Blog 8/31


Blog 8/31

Damn it’s Hot

So Freaking Hot: I don’t know what the weather is like wherever you are, but here in SoCal it’s hot. Not just hot, it’s fucking hot. Or to borrow a line…”It’s hot, damn hot, I’m talking African hot. Hot & Wet. That’s nice if you’re with a lady, but it ain’t no good if you’re in the jungle.” (Or sitting all day with a laptop inches from your junk. They are predicting even more heat this weekend. Better than 103 by some accounts. That should make for a long day in the sun on Saturday when I head up to USC to watch the Trojans take their first step towards another title. A long day perhaps, but I’m hoping that the extreme heat will bring out the shortest denim skirts known to man. If I can do so without getting arrested, I’ll try and take some pictures of the festivities.

Eye Candy: It may be hot, but Lucy Summers knows how to cool off by the pool. The problem is that she’s even hotter than the damn weather.

Guess Who’s Back: Yeah, I read the latest bit on much worse than scoring Katja Kassin. Nice photo gallery of thi fine woman.

Good Bye Daily Noise: Those of you tuned in for the Pornograffiti segment on already heard that it was the last. The show goes off the air for now today. It’s not a secret so I feel I can talk a little about what is going on. One of the host, Jimmy Diggs is dealing with some family issues. His wife has cancer and they have exhausted all medical options in the States. As a result, they are moving to the Philippines. Needless to say, his wife’s health is far more important than any show and while I will miss Daily Noise, I applaud his decision. I’ve grown to know Jimmy a little bit over the last two years that I’ve been doing the call in segment. Doing that show has been so much fun and I will genuinely miss talking to Jimmy and Kaan every week. The door has been open to bringing the show back in some form at some point and I didn’t hesitate for a moment to accept their invitation to be part of any Daily Noise 2.0. If and when they are back on the air, I would consider it an honor to be part of their show. On a personal note, this news has hit me pretty hard. I’ve never met Jimmy’s wife, but she is around the same age a my own wife. As some of you remember, it was a year ago that my mom had her second battle with cancer. I count myself lucky every day to have her around and this is a sad reminder that we I am every bit as lucky to have Mrs. Rog around and healthy. I wish Jimmy and his wife the best and they will be in my prayers. Oh and by the way Jimmy and Kaan, if thi is just some elaborate ruse to bump me for a hot chick like Gina Lynn, you didn’t have to go this much trouble. It’s not like I haven’t faced rejection before.

Eye Candy: Have you all seen Lie Lani? If not, you’re missing out. Check her out. She may be one of the hottest girls most of you have never heard of. She’s beautiful and really fucking hot.

Bye-Bye Bella: Last week it was Jenna Jameson hanging it up and now Belladonna has followed. Citing an STD scare, Bella has decided to call it quits. Hard to blame a woman for wanting to leave after realizing just how rampant herpes is in the business. She has already had an amazing run as a performer and is doing incredibly well as a director. If now is the time to stop, then more power to her. I hope the scare turns out to be nothing but a scare and that she is happy with whatever decision she makes.

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