the year that Kenny Lofton finally gets his ring? Will Cleveland be the latest city to end a long World Series drought? Does that mean that the Cubs are next? Can anything be done to slow down the Rockies? It is just crazy. This might be one of the most fun World Series in years and we have to wonder if anyone will be watching.

Eye Candy: OK this is hot news as well as eye candy. Did you know that Melissa Midwest is going boy/girl hardcore? Well you do now. Enjoy. Damn that girl is cute and now she’s sucking dick? I think it may be time to review that site.

Voter Registration: Don’t forget to register to vote for the RogReviews Fan Faves Awards. To register Click Here and follow the simple instructions. If you don’t register then you can’t vote when the polls open next month. I’m still taking nominations as well. Best Female, Best Male, Best Newbie, Best Director, Best Company and Best Movie. Send in your recommendations. My plan is not to add any names to the list myself. I want them all to come from you. Thanks.

Eye Candy: I’m not taking the day off even for my birthday and the guys at NEVER have reason to call in sick.

Bridgette Monroe: I know that a lot of you remember this beautiful woman. She has been in the industry for a long time and is also known as Hunter Skott. Anyway, Bridgette posed for pictures with me way back in the late 80’s at the Vegas show. In fact she was at the second and third shows I ever attended. Long before I did this for a living, I was just a fan getting autographs and pictures. This was back when the adult show was part of CES. In the main convention center they always had 60 minute photo developing equipment for sale. These booths were always looking for film to work on as part of their display so you could take your stuff over there, have it done for free and then have photos for the next day of the show. I always did that and gave one copy of the photos to the girls while keeping the other for me. Long story short, Bridgette got a handful of photos from me at the shows and has kept them all these years. When she wrote to me, I went to her MySpace page and found a few of these shots up there. I have included one of the shots here for your enjoyment. Yes, it was the 80’s and yes that is the excuse I will use for both my hair and Bridgette’s. So go ahead, laugh it up. Make your jokes and have fun. Oh and we are going to do an interview in a couple of weeks. It will be a whole lot of fun.

Eye Candy: Since we’re taking a trip down memory lane, how about a few video clips of Seka from

Birthday Gallery: Since Dirty Bob and Jennn sent over pictures, we might as well enjoy them. Birthday Gallery. I’m still open for more photos so send them on over. Shirt pics, signs, lipstick, photoshop, anything at all. In the industry, reader, friend, whatever. I can block out faces or you can be creative like Jennn. Thanks Bob, thanks Jennn and thanks in advance to whoever is next.

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