My Trip To A War Protest


So we actually stopped by to check out a protest today. We were in the car, listening to 90.7 hippie radio and they said there were “Big protests” In Long Beach, LA and Brea. BREA!!! Good lord, let’s go. It was at the corner of Brea and Imperial, not half a mile from where I worked for the last seven years so we drove over there. As we got close to the intersection I could see people on all four corners. To be honest, it didn’t look any more crowded than it usually does when the Jr. High lets out for lunch. On the first corner, there were a couple of guys dressed in Boy Scout uniforms modified with swastikas (Swastiki?) on them and GW Bush masks. (Funny that going to war with a man who wants to iliminate the “zionists” would make one a nazi, eh?) On the far side, going west, there were more people. Maybe fifty on the northwest corner with more Anti-Bush signs. I noticed then that everyone honking was heading east which I found odd. We drove down the block, spun around and headed back to the intersection. As we got closer, there were maybe 150 people on this side and they all had pro-troop signs and that was why the people were honking. Apparently the anti-Bush protest brought out the pro-troops crowd. Interstingly enough, hippie radio didn’t mention the Brea gathering again in any of their updates. I’m really upset that I didn’t have my digital camera or my MD player with me. I would love to have interviewed some of the Anti-Bush protesters to find out if any of them could give me a reasonable explanation for opposing the war. (Other than obvious anti-Bush stance that is driving so much of this.) If they do it again next week, I think I will go in for some footage. I’m still looking for someone to convince me.

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