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Blog: August 21

Back Again, Lots to Say

Back From Vacation: OK, so I’m back after ten days or so away from home. Thanks to everyone who wrote in wishing me a happy vacation. I am pleased to report that I had a great time, did some relaxing, spent time with family and took in the beauty that is Sedona, AZ. I won’t bore all of you with the details just yet. You can read about that later. I want to thank everyone who did the guest blogs while I was gone. There is a lot to talk about there and we’ll address that further down as well. This year was really good. We only had a few people not write in. I’ll make sure to tease them mercilessly as well. Big thanks to all of you now. I’ve also got a lot to write about in the world of porn and outside of it. I go away from a week and look what happens. Wow.
Eye Candy: Got lots of new galleries in the inbox. Let’s start with some black on black anal action. Hope you enjoy.

What the Hell?: So I go away for a vacation and the world of porn feuds blows the fuck up? It was just a few weeks ago that Skeeter Kerkove and I were in what seemed like the battle of the summer. (I’m kidding, come on.) But now, Kurt Lockwood is putting all previous porn feuds to shame. I haven’t read all of the threads from start to finish, but Mr. Lockwood appears to be running a scorched earth battle plan in the middle of a two-front war. He’s been blasting anything and everything over on and we all know how well that goes over. He’s been getting some support, but also bringing on some serious wrath. Apparently Kurt also got himself banned over on and that’s not easy to do. Since I have thus far managed to stay out of Kurt’s crosshairs, I am going to make a sincere offer. If Kurt wants to vent his concerns and have his say, he is welcome to do so here. We can even do an interview and he can have his say. No fights, no name calling, no mocking, just a chance for him to start fresh and have his say. I’m not taking sides or forging some of the things he has said (I’m not fond of people taking such blatant shots at journalists for some reason) or dismissing the things that have been said about him. I’m just willing to open things up and let Kurt have his say without it turning into a huge war.

Eye Candy: This site landed some press for a reality-star porn scene, but I can’t seem to find that gallery. Instead, enjoy Katie Morgan showing off her perfect rack on

Mike Vick: When last we talked, the whole Mike Vick thing was still in the “if he is guilty of the charges” phase. Fast forward a few weeks and the Atlanta quarterback is all set to plead guilty of charges. Most experts believe that he will be lucky to be out of jail and back on a football field by 2010. The real question now is who is going to want to take a chance on a guy who has been out of football for three years and brings with him such baggage. I’ve been watching all of these “Vick in retrospect” pieces and I honestly feel like crying sometimes. Here is a man who literally had everything at his fingertips. Unbelievable physical skills, more than a hundred million bucks just for playing ball and at least that much more in endorsements, love and admiration of a city and the opportunity to do amazing things. By most accounts, he has been a very generous man when it comes to charitable works in the Atlant area. All of this good has been erased though. Why someone would take all of this and flush it down the toilet is beyond me. When I think of the good some people could do with that kind of money and influence it makes me sick. Why Mike Vick would spend his free time killing dogs is a mystery without an answer. Maybe he’s just a “bad guy” as someone said today. Maybe he hangs out with the wrong crowd or maybe the wrong crowd just hangs out with a bad guy. It’s just sad and the more I think about it, the worse I feel.

Eye Candy: Here’s a hot little site for summer fun. Love tan lines? Try sexy Adrianna from

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