Kaitlyn Gender

Kaitlyn Gender

117 Mins
Trans 500
DIRECTOR: Josh Stone
THEMES: T-Girls, BBW, Big Asses, Big Tits, Incest, Celebrity, Porn Parody
STARS: Jonelle Brooks, Wendy Williams, Kylie Maria, Angelina Castro, Hannah Reese, Duncan Black, Toby Springs, Ramon,


This movie was completely inevitable. The popularity of XXX parodies mixed with the most famous transgender person on the planet was far too fertile a field for porn not to plow. The result is a very funny TS feature that follows Juice Gender’s early years through his transition to Kaitlyn. Jonelle Brooks plays Kaitlyn and does so with a great humor, completely nailing the famous interview scene and adding some serious kink with tales of lust for big bootied daughter Kimmy. The dialog is pretty funny with plenty of shots taken at our reaction to this story and pop culture in general. Sexually it is a very mixed back. There are two solo scenes, one with Jonelle and the other with Wendy Williams. There are scenes where Jonelle tops a guy and one with a BBW performer playing daughter Kimmy. Basically there is something for just about everyone. There is also a scene where Ramon tops a T-girl. Jonelle is quite at home in both scenes, topping Toby Springs and Angelina Castro. That scene is probably the most interesting. Casting a BBW as Kimmy was a unique call, but Angelina’s energy is great and she shows off what she’s got. The added kink in this scene made it every interesting. Basically, you can pick your favorite combination of T-sex and enjoy it. This is a fun little parody that puts the whole Bruce/Caitlyn thing in a whole new light. Look for Jonelle Brooks to be nominated for an award at year’s end. But as Best Actress or Best Actor? Or Both?

Kylie Maria & Ramon

The Coach (Ramon) has his big dick buried deep in the ass of T Girl Kylie Maria. They exchange some dialog that I tried listening to three times and finally gave up on. It’s kind of a quick scene anyway with a few strokes in each position and Ramon dumping a load on Kylie’s face. He laughs manically as he runs out of the house to go help Bruce on the field.

Hanna Reese & Duncan Black

After a corny training montage with coach, Bruce (Duncan Black) hears the tale of coach’s love for transsexuals. Intrigued Bruce goes home to find his girlfriend (Hannah Reese) in the mood for some romance. When his dick won’t rise to the occasion, the runs out on him, leaving Bruce to experiment with her makeup.

Wendy Williams

Fast forward a few decades and Kaitlyn Gender (Jonelle Brooks) sits down for an interview with journalist Diana Sword (Wendy Williams). The subject of his step-daughter Kimmy makes Diana nervous because Kaitlyn is very open about wanting to fuck Kimmy. After the interview, Jonelle goes through a further transition and looks so hot that masturbation to ones own reflection is the only logical response. Kaitlyn is in love with the new body parts up above and still knows how to work the ones down below. The cock that wouldn’t work as Bruce, rises to the occasion as Kaitlyn as Jonelle strokes and does some ass play. Finding a glass toy, Jonelle works that into the ass while continuing to pump that cock. Ass to mouth seems to be all it takes to finish things off. Jonelle explodes, leaving a messy puddle of goo to play with.

Angelina Castro & Jonelle Brooks

Fully transitioned, Kaitlyn is having trouble not staring at daughter Kimmy (Angelina Castro) who struts around taking selifies and showing off her big tits and ass. (Even bigger than the real Kim as Angelina is a sexy BBW performer.) Kimmy comes by with a present to help Kaitlyn look stylish for her photo shoot. Kaitlyn confesses to wanting to fuck Kimmy and of course that turns out well. The big chested brunette happily feeds her step-father her massive mams. Now that Bruce is Kaitlyn, the taste of pussy does the trick and that cock is hard in seconds. Proving to be quite skilled with her mouth, Kimmy easily deep throats Kaitlyn’s modest member. There are some nice big ass shots as she works her lips up and down and rubs her own pussy as she does. Kaitlyn helps Kimmy by fucking her face. I’ll bet she does this way better than mommy used to. Bending over to show Kaitlyn the big ass that everyone loves, Angelina parts her pussy and gets royally fucked from behind. From the sounds of things I think we can assume that Kimmy loves it. In between positions they take the condom off so that Angelina can suck some more. Rolling into spoon we get some action that BBW lovers will enjoy as her huge tits get bunched up and her full belly bounces with every hard stroke. All those years as an athlete have given Kaitlyn stamina and muscle control. This clearly comes into play while fucking Eventually Kaitlyn mounts those massive breasts and fucks them with the T cock. Finally ready to take a shot, Angelina holds her boobs together and lets Kaitlyn unload big streams all over those titties.

Wendy Williams

Still all hot from the steamy interview, Diana (Wendy Williams) just needs some relief. Changing into something sexy, the naughty news reporter engages in some self-love. While watching old video of Juice running around the track makes Wendy’s dick hard enough to pound one out. Lost in those hot fantasies, Wendy shoots a load. I think this scene might have fit better right after the interview and before the big pairing with Kimmy. But that would have put two solo scenes back to back.

Toby Springs & Jonelle Brooks

Finally ready for the big “coming out photo shoot” Kaitlyn dons a white corset and poses for photographer Toby Springs. Getting a bit more risqué, Kaitlyn goes topless and explains the art of tucking to Toby. Things heat up when they get to the totally nude shots and there is a throbbing T cock inches from Toby’s mouth. What is a boy to do but suck it? (This is porn after all.) He starts out shyly at first, acting like he doesn’t know what to do. Warming up, Toby eventually licks up and down on the shaft and even gags a bit on Kaitlyn’s pole. Cock sucked, Kaitlyn turns around and offers ass for Toby to lick. Given the chance to return the favor, Kaitlyn sucks on his cock like it’s not the first time. Stopping before he gets hard, Toby bends over to receive some rimming from the former Olympic athlete. Apparently there is still some alpha male in Kaitlyn because Toby gets bent over for some dick in boy-ass action. Toby does some A2M, gets his face slapped and is told to get on his back and take it “like a little bitch.” So clearly there is some of Juice still flowing through Kaitlyn’s veins. Kaitlyn power fucks the photog in piledriver and then shoots a big load all over her face. Not one to leave him feeling left out, the newly transformer media darling also takes an open-mouthed facial.

Bonus: Blooper Reel, BTS, Photo Gallery


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