Waterproof Gyro G-Spot Stimulator Purple


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Waterproof Gyro G-Spot Stimulator Purple (Reviewed by Savana Switzer)

Overall rating: A+

Name: Waterproof Gyro G-Spot Stimulator

Reviewer: Savana Switzer

Type of Toy: Plastic Vibrator

Doc Johnson Mighty Mini

Bottom Line: Lives up to its’ name!

Price: $15.95 at www.PEXXX.com

Manufacturer: California Exotic

Size: 7″

Material: Plastic

Best For: G-spot stimulation

Review: A

As someone who had never engaged in the use of sex toys before, I was hesitant to be initiated into the world of self-pleasure with something that resembled a giant popsicle. So I did what any self-respecting, aspiring pournalist college student would do: I popped in my recently purloined copy of Beauty and the Bodyguard (starring the delicious Jessica Jaymes as a beauty I would love to have guard my body) and called up a close girlfriend for some hot lesbian phone sex to set the mood right. As it turns out, I didn’t have to worry so much; the Gyro proved to be the perfect toy to puncture my cherry with.

There’s only so long you can hear Jessica take it courtesy of Randy Spear before you feel the need to pantomime it with yourself, but combine that with the heavy breathing of a smoking hot lesbian in your ear describing in graphic detail what she would like to do to you, and you will promptly begin to fuck yourself with reckless abandon. Okay, maybe you wouldn’t, but that’s exactly what I did with the Gyro.

Despite the wetness in between my thighs (no doubt caused by the combination of erotic moans in the background and the imagery of my girlfriend and I doing the naked pretzel) initially, penetration was a bit difficult. However, with a bit more gentle coaxing, I plunged the Gyro right in. I was pleased to discover the structure of the plastic perfectly curved to my tight inner-workings, tingeing the pleasure of my self-indulgent plastic wanderings with the most tantalizing element of friction.

The nodules, which at first reminded me of candy buttons, actually did wonders for running over my G-spot, with the methodic vibrations drawing out pleasure I didn’t think existed outside of clitoral teasing. Strike suing the manufacturers, California Exotics, for false representation off of my to-do list, because there’s no question; my G-spot was definitely stimulated.

Even when it came to the speed controls, the Gyro didn’t fail me. Pretending that the voice on the other end of the phone belonged to Aurora Snow, I frantically found myself adjusting the speed to match how hard and fast I secretly fantasize of being done with something long and phallic in Aurora’s more-than-capable hands. At this point, the nodules of the Gyro didn’t just stimulate me; they blew my mind out of my body before bringing it back down to feel it all over again. Maybe it was the moaning of Jessica in the background, maybe it was the awesome phone sex, or maybe it was just the idea of getting together with and being screwed by Aurora Snow, but in the process of experimenting with my first sex toy, I actually discovered how to shake the house while orgasming. And given that the Gyro was the only item actually doing anything, I think it would be fair to give it the due credit.

Weaknesses: None.

Batteries Needed: 2 C Batteries

Clean Up: Soap and Water.

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