My Ghetto Stepmom

My Ghetto Stepmom

238 Mins
DIRECTOR: Marc Twain
THEMES: Black Women, Step moms, Outdoor Sex, Interracial Sex
STARS: Tamra Millian, Monique Symone, Cherry Hilson, Chantell Heart, Lisa Tiffian, Tyler Nixon, Derrick Pierce, Van Wylde, Ralph Long, Jake Jace


Hustler is hitting us with this Step-Cest title with an IR flavor. We have seen lots of white chicks enjoying new black stepfathers. This time the youngsters are white guys with hot black stepmoms. OK, the women in the movie probably wouldn’t be MILFS in any normal flicks. They are probably younger than most of the guys. But hey, it works in a fantasy world. The set ups are cute and set the table nicely. Young Tyler Nixon has a thing for his hot and horny new stepmom Tamra Millian. She looks so hot around the house it’s no wonder he just has to bang her. Damn. Lisa Tiffian is a very sexy girl who knows how to talk. Her scene with Derrick Pierce is a real highlight in this movie. I have seen Monique Symone on another site and really enjoyed her. She’s sexy here and makes an outdoor scene look great. She is one of my favorites to be sure. Cherry Hilson is pretty sex with a really hot natural body. Last up is Chantell Heart. She shows off a smoking body in some tight shorts that you won’t soon forget. Her sex scene is solid as well. Overall this is a pretty good flick. Obviously you need to like black girls fucking white guys to really get the most from it. The set ups are cute enough to add a nice fantasy layer. I like the cast a lot and hope to see more of this kind of action from Hustler.

Tamra Millian & Tyler Nixon

I don’t know who chose the wardrobe for this scene, but the yellow skirt Tamra Milan is wearing is perfect. It is tight on her nice big ass and lets her show off just by walking. Tyler is home from school and with dad gone for a few hours, they get right down to it. She gets down and starts sucking his cock, making it sloppy and loud from the first stroke. When she pulls her hands away, streams of spit extend to her fingers as she stuffs him back between her lips. Tyler takes a seat and then continues to expertly please his cock with her mouth. I love the BJ shots, but it would have been really good to also check out that ass again. The yellow skirt was so perfect, some butt shots would have really added to the heat. We do get one shot of her ass and legs as she transitions from sucking to riding his cock. He flips her over and holds her legs while he enters her. Tamra is thick in the middle with great thighs to go along with that full ass. He lets her suck his cock clean and then has her get into reverse cowgirl. Tamra really rides with a lot of energy and is pretty hot. She is standing up taking it hard from behind while telling him that his father never fucks her like this. That pushes him over the edge and he shoots a big load all over her sexy ass. Great start.

Lisa Tiffian & Derrick Pierce

Derrick Pierce has some issues with his dad’s new wife, Lisa Tiffian. She has issues with him living at home and being lazy. They have a spat in the kitchen and the tension gets high. Lisa has seen him checking her out and no matter how hard he tries to deny it, that ass is too much to resist. He bends her over the counter and shoves his face between her big, soft cheeks until she moans like he’s found her secret spot. By the time she flips over, Lisa is dripping wet and very happy with what he’s doing down there. I really don’t think she cares any more who is doing the dishes. So long as he keeps her hot little pussy happy. Squatting before him, Lisa puts her lips around his cock and shows him why his dad is so sprung. After a very good blowjob, she squats over his cock and rides. Lisa is a curvy girl with long legs and she really picks up her energy when she is being pounded on hard. Spinning into 69 she sits her big ass on his face while taking his cock to the root with ease. Sitting straight up she gets fucked again, this time showing off her tits as she bounces up and down. They get up on the counter where he rubs her clit enough to make her squirt and then pounds her pretty hard. Derrick pulls out and coats her big tits with a big load of cream. This girl is pretty fucking hot.

Monique Symone & Van Wylde

Van has no issues with his dad’s mom, other than the fact that he cant’ stop thinking about her. She works out in the back all the time and he can’t help but stare. One day she calls him on it and he has no answer. She helps him do some machines and takes a peek inside of his jeans to see what he’s got down there. Flashing her eyes up to him, she takes his dick in her mouth and starts sucking. Monique is still dressed and moaning around his cock as it grows in her mouth. As soon as she takes off her top, he can’t wait to get at her big, natural tits. I like the shots of her continuing to suck as her boobs sway beneath her. Monique mounts up and starts riding, bouncing those boobs his face and shaking her ass for the camera. Turning around the puts on a really good show as she grinds on her step-son’s throbbing cock. Sucking him clean in between positions, Monique bends over and gets more vocal than ever as he takes her from behind. He finally flips her over, pounds away and cums all over her belly. I really like this girl and think that her new stepson will have a lot of fun hanging out at home from now on.

Cherry Hilson & Ralph Long

When Ralph Long shows up at his dad’s house he is about to call the cops when he sees a strange black woman in the place. She invites him in and introduces herself to him. They hit it off pretty well considering how it started. They exchange small talk and Ralph finds out that his new stepmom is more interest in dad’s money than his cock. Cherry takes out her tits and he is impressed. Ralph takes out his cock and she is happy to see that it’s way bigger than his dad’s. It’s a perfect match and she sheds her clothes just seconds before popping his prick into her mouth. This busty girl gives pretty good head and is a very enthusiastic fuck when he gets her going on the couch. Their bodies slap loudly together and her natural tits put on quite a show. Her body looks pretty great during some enthusiastic standing doggy. He flips her over and works that shaved pussy hard. We get some tight shots of her pieced clit and the snug lips gripping his shaft on his increasingly rapid strokes. They finish with a big shot on her face. This scene was a hot, pleasant surprise.

Chantell Heart & Jack Jase

Chantell Heart married a white guy to better her life. She wasn’t expecting to live in a shitty place near a freeway with a dopey step-son bugging her to cook all the time. She sits around drowning her sorrows in booze and looking super hot in tiny, tight cutoffs. They confront one another, but he can’t keep his lips off of hers, or his hand off of her luscious ass. With a gentle nudge, she squats in front of him and fills her mouth with his white dick, Chantell gives really good head and looks super hot half dressed. He gets her out of her clothes and spreads her legs to eat her pussy. That brings a big smile to her face. Bending her over on a rugged looking table, he enters her from behind. Chantell lets him know just how much she likes it as she arches her back and takes all of it. When they get into reverse cowgirl, their extreme color contrast really shows up. He’s super pale and she is quite dark, but that doesn’t stop them from going at it like crazy. They use that table again, this time he pushes one of her legs straight up in the air so he can really bang away hard. There is a nice little BJ in there before he finishes her off on all fours again. He pulls out and shots a big thick load all over her curvy little butt.

Bonus: Hustler Trailer, Commercials

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